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27 January, 20:41; meg, scotland
Thank you for the last decade! i have loved every minute of it! im a loyal and true fan who has stood by you all the way! Thanks for the memories of me and my best friend who were luck to see you 3 times esecially at monza. a huge hole is left where you once were but i will continue to celebrate the wonder that is MICHAEL SCHUMACHER, WORLD NUMBER ONE! NO ONE SHALL COMPARE!
27 January, 20:14; alex, romania
SCHUMY is the BEST we will miss him ..... hope he will come back
27 January, 19:11; Vitalik, Ukrain Odessa
27 January, 17:34; micarla, brasil
saudades de você,por favor volta,vooooooooolta!!!!
27 January, 12:18; Elva Zhaoqian Shi, China
Do not leave, we need u.
27 January, 12:17; Sulo, Netherlands
Let them talk, you know, we know the world knows you are the best!!!!
27 January, 12:13; HMS, Finland
I don't think Schumi was made to leave, and I also think that
Schumi and Ferrari were perfect TOGETHER!

What is the worth of saying that one let the other down, I don't know.

I just know that I miss Schumi being a driver for Ferrari,
and all fans of Ferrari can only hope that the new drivers
can be as good for the team as Schumi has been. I know that
is what I am really hoping for at the moment!!!!
27 January, 10:56; Webmaster, Switzerland
All Schumi fans just join the greatest Schumi community ever on :


Don't wait anymore and join us ! :-)
27 January, 00:01; Kerpen, England
Michael son is called Mick.
26 January, 23:59; Kerpen, England
Firstly, Michael wife is called CORINNA and his Dad is ROLF.

Secondly, Rafael where are you getting this 'Michael let Ferrari down' from. You Italians and Ferrari fans are so ungrateful. You have just had your greatest, most successful time in Fomula One. You, Ferrari will never reach these heights again. EVER. Michael was the man who took you there. Yet you never fully supported him. He was one of you, he bled Ferrari red, put his life on the line for the Tifosi but still this wasn't enough for you.
The Tifosi are the most passionate fans no doubt but you just never understood how great Michael was. He was your leader and you stabbed him in the back.

And now it's all over. Without Michael, Ferrari are finished.

You ungrateful W@NKERS.......
26 January, 17:40; OSIRIS, Russia
Lina, where are you gone??? :-(
26 January, 17:10; NAIKY, Italy
Michael Please!!!! we need You..... but inside of the new Ferrari 2007 Look at Massa and Raikkonen... ONLY CRASH TEST and Problems in 4 test-days
26 January, 15:14; Clare, China
I don't know what to say...I miss you...

Michael.I love you so much...
26 January, 14:47; Sarah, China
Michael, I just miss you so much...
26 January, 08:40; Schuey, Malaysia
By the way our team - our dear Ferarri need to think about the future so they decided to take Kimi,
but schumi was so afraid (this stupid coward) and decided to leave the team.
We feel angry about schumi mistakes and we are happy that left.

Your "dear Ferrari" only thinks about thier future. So self-centered. Our DEAR SCHUMI was forced to leave.
26 January, 08:35; Schuey, Malaysia
Rafael, Im disappointed with 2005,2006 too, but I dont blame him. It's not his fault. Ferrari let him down. If you are a Ferrari fan, you wont say things like that. We hate those who say bad things about Schuey. How can you be so ungrateful.
26 January, 04:27; juqi, china
please stay in f1,you are the best one in f1
25 January, 21:58; H. Himmler, HeII
The SS are returning to Latvia and this time they are going to raise this little shlte hole to the ground.

This is Schumi site.

Schumi uber alles.
25 January, 21:09; OSIRIS, Rus
Can you say me where I can download free F1 video?

