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17 January, 14:09; Florin, Romania
Michael I am a big fan of yours...and the F1 will not be the same if you leave...please stay...win again AND oll your fans will be happyy....I LOVE YOU MAN...in romania all people like you;)...i`m you fan..please COME BACK..DO NOT LET DESAPOINT US...
17 January, 13:29; Sere, Italy
Michael non puoi farci questo...devi tornare!!!!
Ma la gente si rende conto del valore aggiunto che abbiamo
perso con il ritiro di Schumacher?
Michael Schumacher un pilota a 360°.
17 January, 10:28; Nata, Russian Federation
Michael, we so miss you. Promise that you will be happy :)
16 January, 07:25; zeral, China
I love u,schumi!
now ,i have a blog about you in chinese ,i hope you can to come it when you are free!
you are the greatest championand best driver in my mind !
Please keep fit for ever!
15 January, 18:04; Pierre CODURI, Vienne, france
Merci Michael pour toutes ces années de bonheur,
Merci d'avoir été à la fois si grand et si humble.
Merci d'avoir si bien porté nos espoirs,
Merci d'avoir su former une si belle "famille" chez les rouges...
...Et merci de continuer à honorer cette famille de votre présence, afin que longtemps le "cavallino" continue à briller au fimament de la F1...

Merci, vraiment du fond du coeur....
15 January, 10:41; A-wei, China
MSC,You Raise Me UP!!!
15 January, 08:50; Kerpen, England

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15 January, 05:33; Айк, Russia
14 January, 21:41; Felix, Germany
Schumi, ich bin echt traurig dich nächstes Jahr nicht mehr fahren zu sehen. Aber trotzdem werde ich der Formel 1 und Ferrari treu bleiben und mit Massa und vor allem Kimi mitfiebern.
Hoffe nur dass Alonso nicht wie 2005 und 2006 zu Anfang schon wieder in einem überlegenen Auto sitzt.
Ich vertrau da einfach mal dir und den Ferrari Leutz
14 January, 13:10; Can, China
14 January, 12:45; 3/1, Germany
I want to cry
I miss you every day
without you,I can not live
12 January, 22:12; SchumiFan4Ever, Romania
12 January, 18:12; anaconda, egypt
schumi u really ahero please stay not for me but for every one i really idmire of u and i didn;t watch f1 just for u.
12 January, 14:35; Basti, Deutschland
Michael du bist der größte Rennfahrer aller Zeiten .
Roter Helm, rotes Auto und rote Leidenschaft ist in deinem Herzen und in meinem noch fest drinne. Ich hoffe du wirst die F1 noch lange und damit meine ich hoffentlich sehr lange in deinen Erinnerungen behalten. Den Motorsport wirst du sicher nie vergessen . Deine Fan`s und deine Freunde bzw. deine Familie wird dich nicht vergessen und werden immer wissen was du damals in der F1 erlebt und
geleistet hast . You are THE CHAMPION.

DEIN GRÖSSTER FAN Basti aus Deutschland
Dein Buch habe ich auch,wo du nicht nur die F1 sondern auch dich im Leben deiner Familie darstellst.
12 January, 05:48; Cristian, Canada
Michael, please stay for another year! You can do so much more. There are so many ppl who believe in you and love you and want to see you again on the track with all your spectacular moves and the jump on the podium at the end of the race. I'm pretty sure all the Italian fans want to see you again in red colors driving their beloved Ferrari and conducting the Italian anthem from the highest position on the podium. You're The Best, you're our Idol, please come back and fight back. I can see you 10 times World Champion of Formula 1. We want it - You deserve it!
11 January, 23:08; Cristian, Romania
Your our best entertainer in F1, the ultimate champion, the best that will ever be. F1 could be never be the same without you! Don't leave your fans crying!
11 January, 00:16; Schumi fan club, Planet Earth
In his last season the 37-year-old driver who had made Formula One racing his personal playground was still at the peak of his powers. No champion had been so excellent for so long, but Michael Schumacher finally grew tired of the effort necessary to continue to excel and decided to quit while he was still ahead - so far ahead that his achievements are unlikely to ever be surpassed.
11 January, 00:07; Alex, Croatia
Michael, happy b. we all miss you..... a message for David Coulthard - FU*K OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 January, 16:02; Bursas, Romania
a good life for a great Champion: Michael Schumacher
10 January, 15:00; Remember, China
It's hard for us to let you go. Harder for you to come back with us. Wish you happy now and forever, coz we are always by your side!

