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21 November, 08:22; Schuey, Malaysia
Michael, UK,
You met Michael at the world finals in Monza ?? Will he be back ?? In 2008 ?? But, I want him in 2007. He will replace Massa ? So, he will be partnering kimi. Why does bernie wants to get rid of Schumi ?? He idolise Schumi as much as we do. He's the one who said that f1 need him and Ferrari.
21 November, 06:54; OSIRIS, Rus
Hey people!
Some of you hate Shumi, some of you love Shumi!
So why you making war between yourself?

Zixx, we undertood that you hate Shumi! Dont tell bad things at this site.

In this page we can meet together, but you didnt understood this.

Nico, ola! Wright me on osiris@bk.ru! :-)
21 November, 05:30; Schuey, Malaysia
The Real Zixx, latvia
I will bomb schumi house and anyone's house to the ground if someone will touch Alonso! I promise!

flavio has touched alonso. alonso's mechanics have touched him. his mom and dad have touched him. So, now, go and kill them. And you know why flavio touch alonso, because he's a g@y.
21 November, 05:01; Schuey, Malaysia
Natasha, I'm sorry for the late reply. I couldnt use my computer for three days. I hope you understand.
This is my e-mail. Nurhazlina@mSchumacher.com
21 November, 03:36; 喻孜知(tracy), china
Schumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi foreverSchumi forever
20 November, 23:30; Kerpen, England
Schumi forever.
20 November, 23:24; Schumi-z, Hungary
Schumi the king of F1.
20 November, 23:08; Pädi, Schweiz
Schuuuumi is the best steck the rest....Dittsche wird mir recht geben gell Schildkröte....
20 November, 22:59; Pädi, CH
Michi Schumacher ist einfach der beste und Formel eins ist Geschichte mit den Pappnasen die da rumgurken ...Pädi aus der Schweiz
20 November, 22:43; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
Zixx you Sonofabltch. What happened to TOURIST. I'll send the GESTAPO around to get you.
Alonso is DlCKHEAD
McLaren are a bunch of g@ys.
Schumi uber alles.
20 November, 22:33; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
Go to heIl my friend.
We will be back - our time will come again.
My Honor is my Loyalty
20 November, 22:28; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
Zixx, i'll slit your throat with my Waffen-SS dagger you commi b@stard.
Meine Ehre Heißt Treue.
20 November, 22:20; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
Zixx you battyboy. Go and lick Alonso's fat @rse.
Schumi forever.
20 November, 22:18; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
The G@ylord speaks again. Blah,blah,blah.
Zixx your a dlck head. Shut the fuok up and piss off.
Schumi forever.
20 November, 22:00; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
Zixx you WANKER
Your mother's a SHlTFACED SLAG.
20 November, 21:58; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
Alonso is an arrogant tosspot.
20 November, 21:56; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
Zixx you WANKER
20 November, 21:23; OSIRIS, Russia, Kazan
My message can see all the world! So let meet! My name is Vadim. I speak english not so well. Right me on osiris@bk.ru! :-))) Or meet our page www.f1magazin.ru

Come to us, to ours forum! :-))))
20 November, 21:20; DimaGL, Не скажу
Да, все окей. Как ты?
Schumi, you must go in DTM
Простите за корявый английский если что ;-)
20 November, 21:10; OSIRIS, Rus
О, дядя Дима, приветствую! :-)))) Жив здоров? :-))))
20 November, 20:25; DimaGL, Россия, священная наша держава
Вадим, привет!
20 November, 19:25; OSIRIS, Rus
Here some humor! ;-)

How Shumi took 2004th season!

http://f1magazin.ru/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=845 :-)))
20 November, 19:23; OSIRIS, Rus
Nico - hi friend! :-))
20 November, 19:19; OSIRIS, Rus
Dont be so agressive! Who we are? We love F1! Why we must fight? Think about it! ALL! ;-)
20 November, 19:13; OSIRIS, Rus
Alonso is not worst? Why? He is the 2ry champion of world! Dont forget it.

