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7 September, 02:58; MV, USA
Michael, dont break our heart! We love you, please stay.
7 September, 02:55; Forsci, Australia
Too many F1 noob-fans these days who just want to cut you down Michael. It's great to know that the real enthusiasts support you all the way while the crybaby's call for your head. No matter, when you are gone they will find another driver to whinge about and you can get some peace. People who truly understand F1 and motor racing know you are worth keeping in this sport.
7 September, 02:48; Roland, Hungary
Michael stay!!!!!!
You are the best!!!!!!
7 September, 02:33; Burt, Austria
Scvmmy, please retire.
You are very cr@p always have been, but especially now.
You know you cannot win without che@ting.
7 September, 02:12; pepe, espaÑa
chumin y antipepe, si me lamierasis el ojo del culo os correriais de gusto.
antipepe que te la meta chumi por el culo y sin vaselina
7 September, 02:09; Frank, USA
All of us will respect the decison you make. We hate to see you leave. F1 will not be the same. We all would like to see you win the 10th World Championship!! Thanks for ALL the great Victories. You and Ferrari are the Worlds Best.
7 September, 02:08; STEVE, ENGLAN
7 September, 02:04; antipepe, tambien de espaka
pepe, si te gustara lo mas minimo la F1, querrias que schumi continuara por muchos años dando espectaculo. asi que un respeto, y si no tienes dignidad, te callas.
7 September, 02:00; pepe, espaÑa
vete a la mierda ya, chorizo
7 September, 01:43; Sandor Nyiri, Hungary
10 print "stay in the F1"
20 goto 10

7 September, 01:39; joe, canada
Please Michael stay in the F1.
Don't go away. Your are the best F1 driver.
7 September, 01:36; Balu, Hungary
Go Shumi Go!!!!!!! And pls, stay in F1!!!!
7 September, 01:30; Alberto Curieses, Spain
He is the best pilot of all times. Have a elegance, and style.

Shumi forever
7 September, 01:28; ab, cd
f-u-c-k yes, one less thing that su*ks about F1 :O
7 September, 01:22; ZS, CHINA
Michael,I love you and only love you.
The day you leave, is the day I will never ever watch F1 again.
7 September, 01:21; Tracy, USA
You mean people out to be ashamed! I'm sure your fellow countrymen are so proud... NOT!
7 September, 01:18; Tracy, USA
NOT NICE!! :o( donaldo, Spain

Shumi for the most part you are loved and admired. Please stay and wipe the floor with nando!
7 September, 01:15; donaldo, Spain
MS fans are g@ys
7 September, 01:12; Juan Vicente, Spain
Michael, you are the best driver of the world. Now, you can battle with other drivers. You are in the best team, with the best car and with the best hands, do it!!!!One year more!
7 September, 01:09; Tony Blair, England
Please Michael continue one year more so you might crash and die.
7 September, 01:04; Francisco Perez, Barcelona
please schumi, continue one year more, making spectacle and winning as you know
7 September, 01:02; el_Capo, Dominican Republic
Michael that you reconsider and you are left a year to you but within the F1 that without you not never will be equal, but at least remembers something always you must do what your heart of indicates
7 September, 01:01; Carlos, Valencia
Please Michael ! 1 year more ! Please ! I´m not ready for this :-(
7 September, 01:00; Sergio Garcia, Tarragona (Spain)
Please Michael ! 1 year more ! Please ! I´m not ready for this :-(
7 September, 01:00; Phantom, Spain
Please Michael ! 1 year more ! Please ! I´m not ready for this :-(
7 September, 00:57; Joaquim, Portugal
Only sick and very stupid individuals (like Clive from UK) write here against Michael Shumacher.
7 September, 00:55; Ronald Dennis, UK
Fangio, Senna, Clark, Prost, Lauda and Brabham true multiple world champions.
Michael isn't fit to felch their bums
7 September, 00:55; black_dog, atlanta
>Kirill Maysenia, Belarus
>Я уверен, что ты выступаешь уже не столько для себя, сколько для всех своих поклонников,

Да уш, бля ть. Когда он парковал свою красную телегу в Монако на квале. Он bля, думал в первую очередь о своих простофанах.

Ахуeть, дайте две.
7 September, 00:53; PÉTER LAKATOS, HUNGARY
GO,GO,GO.....NEXT YEAR!!!!!!
7 September, 00:53; Daniel Alujas Garcia, Barcelona
Please, continue for many years in the F1!!!
7 September, 00:52; Clive, UK
Only sick individuals support Michael Shumacher.
7 September, 00:52; Ross Brawn, Fatland
Michael, come with me during retirement to Fatland and we can drink beer and eat cake.
7 September, 00:50; ZUPAKKA, AFGANISTAN



7 September, 00:49; Alain, Spain (Barque Country)
Michael the f1 dont exist whitout you!! Please stay, The F1 cantb be if you are not here!! The best driver. Thanks for your races ;) i have your fiat stilo limited edition
7 September, 00:39; Dave Moss, UK
Michael drinks semen.
7 September, 00:38; tits, tits
7 September, 00:35; Jelena, Croatia
Michael....... PLEASE STAY..... JUST ONE MORE YEAR....
You are the heart of Formula One, simply the best driver ever! please stay
7 September, 00:33; Ad0lf Hitler, He11
Come join me and your true father; Beelzebub, in the fiery Underwurlde Michael,
Love always, your spiritual brother, Ad0lf x x x
7 September, 00:29; Chris, UK
Im already in tears at the thought of you leaving...Dont xXxX
7 September, 00:29; Sven, Sweden
You are full of sh1t you cheating kr@ut kvnt.
Fvkk off and die painfully!
7 September, 00:27; TUUUR_HEERDAL, sea
7 September, 00:26; z, earth
D r i n k
y a d /p o i s o n.

7 September, 00:24; zeppelin(ru), earth
G o a w a y!
D i r t y c h e a t e r.
7 September, 00:19; Dirk, Australia
Go swim with the stingrays Michael.
7 September, 00:14; whats this sh1t?, eh?
Remember: together we can win the biggest Grand Prix - watch cu.nt features in F1 for at least one more year!
7 September, 00:13; Charlie Whiting, England
Your 'crash' at Monaco this year was very convincing Michael.
Sure had me fooled there...Bravo! x x x
7 September, 00:10; Stirling Moss, England
Why did you smile on the Imola podium after the great Senna had died Michael?

Perhaps you can explain that to the world before you leave F1.
7 September, 00:08; Tibor, Hungary
Michael , don't leave us in the lurch ! Whom would we make our fingers crossed, when you retire?!
Why shall we wait for the 2007 season-debut, when you were in absence ?!
Please, think about us (about your fans) and let's see that legendary fiery-red Ferrari (With Michael Schumacher at the steering-wheel) at least one more season.
Thank you for all the joy and pleasure, you had given us , during your unique,marvellous career ! Please,Let us experience them further !
7 September, 00:06; Boris, Germany
I remember you from school you took me from behind in the boys showers after a football match - remember?

You would have been banned from the school except you were a hero for your go karting.

Well I have never been able to live a normal life since you violated me, I expect you dont really care though anyway.
7 September, 00:03; Dorgu8, Hungary
Please Michael stay in the F1.
Don't go away. Your are the best F1 driver.
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