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22 February, 13:14; moti, use
blq blq
22 February, 07:05; Schumi1900, China
I only miss you...
22 February, 05:09; Red_Notebook, China
Happy birthday to Gina Maria!!!

Michael ```miss u every single day since you left us````
everything is ok now`? I really want to see you again at your position witch we are familiar with...Although it will never be true``````I cannot find a place to exprss my emotion ```
See?There are still so many different people who are loving you...missing you...supporting you...We speak different languages , We are different nationalities.We are different color...But you , connect us together...we became the most glorious people in this world```
I hope that you and your family can live in peace forever...as long as you are living a life you want...it doesnt really matter we cannot see you every 2 weeks```I am very clear that you won't see our words```but who cares```

Take care```dear Michael```and bless you and your whole family````
22 February, 03:05; 蒋婷婷, CHINA
想知道你现在在干嘛?在怀念过去的时光吗? 唉-----很想念你,想念你所带给我的那无比快
21 February, 17:32; Greypink, China
It's first time I watch F1 racing last Oct. and I couldn't help to fall in love with you then. I will regret for the rest of my life if I cannot see you again in F1. Hope you will be happy for forever, nomatter what you do......
21 February, 12:43; Schumi1900, China
Hope you happy forever...
21 February, 11:07; Christine, Deutschland
Hallo Michael,

muss oft an dich denken, die neue F1 Saison rückt immer näher... Ich hoffe sehr, dass die BILD recht hat und du neuer Teamchef bei Ferrari wirst, dann bist du für uns Fans nicht ganz weg, denn das wäre sehr sehr schade ;-(!!! Ansonsten hoffe ich auf ein Wiedersehen bei einem Benefiz-Fussball-Spiel!?!? Bis dann. Liebe Grüße vom Tattoo-Girl
20 February, 18:30; COSMA, Romania
Michael i`m a big fun of yours and I would like you to race again ... but that is you decision.I love your style to race , never give up.Love you and this message is written with 4 more friends of mine.
We all love you and want you back !
20 February, 09:33; qianyingZhao, China
Michael,i miss you so much!

I only hope is you are happiness forever!...

love you forever~!~!~!...
19 February, 19:26; pusok gellert, romania
I like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 February, 18:03; Systar, China
We Call Now A New Chinese Year, but cannot be a year for F1 without u.
19 February, 12:21; Svetlana, Russia
Schumi i love you, and only you. When you leave i won`t watch F1 again.One of my heroes.
19 February, 11:41; FOREVER 舒, CHINA
We love you very much.we want you can come back !
19 February, 11:27; Schumi1900, China
Miss you so much...
Love you forever...
18 February, 23:50; Milly, Italy
Sei stato l'unico mito che io abbia mai avuto, Michael, e lo resterai per sempre!!! Senza di te, la Formula 1 non sarà più la stessa! mi mancherai!!!
18 February, 14:58; Schumi1900, China
Happy the Chinese New Year!!!
You are the best pilot from FORMULA 1.
We miss you so much...
I will not forget you ,forever!
18 February, 09:26; 蒋婷, 中国 CHINA
Sorry shumi,I forgot to say "Happy Chinese new year!" to you yesterday----So today,I hope you healthy,happy,and lucky for ever!Remember me---a girl from China who loves you !
My QQ number :406830697!I want to make friends with you!
17 February, 19:03; Schumiman007, Slovakia
Schumi forever! Si najlepsi a taky aj zostanes!
17 February, 13:15; henri brand, usa
come on dude, you've got at least another two top years in you!
17 February, 12:43; Tingting Zhu, China
Michael, Happy the Chinese New Year!!!
17 February, 10:13; Schumi1900, China
We miss you so much,,,
16 February, 17:28; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar,NRW,Deutschland
tu dir den neuen Job bei den verlogenen und mafiösen Italienern von Ferrari nicht an.Du siehst, dass ein Raikkönen nie so gute Daten liefern kann wie du es gemacht hast.Du gehst an dieser Aufgabe zu Grunde.Ferrari wird ohne Ross Brawn, bald auch ohne Jean Todt und ohne dich nie mehr zu deinen Lebzeiten so gut sein.
Trotz, und vielleicht deswegen, alles Gute für dich und deine Familie.
16 February, 13:35; Sarah, China
Michael,Good luck for you

