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5 September, 23:22; Rory Byrne, South Africa
And me!
5 September, 23:19; Jean Todt, France
Work is necessary to me!!!
5 September, 23:18; Mikel Txismacher, Spain
Michael please, do not withdraw!! Continues one more season since if you do not gain this season you will make it the following one, you have been and are the best in this sport where so many Ferrari like your followers we need you. Without you it will not be the same thing.
5 September, 23:18; costas, romania
michael, you are the best driver after: Ayrton Senne, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet, Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost, KK Rosberg, Niki Lauda, etc. we will never forget you
5 September, 23:16; luigi_dt, España
Michael, you must stay in f1 !

You are the best pilot of hystory and everypeople want that you win other title more...GO MICHAEL!!!
5 September, 23:13; Fisico, Moldova
Michael, forever! :-)
5 September, 23:11; Jurgen, Belgium
You're too good for F1. F1 does not deserve you.
5 September, 23:11; David Tebar Moreno, Spain
Michael, we trust in you!!! Please win the 8th and stay in F1 for the 9th!!! You're the only one weltmeister all over the world. PLEASE STAY!!!
5 September, 23:08; Jackie, Fowler
What can i say?
It just won't be the same without you!
I know this is a very difficult decision for you to mAke and whatever you decide is okay with me. But if you do need any advice, mine would be ... PLEASE STAY! ;)
5 September, 23:08; piotrek, spain
vamos empericao!! tienes q jalarte al lerdo de alonsito!!! michael 4ever!! go for glory, world championship 2006!!goooooooo
5 September, 23:07; TBoy, Croatia
Michael if you feel happy when you put your helemt on, if you still feel the passion when driving on track and pushing to limits then you should stay. Its not important for you to win and 8th these year, you have proven yourself in years before, lthought you are stily as abel to win it as talented yougnsters there, if not more.

And just one point, dont be distracted with people who hate you, there are allways people who can look at other peoples succes, the more they hate you the greater you are!

Froza Ferrari
5 September, 23:07; MATIN, IRAN
michael you are the best driver in the world.please stay...only for 2007...
5 September, 23:07; drive, Moldova
"5 September, 22:56" - pestish! eto ne Shum!)))))
да, это не Шума, это был я... :))
5 September, 23:05; Matin Sar Egzoz, IRAM
michael you are the best driver in the world.please stay...only for 2007
5 September, 23:04; soprano, moldova
"5 September, 22:56" - pestish! eto ne Shum!)))))
5 September, 23:02; Matin Sar Egzoz(Hillman Hunter), Karaj IRAN
michael you are the best driver in world please stay...only for 2007...
5 September, 23:01; Darko, Croatia
5 September, 22:57; smile), russia
you should stay, i haven't seen you yet, but next year i'll have anouth money and i'll see you ;)
i should see you, i hope, you'll stay
5 September, 22:56; Michael Schumacher, Germany
I will give an answer the next week guys, thanks for the support.

I have to go now because I left my car mis parked in Monaco and I dont want the police to give me a ticket!!!

5 September, 22:54; smile), russia
i began watch f1 4 years before and i never want to believe, that Michael Schumacher would leave us. i understand, that he need to leave, he want to spent more time with his family.
but Schumi, you are our hero, our racing god. i'll miss you
and you will hope, that you'll stay with us for a season at less...
stay, please
*** crying
5 September, 22:53; Patti Brown, USA
Michael, I have only been watching F1 since 2003 and YOU have become my favorite driver of ALL TIME!!! I LOVE watching you race more than anything. I've seen you at Indianapolis this and last year and in Montreal this year!! You have made it all worth watching. PLEASE stay and show us more. You are STILL the BEST and we love you!!!!!
5 September, 22:48; drive, Moldova
Да, вы запарили ужэ... :))
5 September, 22:47; Proud_McLaren_Fan, Croatia
Schumi, please stay, prove to us that Kimi is way faster than you
5 September, 22:46; Nik Iafrancesco, Canada
Michael Schumacher is the only reason why i watch f1! give us all another year of amazment!
5 September, 22:44; Matija, Croatia
I'am everything but not his fan but this guy is the best...
5 September, 22:41; soprano, moldova
Da paliubomu-Shummi capion!
5 September, 22:41; JR, uk
Schumi my favorite driver since 1992, f1 wouldnt be the same without him, please stay
5 September, 22:39; Alexandra, Ro
For me Formula 1 began with Michael and means Michael Schumacher. Schumi has to take the right decision for him, not for the others. He is still the best, and he loves Formula 1...so Schumi, please think with your heart and make the right decision!!
5 September, 22:38; Tolstiiden, Moldova
Misha ti tam cto pisaeshi?
5 September, 22:35; soprano, moldova
preved krosavcegi!
5 September, 22:33; saeed, iran
5 September, 22:23; Bruno Ravera, Schweiz
Schumi, Du muss bleiben!!!
5 September, 22:23; pedro, peru
Vaya pinta de gilipollas tienes en la foto, schumi. Vete ya de una vez. No queremos tramposos en la F1
5 September, 22:21; Juan Pablo Montoya, Colombia
Schumi, hijo de la gran perra, vete de una puta vez a tu casa. Eres un sucio tramposo y te deberían quitar todos los títulos. Eres escoria!
5 September, 22:15; Nigel, England
it's so funny how this page is supposed to block messages against schumi and yet people find ways to say how happy they are that this bad excuse for a racer finally moves away from F1
5 September, 22:12; Diego, Switzerland
Bleibe!!! bitte. du bist der grösste!
5 September, 22:09; REAVER, SPAIN
5 September, 22:06; M Blundell, England
At this moment in time i fink maybe it is about time you retired at the end of the day i dont fink you are as good as what you used to be which was the best but i hope you got the car underneath you to make a good fight for the rest of the year that is what we are hoping for.
5 September, 22:06; Sergio Perez Caballero, Spain
F1 is nothing without you Michael , You are the greatest F1 legend ever , we love you , we need you on F1 , we want to see how you beat Fernando and become a 8th time wdc , you are the best , and im sure you will show it to the world!
5 September, 22:04; Joaquim, Portugal
F1 needs you. We need you. Even your detractors need you as we can see here. They love to hate you.
We love to love you.
Long live the RED BARON. The greatest of them all.
5 September, 22:01; Giovanni Lombardo, Whole World
no more schumi
5 September, 21:59; Adrian Bugaian, Moldova
5 September, 21:58; T4, Russia
STAY !!!
5 September, 21:58; DECA, USA
Don't Race with Me BABY!
5 September, 21:55; Damir Anatolie, Moldova
Please stay
5 September, 21:53; Conner MacLeod, Spain
Kaiser 4 Ever!!!!!!
5 September, 21:52; montoya, colombia
schumi come to nascar if you're a man and let me show ya who's the one who can drive!
5 September, 21:49; Max Ingram, UK
Well, me old mucker, it looks like it's time for you to hang that crash helmet up for the final time after Brazil. Without a doubt you have made a difference to F1.
However you're driving tactics, as already mentioned by other wellwishers (Carl, England), have shown another side to your driving which I find offensive.
Please, Michael, just leave quietly..........
5 September, 21:49; Kimi Raikonnen, Finland
Come on Schumi don't chicken away and let me show how to drive in an equal car :-)
5 September, 21:49; Nacho, Spain
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