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6 December, 07:27; AK-PAGE, China
Eres mí diós. antes ahora y siempre .
por eso ... aunqué comó eres tú , soló eres Michael Schumacher .
Te amo tanto.
4 December, 07:57; WXY, china
herzlicher gewunschen zu dir
1 December, 12:39; Schip, China
Honig Glücklichen Dezember!~
28 November, 13:26; Schip, China
哈哈舒米我看到你在休息区睡觉的镜头了。看 来中午你真的需要小nap~
28 November, 13:24; Schip, China
28 November, 05:12; Schip, China
It's a tough job which cost me a whole yesterday and this morning to find a live stream of Race of Champions because they are actually nur Deutschland or UK ,kein Livestream and premium.But finally I got the live stream hahaaaaa.Honey see you later!~God bless.
26 November, 04:28; Schip, China
Michael...I like being tragic...but I have the best quality heart...happy race of champions in Düsseldorf.
24 November, 14:29; Dawn, China
21 November, 15:35; Schip, China
21 November, 15:33; Schip, China
周现在觉得好累,sehr müde……亲爱的你昨天的试车好棒,现在回欧
21 November, 15:33; Schip, China
周三还有比赛,我居然耗费了一晚上做只有一 个credit的BT口语PPT。而且明天不一定轮到我。
20 November, 06:16; Sun Yue, China
S.Vettle got this chapion,I just wanna cry when heard the Liedes der Deutschen again. Maybe I'll watch the formula because of him in the future, BUT he isn't you.
20 November, 03:01; Schip, China
honey happy test today!~Alles Gute!
18 November, 13:34; Rachel, CHINA
My dear Schumi,you are my king ,forever!
17 November, 12:33; banny, china
Michael,you are always the best!
We are here forever for you!
we love you forever!
14 November, 16:13; SL, CHINA
S.Vettle got this chapion,I just wanna cry when heard the Liedes der Deutschen again. You know I havn't seen the ceremony since 2006.Maybe I'll watch the formula because of him in the future, BUT he isn't you.
12 November, 12:28; Frankie, china
Micheal~ I love you forever!! Please stay in F1 forever
2 November, 18:14; SL, CHINA
Before the end of the expo, I insist on going there,and wasting a lot of time,to go into the Monacco pivilian.Just because a copied F2003.If miss it this time,I cannot imagine how long will I waiting to see another used to be driven by you at that short distance.You know waht it mean to me.
21 October, 15:31; 飒飒, china
it has really been a long time since i saw you last time on TV. i miss everything about you which encourages me to hold on. i know clearly that,without you as my inspiration, all the world to me would function otherwise. thank you Michael.
19 October, 14:10; SL, CHINA
I miss miss miss miss you..
16 October, 17:16; surong, china
good night 。schumi~
i love you !
6 October, 17:54; Ankelika, Cleve/Germany
Hallo Michael Schumacher!!

Viel, viel Glück für Japan. Und ich hoffe, Du fährst wirklich in 2011. Hallo Michael, good luke for Japan. I hope, you driver in F 1 in 2011. Your Fan forever Angelika
26 September, 15:56; Schiplove, China
Ich brauche dich.
26 September, 14:45; Michaelia Guo, China
Alles gut in Singapore.
25 September, 12:11; schip, China
网站又出问题 那么多字变那么一点 Ok let it be.

亲爱的 等会儿FP3和Q加油咯!~
25 September, 12:10; Schip, China
排位赛加油。亲爱的,终究我踏上留德之路了 。原谅这第7和第8年交接时期我愚蠢幼稚的小
24 September, 05:27; schiplove, China
我静静地在地图上用指尖画下我和新加坡的距 离……然后……眼泪就那么下来了……
22 September, 11:52; schiplove, CHINA
19 September, 03:16; schiplove, China
联盟的比赛了 说不定我去了sc直接去奥斯汀直播F1了哈哈 可是我放不下德国 根本放不下 我想跟你在同一个时区 呼吸同样的欧洲的空气 我得好好想想好好想想好好想想 亲耐滴 我很好很好很好很好 你呢?kisssssssss
19 September, 03:14; schiplove, China
亲爱的 我在想留德还是留美的事情呢 我不想在德国学英美文学 那样会拖延我走进你世界的时间的 你也知道美国是传媒强国嘛 而且zs姐姐刚到美国就跟着学校去直播棒球大
12 September, 10:59; tiantian, china
haven't been here for a so long time,just want to let you know,the conviction you give me still works on!
good luck!
10 September, 08:51; Zhongzhen, China
10 September, 05:10; Che, China
6 September, 16:24; SL, CHINA
I don't want to do a lot of things,including making the last preparation for the test. But I know I should do,and have to do.
Keeping powerful,concentrating on sth,and working for a long time even forgeting everything around,these are factors attracted to me.And I just struggle to follow you.
No matter what to face tomorrow,work hard.And try.
Dear Schumi,I can't watch your appearance in monza,but I believe you can make it. So I hope.
5 September, 16:53; LI QI, CHINA
Michael.I want to see you come back!
5 September, 16:09; ninadbmsc, China
Michael, I want to see your smile.
5 September, 09:48; monica, china
huh ~ time for monza~
hope that you can get something.
i find that most og us are chinese.you know what you mean to us.and thats enough.
don't give yourself too much stress.please
3 September, 16:02; ninadbmsc, China
时隔三个多月,看到那些新的留言,感动到骨 头里
明明知道你不会看到,那么多的人,坚持着在 这里诉说思念。思念你,是全世界最美好的事 ,最幸福的事。


从未如此感激,你的回归,是我这辈子得到的 最好的礼物。珍惜。
1 September, 19:03; surong, china
love u ! good night!
1 September, 07:40; 周露怡, China
Schumi:我们为你而感动,希望你能继续加油, 继续努力,我们永远支持你!!!比利时站真 的很精彩!!!M.S,Cheer up!!!
31 August, 18:30; surong, china
舒米,我只要我还有你,还有你,不哭苏,不 哭。不怕、舒米,你就是我的全部,一切。只 要你,就够了,这个世界就很美好了。good night///dear schumi
26 August, 19:24; SL, CHINA
我告诉自己我是个天崩地裂都面不改色的强悍 女子,但是原谅我在心里很难过很难过的时候 只能一遍遍念你的名字。我亲爱的大叔。
26 August, 08:31; Tracy, China
I really hate the GP car!
24 August, 16:34; 李栋, China 中国
Michael,come on!

You are the best ,always!
21 August, 18:41; surong, china
love u ..
good night ..dear
19 August, 17:14; 徐自力, 中国
我因为你而开始看f1.因为你的退出而再也没看 过f1,现在我又可以因你的回归而观看f1了,
14 August, 17:03; su, china
i drinked ....i 'm not myself///
only you .... your smile ,your voice ,so beautiful..schumi///////
12 August, 18:08; SL, CHINA
5 August, 07:39; tiantian, china
so long time not to be here,maybe cos you are there.
dear,this is a tough year for you and for all of us too,it also can be amazing time for us,we are together,that's enough.
2 August, 07:44; Michaelia Guo, China
It's not your fault in Hungary, Schumi.
Most importantly, I can see your persistance.
No matter what happens, I will always support you.
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