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6 September, 11:52; Gareth, Wales, UL
Michael - you still have so much more to give to the sport. Now is not the time to go.

Regards, Gareth
6 September, 11:49; Glenn J. Ramos, Pangasinan, Philippines
michael you can still compete with the other young drivers out there and some cant even match or equal your talents. 1 or 2 more years will do... no one can ever forget the seven time championship that easily. Agbiag k Michael.
6 September, 11:48; Amel, Slovenia
Michael. I am watching F1 since 1993 season. You are the best, all this time. Please don't leave us!
6 September, 11:42; AG, Philippines
Michael ka chaw...
6 September, 11:42; Zvone, Croatia
still the best!!!!!!!!!!
6 September, 11:35; John Clark, uk
Michael please stay you are such a great example of fair play, honesty and sportsmanship.......
6 September, 11:23; Satan, England
Michael, bleiben bitte in F1. Sie sind noch bei weitem der erfahrenste und professionellste treiber in auffangene. F1 ist an einem verlust ohne sie.

Wenn sie entscheiden sich zurückzuziehen, danke für alle diese jahre der freude und des spannenden F1.
6 September, 11:11; Ben Clark, England, UK
Dear Michael you are still competitive enough to continue in formula one. you still have the measure of your teammate and your winning grand prixs. With a different level of luck you would certainly currently be leading the championship, there is still a small chance of the title so keep pushing.

i was kinda hoping you would retire at the end of 2008 with 10 titles ! so win some more michael
6 September, 11:09; Laszlo Toth, Hungary
still the best needed to stay and continue!
6 September, 11:09; Pavel Stratan, Romania
Michael, si cu viata ta?
Nimeni nu te vor iubi ca noi!

6 September, 11:08; ferrar1f1, uk
schumiiii plssssssss stay. u r the greatest driver in f1 history. f1 will never be the same without u. u can easily dirver till u are 40 and still be the best out there. atleast stay for a few more years so we can have the joy of watching a master at work.
6 September, 11:07; Frunzik, Moldova
6 September, 11:06; Shetab, iran
U R a myth in this sport.

stay as u can
6 September, 11:04; Wyson Chin, Malaysia
Michael please stay in F1 for 1 more season..
6 September, 11:04; Mario F248, Croatia
Please, Michael, don't leave us, you are the best !!!
The world of formula will never be the same without you...
Dont let that son of the b.... Alonso to take your 8. title

6 September, 11:01; tet tiongco, philippines
michael, please stay! can't imagine how f1 will be without the master. you're still the best out there! please? I have yet to go to a grandprix and see you (personally) and watch you race--and i want this dream to come true.

but whatever your decision is, we, your fans, would support you.

6 September, 11:00; far, malaysia
when i first watch f1 the thing that caught my eye was ferrari and you were the driver. i was mesmerised and amazed at your hard work, dedication and passion to win. You became my idol and my hero even though at that time you lost the championship to mika hakkinen. imagining next season without you to be cheered saddens me...please stay for at least another year....let us the fans one last chance to see you drive but most importantly a chance for us to pay tribute to you....for good or bad things you have done..you will always be my idol and my hero!
6 September, 10:59; Slash, Guns N Roses
Micheal I need to write a song about you.

It will be simply called “Rock On”
6 September, 10:54; Elena, UK
Dear Michael,

I can't really put down into words how I feel but I'm gonna try.

F1 will be so boring without you. No race will ever have that same spark, emotion and constant 'butterflies-in-the-stomach' that it does when you are in it.

I firmly believe that this year's and, even more so, next year's championship is within your grasp, so please stay. You deserve more titles and wins and poles than you have already amazingly acheived.

I don't believe that you are ready to end this incredible career just yet, but if you feel you do then enjoy your retirement, but come back and see us every once in a while.

Elena xx
6 September, 10:49; Schumi_Rocks, UK
Please stay Micheal. You are better then any other word that can possibly describe. Plus you know you want to beat Alonso more then one time. Listen to your heart.
Millions & millions of your fans chanting "Schumi ..Schumi"

6 September, 10:45; steveninthematrix, SA
Michael, if you decide to retire, I wish you well for making F1 the pinnacle of motorsport, as you were the ultimate professional, pushing the boundary of what one driver can achieve...