20 November, 19:11; OSIRIS, Rus
"Schumi you will married me ???????"

:-))))) enough!
20 November, 19:09; OSIRIS, Россия
Вот народ пристал к этому Зиксу. Только раззадориваете его.
20 November, 17:46; OSIRIS, Россия


20 November, 17:45; OSIRIS, Россия
Кто понимает мои слова - подтягивайтесь на форум www.f1magzin.ru!

Не пожалеете! :-)
20 November, 17:41; OSIRIS, Russia
Best regards from forum www.f1magazin.ru
20 November, 12:49; Liene, Latvia
Allways the best for me!
20 November, 12:05; yedda, shanghai,china
please come back
20 November, 11:37; ljy, CHINA中国
列年度车手积分榜第二,赛季结束后退役,一 个时代离我们远去。
20 November, 11:36; ljy, CHINA中国
2006 7次获得分站冠军,以121分位列年度车手积分
20 November, 11:35; ljy, 中国
2004 在比利时站提前四站夺得车手年度总冠军,这 也是他第7次加冕年度总冠军。
2005 仅获得1次分站赛冠军,还是在7支米其林阵营
20 November, 11:35; ljy, CHINA中国
1987 德国和欧洲卡丁车冠军
1988 福特1600方程式,德国第四欧洲第二
1989 德国3级方程式,排位在温德灵格和弗伦岑后
20 November, 11:34; 刘俊尧, CHINA中国
年度车手总冠军:7次(1994年、1995年、2000年、2 001年、2002年、2003年、2004年) (第二名为方吉奥5次)

  连续夺得年度总冠军次数:5次(2000年至200 4年) [F1年度车手总冠军一览]

20 November, 11:32; 刘俊尧, CHINA中国
20 November, 11:31; 刘俊尧, CHINA中国
我会永远支持你,常来上海看看吧,你永远是 车王,永远是法拉利的主体,比阿隆所强百倍 !!
i love you forever!!
shanghai china
20 November, 05:30; xiaowei, CHINA
虽然你离开了,但是我们的心永远不会变,你 永远是我们心中的王,希望你经常回来看看, 来上海看看。
20 November, 00:01; Voktar, Spain
Ey Anabel, di ke si joder, d dond eres??

SCHUMI EL MEJOR DE TODA LA VIDA, Since Belgium 92 to Interlagos 2006, 7 world championship tittles. INCREIBLE
19 November, 23:59; McLaren Mechanic, GB
I'm going to murder Alonso. I think i'll tamper with his breaks or not fit the rear wing on properly.

Schumi is king.
19 November, 23:49; Zixx, Latvia
And if you do i will slaughter you my friend. To heII with Alonso.
19 November, 18:09; Anabel, Spain
Voktar... hola tio que tal?.. schumi el mejor verdad?.. SCHUMI THE BEST... VOKTAR AND ME THINK SCHUMI IS THE BEST!.. AND WE ARE SPANISH BOTH!
19 November, 18:05; Michael, UK
I cant wait for you all to realise what is happening. I met Michael at the world finals in Monza, he told me, he will return to F1 in 08, he will replace Massa, the engine freeze is bernies excuse to rid the sport of Schumi, why? Bernie is affraid of Michaels dominance in the FIA's guverning body, Max Mosley has already sited michael to BUY OUT Bernie! We will see all the truths revealed soon!
19 November, 13:11; GAO, CHINA
永久的车王 F1不败神话 就算不是冠军 舒马赫 希望你留下 F1车王舒马赫
19 November, 12:36; Narine, Russia
Mickael!Please come back, we need you!
19 November, 11:33; Zixx, Latvia
Michael Michael Michael
You forever stay at F1.
Thanks Michael
Schumi Schumi Schumi
I love you !!!!

Es Tevi ļoti,nu ļoti mīlu!!!!Alonso tev par kurpjusmēru neder!Piedod Mihaēl,ka es biju tik rupjšs-mudaks es esmu nevis F-1 fans!Vēlreiz sory!
19 November, 10:51; Kerpen, England
Well said jan.
Schumi forever.
19 November, 09:03; Fiaaaa, China
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