Happy Chinese New Year!^^
16 February, 08:30; Schumi1900, China
Michael,you raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up to walk on stormy seas.
You are my life!
16 February, 07:37; aries, china
Michael, just like the song <<you raise me up>>, you gave us so much, we really don't want to say goodbye to you.
16 February, 07:19; vivian, china
M Schumacher you are my life
16 February, 01:57; Jinkang, China
Even if the earth is no longer rotating ,the spring is no longer coming ,you are still the King in our hearts forever-----Michael Schumacher...
15 February, 14:51; Dai, china
新的赛季还有一个多月就开始了,没有你的F1中 ,是那么的枯燥无味!我们永远忘不了你的笑
15 February, 14:38; taro, 中国
15 February, 14:36; Ellen, China
15 February, 14:27; chu, China
i want to see you're happy
and i like the day that see you drive F248
can you drive F2007?
i'm waiting......
15 February, 14:18; Love Schumi, China
I just want to see your smile.....
So,be happy as we'll stay with you foever!!
15 February, 13:43; loving_u, Malaysia
Never stop smilling...not even you're sad
Someone might fall in love with your smile
15 February, 13:07; Suan, China
I just miss you so much...Michael, we need you!
15 February, 03:08; HELEN, PHILIPPINES
15 February, 02:54; GERI, PHILIPPINES
14 February, 15:27; ANDREEA, ROMANIA
Michael, you are the best pilot from FORMULA 1. Please, the chalenge will not be the same without you. You are an idol for everyone. I am a very fan of you, and sincerily, i realy do not know another pilot than you in the present. we don't speak of pilots like Sena, Hill, Ascari. They lived in another period. You make the course exciting... i don't have words to say...
14 February, 11:47; RUIQI, shanghai 
舒米情人节日快乐啊!!!!  哈哈
14 February, 08:56; Frank, China
mike,we stand you forever!!!!!!!
as you are the king of f1!!!!!!!!!!
14 February, 07:25; gerardo aquino, philippines
mike is F1... he is solely responsible for the popularity of F1... of what it is today. I will always miss the days when mike is racing... it's always exciting coz you will never know the outcome. from the lowly budgetted team benetton which won u you're 1st championship to the number 1 team ferrari i have always watch and supported you. what i admire is that you change a lot... you have become more mature and a gentleman in the racing world... blaming no one when your car had a mechanical at the critical stage of championship... i will never be as enthusiasthic a fan of F1... thank you for all the memories excitement thrill and satisfaction you have given to all your fans worldwide.
13 February, 07:34; Allan, china
i love you forever----Micheal
12 February, 23:34; maria, greece
please come back only for a test with the new car
we need you,and your team too
12 February, 18:03; james hayden, uk
hi mike well i have followed you for a number of years and am sad to see you have gone when i believe you had at least five more champion ships a head of you and to give up so early on when you are clarly still the best driver out there . its a shame as your efforts can be beaten with the titles .i feel you should have clocked up at least two more champion ships
before going .i know its late now but you still have time on your side to make a come back .i qoat you said when damien hill retired its a shame he is still qick. my argument with you.
your the best and you could be even better .think about this
you could go down in history as the best driver ever or second best. which do you prefere .i had a tier in my eye when you went. if you dont come back i wish you the best anyway
james hayden. ps my grandad was a f1 driver with sterlin moss times jackie welton was his name well all the best my email if interest in contacting me jlhen@tiscali.co.uk
12 February, 17:30; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar,NRW,Deutschland
Nur noch 1 Monat und 6 Tage bis zur neuen F1-Saison!
Doch dieses Mal ist alles anders!Unser Michael ist nicht mehr dabei!!!!!!!Er wird uns allen so sehr fehlen.
Bitte komm irgendwann wieder zurück,Michael!!!!
12 February, 09:55; 1/3, Germany
I will not forget you ,forever!
12 February, 09:53; 1/3, Germany
Come back,Come back!
11 February, 22:25; CTApPuKAHO, Moldova
Dear Michael! Please, dont away from as! Your need me...Please welcome to our country! We be wait!
I wont you, kiss my , and my chokolate eay!
11 February, 22:13; Alex, Ukraine
11 February, 18:54; frank, brazil
Michael, thanks for all! Go ahed! God have blessed you so much, and shall bless you much more!
11 February, 10:05; Angelika, Kleve
An alle Michael Schumacher-Fans !
Ich und ich glaube auch alle anderen MSCH-Fans sind sehr traurig, daß diese Saison ohne unseren Superstar stattfindet. Ich gebe ANDY ausHOCKENHEIM völlig recht. Diese Seite ist für den wahren MSCH-Fan gedacht und auch für nicht MSCH-Fans, die ihre Meinung sagen möchten aber nicht derartige Verbalaktionen starten. D.Z und Joco sollten sich mal an den Kopf fassen und einen Moment nachdenken, falls das überhaupt geht. Ich bin seit mehr als 15 Jahren MSCH-Fan und werde es immer bleiben. Er ist der beste aller Zeiten. Alles erinnert mich an ihn, die Fan-Artikel, Reportagen, Fotos, Berichte und eben die ganze Formel 1. So wie Michael ist und war, wird keiner mehr sein. Ich gönne ihm von ganzemHerzen alles Gute und Gesundheit, ihm und seiner Familie. Hoffentlich sehe ich ihn mal wieder imFernsehen an einem Rennwochenende. Ich werde wohl noch Formel 1 sehen, aber nie mehr mit derselben Freude und dem Enthusiasmus wie zu Schumis Zeiten. ALLEN WAHREN MSCH-FANS alles Gute. Es grüßt ein MSCH-Fan auf Lebenszeit. Übrigens: Auch in dieser Saison 2007 werde ich meine MSCH-Fahne zu den Rennwochenenden wieder draußen aufhängen. Tschüss bis dann
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