Youtube only shows, but don't give to download!
25 January, 17:35; Daniel Zerres, Kalakr;NRW,Germany
Ihr verfickten Huren aus Lettland.Ihr habt doch überhaupt keine Ahnung von der F1 und überhaupt vom Leben.Ihr habt nicht im Mindesten Formel 1 geguckt,sonst würdet ihr so was nicht sagen.Ihr seid selber Bastarte.
25 January, 13:03; Wenjing Ma, China
Because of you, I started to love f1.
25 January, 12:14; L.R., China
Schumi, you are the winner in my heart!
There are so many fans in China. They all think that you are one of the greatest player in F1.
Nobody will forget you.
Hope everything goes your way!
24 January, 16:39; VaLeSteR, Lithuania
Come here, F1 is your 2nd home!!!
24 January, 15:02; LAURA, SPAIN, ASTURIAS
24 January, 00:01; Kerpen, England
Look Rafael, We will have to agree to disagree.

This is a PRO Schumi site. What are you actually doing here?

For the first time in a while i won't be supporting Ferrari and Michael won't be driving for them.

So I wish Ferrari the best of luck for the future.

Schumi forever.
23 January, 23:56; Kerpen, England

I said Monza. Home of your GP!!!
Di montezemolo forced Michael out of Ferrari. He made the retirement decision for Michael and Michael had to except it.

Michael is a winner. He hates losing. He'll do anything it takes not to let anyone pass him. He has to be number 1 what ever the cost. It's part of racing. Why can't people understand and get over it?

Monaco was a mistake. Michael locked up. Simple. If it was intentional good on him for trying. Who else would have the balls too do it?

No. Ferrari losed the title at the start of the season and in Japan and Brazil with the unreliability.

Schumi forever.
23 January, 23:11; Kerpen, England
Rafael, Italy

Engage your brain ...
Ferrari lost the Championship for Michael both in Japan and Brazil. Ferrari let Michael down. And when he needed them the most they couldn't deliver.
At Monza they forced him out. After all these years of loyalty and commitment this is the way Ferrari repay Michael.

Michael turned Ferrari around and brought them back from the death.

Ferrari will once again die without Schumi. Run by Italians the team will fail.

Italy are a country of people who, when the going gets tough give up and run away. What did Italy do in the War? - Lost the war for Germany because they ran away.

Italy and Ferrari you ungrateful W@NKERS. PlSS OFF.

Schumi forever.
23 January, 22:13; SCHUMI FOREVER, Deutschland
Ralf, Germany = SHlT FOR BRAINS.


Schumi forever!
23 January, 21:38; nico, italy
Latvia, DIE !!!!!!!!!
23 January, 21:25; Radu, Romania
Michael Schumacher ... the magnificent, the best, the king of F1, number 1

23 January, 21:17; OSIRIS, Russia
To latvian strange boy:
I don't like Shumi too, but I don't speak bad abot him!

Because he was a great rival of MIKA HAKKINEN ;-)

Shumi, thank you, that you show us, how drivers must drive :-)

23 January, 21:12; OSIRIS, Russia
http://f1magazin.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=142&page=2&pp=10&hig hlight=english

It is topic in our forum! for our foreign F1 friends :-))

Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia - LET MEET FRIENDS :-))
23 January, 21:09; OSIRIS, Russia
Hey. Latvian boy, are you mentally diseased nut?

Why you wright here bad words?

Are you afraiding Shumi?

If you tell something again - I tell about you to moderators, and your IP will be banned. Be clever, OK?
23 January, 18:30; SEBASTIAN, ROMANIA
Mr. VINTS save the planet.Please shoot your self...Keep your opinion just 4 u.
23 January, 18:01; Milly, Italy
23 January, 17:46; Sebastian, ROMANIA
Thank you for all 16 years of adrenalin.You are the best F1 driver ever...
23 January, 17:44; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar,NRW,Deutschland
Hallo Michael,
jetzt kanpp 2 Monate vor Beginn der neuen F1-Saison komme ich normalerweise richtig in Vorfreude.Doch dieses ist es anders:ich frage mich,wie wird die F1 ohne dich sein?Wie wird es sich anfühlen,wenn ich auf die Ergebnisliste gucke und der Name Micahel Schumacher taucht dort nicht mehr auf?Es wird ein fremdes Gefühl sein,so wie ein unerträglicher Schmerz.Nichts von dieser Welt kann schlimmer sein.Für die deutschen Fans ist es der schlimmste Verlust seit dem Tod von Graf berghe von Trips.Trotzdem wünsche ich dir alles Gute für deine Zukunft und selbstverständlich auch für deine Frau und Kinder.PS:Könntest du bitte deine Benefiz-Fussballspiel wieterhin austragen?Nach dem letzten hatte ich mir vorgenommen unbeidngt dieses Jahr dabei zu sein und dich zu treffen.
Mit Grüßen,
dein Daniel!!!!
23 January, 14:42; Oana, romania
You are simply the best.
23 January, 10:45; OSIRIS, Russia
http://f1magazin.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=142&page=2&pp=10&hig hlight=english

