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26 November, 08:35; 聂秋, 中国
MICHAEL !I always love you! GOOd LUCK!~~`````
26 November, 08:34; 聂秋, 中国
26 November, 05:59; 钟龙清, 中国
想起你即使在最艰难的时刻都依然乐观坚强面 对的身影我也就不再悲伤了
26 November, 05:56; 钟龙清, 七月
舒马赫走了,我以后也失去了心灵的信仰,你 的一生虽然一直伴随着争议,但毫无疑问,你 做到了F1史上没人能做到的事,当我失落时,
25 November, 19:49; Michael, Deutschland
Bleib Bitte Bleib komm wieder zurück ohne dich ist die F1 langweilig !!!.......
25 November, 19:47; Michael, ztj
Schumi Bleib du warst mein Ganzes Leben in der F1 Bitte Bleib
25 November, 13:38; 禇, China
Don't say that you would not come back
25 November, 13:15; Jenny, Deutschland
schumi du bist ein guter mensch aber du kannst doch jetzt nicht schon aufhören....wir werden dich mit den rennen vermissen und das is rurig ein rennen ohne dich.....
25 November, 12:37; Jiang Ting 蒋婷, China 中国
25 November, 10:40; HMS, Finland
Hi guys!

Does anyone know who is the author of Michael's new book?
I would like to buy it, but there are so many that are titled
with Michael Schumacher... :)

Schumi forever!!!!!
24 November, 23:00; Nico, italy
Hi OSIRIS, Zixx is dead ????? I'm very happy.......
24 November, 20:25; OSIRIS, Russia
You must say bye to Shumi!
Zixx is only bug in this world. :-)
24 November, 18:31; F1, BOSNA
24 November, 18:02; Nik, italy
Zixx is dead.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 November, 12:04; tet, Philippines
michael, please make an english version of your new book entitled "schumacher" for us who do not speak german :) It looks like a great book. thanks!
24 November, 07:54; Zhenyin Chen, China
I am happy that you won the last race champion in Shanghai China. But I feel sad that you decided to retire. You are always my hero. Maybe Alonso will win more races or Perhaps Kimi will lead Ferreri win the team champion. However, you are always the best!
24 November, 06:58; caolu, China
24 November, 06:44; caolu, China
Dear Schumi,
23 November, 21:13; Flo, Germany
Ich habe eben auf sport1.de Ausschnite aus einem Interview von dir mit der SZ gelesen.

"Ich habe über viele Jahre gemauert und mich abgeschirmt. Rennsport-Fans hatten nie wirklich die Chance zu erkennen, wer denn dieser Schumacher in Wirklichkeit ist."
"Natürlich wollte ich von meinen Landsleuten immer mehr geliebt werden."