I hope you stay and give us two more years, I believe you can are a fighter, keep fighting!!

as Senna said, 'racing is war'
6 September, 10:42; Fran, Spain
Please, Michael, don't leave us.
6 September, 10:39; Henk, Netherlands
I disagree, stop now, and protect yourself from more stupid faults like Monaco! That way, you protect your own image.
6 September, 10:39; Soroosh, Iran
for god please stay.you are the hero forever and ever.
6 September, 10:39; Dimitar Dikov, Bulgaria
Pls Stay!!! Next Year You'll kick Alfonso's a**!!!
6 September, 10:36; Vlad Zavelcuta, Romania

Keep driving...
6 September, 10:36; Bernard, Kroatia
you simply the best Schumi ...
6 September, 10:36; Victor, Moscow, Russia
Michael, you're the best!!! Please stay in f1 !!!
6 September, 10:35; Saulius, Lithuania
Please stay!!! You are the MAN!
6 September, 10:34; Dru, Chudasama
Michael you are the greatest driver! dont leave!
6 September, 10:26; Anupam, India
You've always been my hero, Michael....I hope you continue for as long as you can!
6 September, 10:23; Michael, Russia
Not now! I want to visit GP next year and Michael Schumacher should be raicing there!
6 September, 10:20; Rosanna, Spain
I have a t-shirt with these words on it: Simply Schumi, Simply the Best. That's the way I feel about you. And, yes, please, stay one more year (at least).
6 September, 10:18; Mike Iokhvin, Russia
Please, do not go away!
6 September, 10:18; Paul, USA
If I were you, I'd say screw F1 and go race in NASCAR :D
6 September, 10:16; Andrew M, Ukraine
u r the best!
6 September, 10:13; Cahit, Turkey
I think hes the best in F-1 but he should retire also as new talents are coming up..he will be a legend
6 September, 10:08; Iceman, Slovenia
it won't be the same.. ever. without you. i won't watch formula 1 anymore with this amount of enthusiasm and formula will really lose the best of all time ;'(
6 September, 09:51; Riccardo, Italia
Ciao bello,
"noi" i tifosi ti amiamo per sempre
6 September, 09:48; Jacques Villeneuve, Canada
Micheal i know we haven't always seen eye to eye in the past and some of my opinions on you have been a bit harsh but i would love to see you carry on for another year as secretly i am your biggest fan.. maybe when you do retire we could hook up and do a little duet together?!
6 September, 09:47; george e, romania
u're the best! please stay... f1 without u.. will not be the same..
6 September, 09:45; Lee, South Korea
You are the best.
Please show the finger boy Alonso who is the boss!
I would respect what you decide on this Sunday, but I want to watch your driving at least one more year.
(You can continue until 40 assuming if you retain this level of competitiveness!)
6 September, 09:42; Justas, Lithuania
Stay !!! everybody is with you !!!
6 September, 09:41; Vigen Stepanyan, USA
Stay or leave is your choice, but you should remember, no matter what you are simply the best!!!!
6 September, 09:39; Dave, UK
I want to see you race F1 until you're 80.
6 September, 09:39; Mikkel Kristensen, Denmark
You are the best ever :)
6 September, 09:32; Barre, Belgium
Please Stay for atleast one more year Michael, it won't be the same without you.
6 September, 09:24; Pablomartino, Spain
Michael I grow seeing you driving at F1. One of the first races I remember was Spa1991. I dont know who are you then but in 1992 I started to support you. I really vibrate with your first title at 1994 in the dramatic race at Adelaida. My first contact with F1 in Barcelona 1996 was your first win with Ferrari, You cannot imagine how I blame against Coulthard after your crash at Spa 1998. you cannot imagine how I cryed after your crash at Silverstone on July 11th 1999. You cant imagine how happy I was when you take your 5th World Championship at France 2002. You cant imagine how I want that that you be able to win your 8th Championship this year. I NEVER FORGOT YOUR RACES. For me... The best driver EVER. F1 fans will never forget you.
In SUnday maybe you will anounce that you leave the F1... Just do the correct thing!
6 September, 09:24; David, Australia
You're the best driver I've ever seen in action, but I've never liked you much. I think it's probably time to go - you've nothing left to prove except that you are capable of departing with good grace. How many fans will you have left if the fickle tifosi turn against you?
6 September, 08:56; Andrew, Moldova
Michael You must stay in F1. Without You million peopele won't be watching F1. Yuo are The BEST! We need You!!! Thank You for what you do!
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