10 January, 14:46; Pippo, China
dear Michael, please give us another dream!
10 January, 01:43; eduardo, spain
You are God. we never forgot you. Goodbye.
10 January, 01:32; Ann, USA
Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, Michael. It seems so strange without you in the headlines with launches and testing starting up for 2007. Hope you and your family are enjoying a well deserved rest. Miss you so much. Hope to see you around this season. You will always be my number one.
9 January, 21:12; Desi, Bulgaria
Happy birthday Michael!I love you very mach!I wish you luch,health,happines,calm,love and nice rest!Kisses!:)
9 January, 19:23; silvia, italy
Mchael sei e sarai per sempre il MIGIOR PILOTA DI FORMULA1 e in più sei una PERSONA FANTASTICA!!
non riesco a pensare alla formula 1 senza di te... sarà davvero troppo triste e vuota la f1 quest'anno!
Grazie per tutte le emozioni che mi hai regalato, le porterò sempre nel mio cuore, custodendole come uno dei regali più preziosi!!
sono stata davvero orgogliosa di averti potuto vedere correre. mi manchi già tantissimo....
spero che tutti i tuoi sogni si avverino e che la tua vita sarà davvero molto felice!!! spero che avrai passato un compleanno straordinario con le persone che ami. mille auguri per un 2007 spettacolare!!!
Mille baci e un abbraccio.
I love you so much and I miss you!!!!!!!!!
9 January, 18:29; marco, germany
Wie konntest du uns das nur antun? Die Formel 1 hat ihren Reiz verloren. Du bist der einzig wahre!!!!
9 January, 16:41; basti, deutschland dessau
Roter Helm rotes Auto und rote Leidenschaft ,ich werde dich nie vergessen und werde auch niemals dich aus meiner erinnerung werfen ich habe auf meinenm PC (Computer)
ein Destop Bid von dir und von ferrarie und alonso habe ich auch noch in meinem zimmer hängen als Bild wo er in Monza einen Motorschaden hatte.
DEIN GRÖßTER FAN Michael du bist der BESTE!!!!!!!!!!
9 January, 16:33; basti, germany
Michael you are the best and you are the champion and I sing for you stand ab for the champions Happy new year!!
9 January, 16:29; basti, deutschland
Michael you are the best and you are the red dracon Happy new schumi and Happy BIRTHDAY MICHAEL WE LOVE YOU!!!
9 January, 13:12; SARA, ITALY
9 January, 13:10; Sara, Italky
9 January, 11:57; greenmile, china
schumi,please come back......
9 January, 11:16; Umer Saeed, Pakistan
Shumi!!!!!!!7 times world champion; Micheal Shumacher please don't go. Although i'm a big fan of Alonso too, I would like you to stay in F1 for atleast another year so that you may make a comlete century off winning races
Shumi you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 January, 11:13; Saeed Abbasi, Pakistan
There was no one like you, there will be no one like you: A great Racing Champion, fierce competitor, with a 'never-say-die' philosophy. Please don't go. You are the best, though there is hardly a record left to be broken by you, but for your 'family's sake' and then your fan's sake, WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU RETIRE WITH ONE MORE CHAMPIONSHIP, which would not be a problem in 2007, with no Tyres advantage to the opposition- - - even playing filed or a battle-filed. Hats Off to Schumi for providing entertainment to the world, and specially to me and my family!!!!!
8 January, 13:33; Jackie, England
Without you,my sky is becoming gray.
Do you know how much Iove you?
8 January, 10:38; jenny nie, chengdu china
赛场上的身影永远为我们的目光所追逐,天生 的赛手,天生的明星,然而他离开赛场,我们 失去的不仅仅是一个明星,一个赛手!灵魂的 一部分也遗失~~~
7 January, 22:03; Lelde, Latvia
Michael please stay in F1!!!!
7 January, 17:57; Corinna gizosss, turkey
michael we miss you
pls turn back
7 January, 14:54; nick, UK
Missing you!Missing you!Missing you!
7 January, 13:15; Xen, Switzerland
The only 1 place for Schumi fans :


6 January, 19:31; leaf, China
Michael,I miss u so much.
No matter when,you are the one and only one that can be the champion of the F1 world in my mind.
Happy new year!!
6 January, 11:29; Ovidiu Voinea, Romania
Michael Schumacher is a "LOST" even if you're not a fan of Ferrari. I do regret that Michael didn't chose to stay 2 more years in F1 - because he still got the energy, force, motivation, skill and talent to win again and again and again!

Michael you'll never walk alone! You'll always be no.1
6 January, 09:55; Kelly Yue, China
I can't stop missing you......
Please come back,please.At least,let me see you.
Support you forever!!!!
6 January, 01:19; Kerpen, England

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5 January, 18:41; Geli, Germany
I love you, please com back. Ohne Dich ist die Formel 1 leer und kalt.
I love you forever. Wenn Du nicht mehr weiterfährst, dann werde ich Dich hoffentlich noch an einer Rennstrecke erleben. Aber ich werde nicht mehr direkt an einer Rennstrecke sein. Das Fernseher muß es jetzt tun. Ich liebe Dich für immer, alles Liebe und Gute, vor allem Gesundheit für Dich und Deine ganze Familie.

I love you Michael.
5 January, 18:19; moldovan andrei, romania
buna ziua ssunt andrei cel mai mare admirator al tau .te rog nu parasi f1 pentru ca tu esti idlul meu.din pacate eu am doar 14 ani si nu am carnet de conducere dar sunt in romania in orasul sighisoarala carting.si pot sati spun ca sunt cel mai buna fara gluma ii bat pe toti la timp viraje precut si derapari.daca ai parasi f1 visul mea sar stinge.tu ai demonstrat ca ia putut si asta vreu si eu dar tu esti in stare sa mergi mult mai departe .si mai gandestete nu da cu piciorul unei sanse.toate cele bune-andrei schumacher.
5 January, 17:42; Daniel Zerres, Deutschland
Happy birthday nachträglich,Michael!!!!!Dein erster Geburtstag ohne Formel 1!!!!Machs gut,du wirst uns sehr fehlen in der nächsten Saison!!!
5 January, 13:15; Celia, China
I'll be loving you forever!!
5 January, 12:55; harry, china
You are in my heart forever!
5 January, 11:05; cindy, china
Today is a special day to me,it is hard for me to describe my feeling this monent.Only want to tell you,MISSING YOU,MY LOVE!
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