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5 September, 17:44; Ralph, UK
Please don't go
5 September, 17:42; Stefan, Deutschland
Bitte mach weiter, ich weis dass du es noch kannst!
5 September, 17:42; Edis, Bosnia
Stay dude :-) nothing will be same if you leave :-(
5 September, 17:41; Manuel, Mexico
Michael, please stay in F1, you still have a lot to offer and we don't want to miss it.
5 September, 17:41; Stuart Cripps, UK
Please stay, you are the reason for my interest in F1 one.
When you leave it will be the end of an era.
You are a true master of your trade and I feel you still have so much to offer.
The finest example of a champion.
5 September, 17:40; Rahul, India
pls stay in F1 but not with Ferrari...pls drive for Mclaren Mercedes for 1 year and make the Germans proud...i cant imagine how the atmosphere will be like in Hocknheim...pls pls stay!!
5 September, 17:39; tobi, belgium
Michael I love you so much, please don't go.
You are the sunshine when skies are grey, and you don't know dear, how much I love you, so don't , don't go away! :-(
5 September, 17:37; James, Canada
Retire please. You are a great driver, not such a great sportsman, and you/Ferrari have provided some very entertaining championship races in recent years. Please move on and let someone else (and their team-mate) compete instead.
5 September, 17:37; Colin, Malaysia
MS, keep on racing!!!!

Retiring on a "high" like what others want you to do is a way of chickening out to the challenge.

Do NOT give up!

Face the challenge of tommorow...which is Kimi!!!
5 September, 17:36; Juan Diego, Spain
Fight with Kimi and shows him who's better!!!
5 September, 17:35; JPM, Hungary
Michael, Mika is waiting for you :-)
5 September, 17:35; AntiSchumacher, Ukraine
Михаеэль ты мне не нравишься, но без тебя гонки будут уже не те, оставайся ещё на пару лет, задай жару детскому саду))
5 September, 17:34; Taarzan, Hungary
5 September, 17:34; Copkuler, Hungary
It's not the time to got to DTM:)
5 September, 17:32; Formula 1, World
Michael, we need you!!
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5 September, 17:29; gazza, uk
althouhg it would be funny if you carried on and stayed too long....
5 September, 17:29; Andrei Gorin, Moldova
Michael, please stay in F-1!
Few things can compare to the pleasure of watching you win races and compete for the championship!
5 September, 17:28; Paul Rozzi, USA
Michael, thank you for such wonderful years and I hope you give us a few more. Please keep going, you are still the BEST!!
5 September, 17:27; tarzaan, majomland
húzzál el te büdös köcsög
5 September, 17:25; Octav, Mozambiqe
5 September, 17:24; Gagan, USA
Michael, I wil not be able watch F1 after you leave. It will just not be the same for me. Please Please stay on for a few more years.

You are on top and there is no reason why you should quit at the moment. I want you to win 10 WDC and 100 wins...

Please dont retire right now...Your are the best and will always be the best in my mind..
5 September, 17:24; Octav, Mozambiqe
Michael stay in F1 until 2010, you must be 10 times champion! We fans, need you!
5 September, 17:23; Rob, Belgium
Without Michael, no F1 :'(

Forza Ferrari
5 September, 17:21; Tom Sayers, USA
F1 will never be the same without you. Don't quit!
5 September, 17:21; Molnar Tamas (Tommy_F), Romania
Michael, please don't retire! Continue for at least another year. For 15 years you have been the most succesfull driver in F1. F1 will never be the same without you!
Look at all your fans!! We love you Michael, please listen to us!!!!
5 September, 17:21; Alex Voronoff, United States
I have driven 700 miles to see you race at Indy many times, and would love nothing more then to do so again next summer and further summers to come!

5 September, 17:20; ahweng, Malaysia
You are simply the best Michael...
Please stay if you still have the desire to win... to win with us!!!
However, I will always respect your decision!
Go or stay, choose which ever can make you happy! We would happy when you are happy, We would support you whenever you need it!!!
5 September, 17:19; lettuce, uk
go on just a few more years please .. you know you'll miss it .. but a few more years AT RENAULT please .. full circle n all that!
5 September, 17:19; Greg, Belgium
Michael don't quit please... You're the ultimate Formula 1 champ, F1 would be nothing without you.. Show them that you're still the one and only champion Michael, I know you are..

5 September, 17:19; Lena, Greece
Watching your motivation and determination,
I truly believe that you still have so much to give to the sport and to your fans.
Thank you so much for everything you have given us all these years.
We will stand by your decision whichever this is.
Of course I want you to STAY but above all I want YOU to be happy.
5 September, 17:19; Frans, Holland
Please don't quit Michael!!!!
5 September, 17:19; Antischumanoid, Hungary
We need you!
5 September, 17:17; Shahin, Azerbaydjan
Michael, don't quit! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
5 September, 17:16; Chris, UK
Please Michael, stay in F1 ! It wont be the same without you!!!!! If you leave, alot of fans will lose interest in the sport including myself. I understand, that you will have to leave, to live with your family. But a few more years atleast. PleasE??
5 September, 17:15; evilcloud, Spain
Michael you must stay in the F1!!!

Michael no te retires

5 September, 17:15; Francis, Ireland
Micheal do the sensible thing and retire you will have left a fantastic legacy behind you. You have broken so many records morst of them will never be broken. You have provided us with so many brilliant races and made F1 so memerable for so many years. I salute you and will respect your decision if you decide to stay but I will respect you even more if you retire
5 September, 17:14; Miguel, spain
Michael is very old, GO HOME!!!
5 September, 17:14; Mihael, Montenegro

5 September, 17:14; wolf, USA
2 more years
5 September, 17:14; Sombra, Monte Carlo
Stay with kimi at ferrari!
5 September, 17:13; Gorka Arce, Spain
Please Michael, stay with us. You're the fastest, fitest and greatest drivers of all. What is F1 actualy, without you? It is like living with no air. I was in San Marino, this year, it was the first race and you won it. I hope a can go to Spa next year and see you again there, you showed me what F1 was and Ferrari. We're all in doubt to you. Remember that whatever the deccission you choose or whatever the position you are in a race, we will always support you.
5 September, 17:13; Alisa, Russia
Michael, don't quit! I can't imagine F-1 without you. 14 years of being a fan! You are still the best and F-1 will be empty without you!
5 September, 17:13; PV, USA
Come on Michael, you still have a couple more championships left in you....PLEASE STAY!!!!
5 September, 17:11; SK, INDIA
5 September, 17:09; Ivan, Russia
Michael? please STAY!!! You are the BEST.
5 September, 17:04; Ilya, Russia
I love you!!!
5 September, 17:03; Nick, Moldova
Michael, I'm confident that you have still got enough motivation to perform at your best and make us - your fans - celebrate new victories more than ever. Please stay!
5 September, 17:03; Сергей, Россия
Михаэль, я плохо знаю английский, а ты не знаешь русского.
Всё это фигня!
Главное, чтобы ты остался в Формуле-1!
Очень на это надеюсь!
5 September, 17:01; Andrew, Russia
stay please! you are the best!
5 September, 16:54; Patrick, GERMANY
MICHAEL PLEASE STAY IN F!.... PLEAAAASE!!! i think i will dont follow f1 anymore when you gone...
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