It is topic in our forum! for our foreign F1 friends :-))
23 January, 10:43; OSIRIS, Russia
Yo! :-))
Come to us :-))

http://f1magazin.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=142&page=2&pp=10&hig hlight=english
22 January, 17:38; e, e
22 January, 17:38; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar,NRW,Germany
This few lines are for the last short letter from Me from latvia.Michael is not adriver like you mean.He was one of the best and fast drivers the F1 had and will have.He is not a shameless driver what you say.1997 Michael has done amistake,ofcause,but he said that it was a mistake.And 2006 in Moanaco it was a normal accident like it can happen all the time.Usually not in this situatoin when Michael can win the pole against the stupid torrero alonso in the last few minutes.It was nothing,NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!And he isnot a basta^d like you say!!!But,excuse me for the following:You are a basta^d because you think michael is one of them.You are a P...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 January, 18:21; Corinna gizosss, turkey
I want to say thanks for the all those past 16 years I am thinking now "what a beautiful years that we lived" we never forget you I hope we will see you at the running track :) 4ever Michael Schumacher (grup tifosi in turkey)
21 January, 09:29; 钱华, CHINA
20 January, 16:09; korez, sl
Schumi is the best and will be the best in the far future, too!!!!!!!
20 January, 09:18; "SALTY SALT", CHINA
19 January, 14:58; Pepe, Madrid
17 January, 20:49; Martin, Czech Republic
Schumi is the best!!!
17 January, 17:00; Christine, Deutschland
Hallo Michael,

jetzt ist die Zeit in der ich normalerweise so langsam in Formel 1 Stimmung komme und mich dem Saisonstart entgegensehne... Seit du damals zu Ferrari gekommen bist habe ich regelmäßig die Rennen angeschaut entweder vorm TV oder ab und zu live (Graz, 4 x Hockenheim, Monza).
Ich kann mir (wie viiiiele andere) noch gar nicht vorstellen, dass du jetzt nicht mehr dabei bist, Formel 1 ohne Schumi, das ist unvorstellbar! Vor kurzem sah ich in RTL die Präsentation des neuen Ferrari und Raikkönen im roten Overall, da musste ich schon kurz schlucken ;-(!!! Na ja, ich hoffe dass trotzdem noch das ein oder andere Benefiz-Fussball-Spiel stattfindet!?? In deinem aktuellen Buch schreibst du, dass das Spiel 2006 in Mannheim etwas Besonderes für dich war - für mich auch, du hast mir auf dem Arm unterschrieben :-)! Ich sagte am Zaun zu dir, dass ich mir die Unterschrift eintätowieren lasse, vielleicht kannst du dich daran erinnern!? Ein MS Tatoo hab' ich seitdem, vielleicht kann ich es dir beim nächsten Spiel in Mannheim zeigen!? Wäre schön :-) Ich wünsche dir & deiner Familie aufjedenfall alles Gute für die Zukunft!!! Gruß Christine
17 January, 14:13; Florin, Romania
"Remember to keep yourself alive,is nothing more important than that"...Is me again..every wan is talking aboaut you man:)...we are like ZEUS...but a ZEUS of SPEEDDDD....come back..doit for us the fans;)...i`m sad:(...please come bag dude...PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE...
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