Ich denke,dass du von genügend Leuten geliebt wurdest.
Du hast zwar so gut wie niemanden an dich ran gelassen,aber deine Emotionen sagen schon alles.Wenn man sieht wie du deine Siege feierst,oder wie du dich nach deinem Ausfall in Suzuka bei allen Mechanikern bedankst,lässt erkennen das du ein toller Mensch bist,der mehr als bloß Respekt verdient.
Du bist ein großartiger Sportler, und dazu auch noch ein großartiger Mensch.Deine Emotionen sagen schon alles,Ausserdem sagen Leute selbst nach deinem Weggang nicht umsonst,dass du ein toller Mensch bist.Du wurdest von vielen Leuten mehr als bloß respektiert,da bin ich mir sicher!
23 November, 17:29; Jenny, Deutschland
bleib da
23 November, 06:49; OSIRIS, Rus
ALX, спасибо! :-)
Если этот Zixx появится, я тебе еще раз напишу :-))
23 November, 06:45; OSIRIS, Rus
Kimi, я представитель нашей страны :-)))
22 November, 22:34; Kerpen, England
Same here SCHUMI FOREVER and jan. Glad it wasn't just me.
22 November, 20:01; jan, belgium
indeed, SCHUMI FOREVER, you are not the first one who noticed !
22 November, 19:54; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
SarahC and John Connors are you sure you don't know Zixx because your language sounds similar.
So long Zixx -see you in HeII my friend.
22 November, 18:46; SarahC, Germany
It's good that Zixx will never be back in this page :) but it will be good too if SCHUMI will never come back because we all saw what this SHAMELESS driver did in 1994, 1997 and in Monaco 2006!!!
22 November, 18:41; John Connors, USA
Moldova will be bomb down to the ground!!! Zixx will be back!
22 November, 17:52; Kimi, Russia
Кроме Осириса
22 November, 17:51; Kimi, Russia
А русские здесь есть? ;-)
22 November, 16:43; jan, belgium
Thanks , ALX, for deleting all those messages ! !
Schumi rules !
22 November, 15:51; ALX, Moldova
All ZIXX's messages - Deleted ;-)
Sorry guys, I don't have too much time right now to follow this web-site. But if you see any messages like his, just email me and I'll moderate those messages. My e-mail can be found at the bottom of this web-page.
22 November, 06:48; OSIRIS, Rus
jan, kerpen, thanks, friends! :-)
21 November, 23:46; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
The G@ylord speaks again. Blah,blah,blah.
Zixx your a dlck head. Shut the fuok up and piss off.
Schumi forever.
21 November, 22:41; jan, belgium
f*cking looser, get a life
21 November, 21:34; Edgaras, Lithuania
All the Zixx>> We can see that yuou are an as*hole. You could at least don`t show that to all over the world
21 November, 21:32; Kerpen, England
Yes, some great non -F1 stuff on there as well.
My favourite has to be Michael and Ralf karting in Kerpen in their youth and recently Michael's appearance in a German petrol station.
Schumi forever.
21 November, 20:26; jan, belgium
Yep, great footage and tributes on youtube, but also you really got to check out some exclusive interviews too !

Google video also, but not that many....
21 November, 20:05; Kerpen, England
Youtube is about the only site where you can watch F1 footage online. The FIA /FOM have closed many sites down recently that contained F1 footage. They have promised to start clamping down on Youtube soon as well.
There are some great Schumi tributes on Youtube at the moment.
Schumi forever.
21 November, 18:45; jan, belgium
Osiris, maybe you're dissapointed, but schumi will not go to Le Mans. just to let u know...
21 November, 18:39; jan, belgium
Schuey, sorry for late reply..

No, he's not going to DTM !

Audi offered 15.8 million euro's to enter DTM or Le Mans, but he refused!

He said racing in another class then F1 doesn't interrest him..
21 November, 17:55; zixx, latvia
I LOVE YOU, MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 November, 14:33; Edgaras, Lithuania
Huge amount of those, who supported Schumi and always will shows what a superior person ha was. Even those who hate Shumi shows the same, since it is because Michael beated their favourite drivers. YES, we have to admit that Michael not always was fair, sometimes he did things that others wouldn`t do, but an exclusive persons sometimes behave like that (Senna wasn`t saint either). That is why they are exclusive, however, practically all the world loved SHUMI only because of his self-sacrifice, and driving which was brilliant and everybody knows that deep in their hearts.
21 November, 12:48; niyi, China
I always your fan all the time!
21 November, 09:41; OSIRIS, Rus
Schuey, he will go to 24 hours of Le Mans! :-)))
21 November, 09:36; Schuey, Malaysia
Jan, Schumi is not going to DTM, right ??
21 November, 08:51; OSIRIS, Rus
PEOPLE! Do you know someone site, where we can free download f1 video???
21 November, 08:49; OSIRIS, Rus
I dont thought that f1 fan can be so agressive and ugly :-((
I think ziхх wanted to be f1driver, and now he envying Schumaher
21 November, 08:40; SCHUMI FOREVER, Schumi's Reich
Zixx i will blow up your little caravan.

My Honor is my Loyalty
21 November, 08:28; schumi, suisse
Ein Volk,Ein Reich ,Ein Fuhrer !
Got mit uns !
Deutchland uber alles!
21 November, 08:22; Schuey, Malaysia
Michael, UK,
You met Michael at the world finals in Monza ?? Will he be back ?? In 2008 ?? But, I want him in 2007. He will replace Massa ? So, he will be partnering kimi. Why does bernie wants to get rid of Schumi ?? He idolise Schumi as much as we do. He's the one who said that f1 need him and Ferrari.
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