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7 September, 11:51; HuYiyuan, China
Schumi,stay in F1 please.....
F1 would nonsense if you leave . You are belong to F1and belong to your fans,stay here ,just stay here...
7 September, 11:46; Jackie, China
shumi,the king
7 September, 11:45; minjo, slovakia
it´s time to say goodbye, michael, kimi´s coming here. ;-)
7 September, 11:45; Marc, Catalunya
Micheal please stay in F1 for all of your live. You are the best!!!
7 September, 11:45; CrimeSindicate, USA
Да вы ничерта не шарите в Ф1, ******!
Хватит ныть!
7 September, 11:43; 南极虾, China
7 September, 11:42; 最爱环法, 中国
7 September, 11:42; shahin 13, iran
tanx for memories & you are the best in all times but its time to leave
7 September, 11:36; Imi Molnar, HUN
Michael ,you have to stay! Plaese,don't leave us alon! You KING ! ! !
7 September, 11:31; tiva, spain
Michael stay in f1 please...to beat alonso this year and next...michael schumacher rules¡¡
7 September, 11:31; Cedric, Switzerland
Thanks for the beautiful time. The decision is right
7 September, 11:27; Henry, China
Michael is the best
7 September, 11:27; Pedro de la Rosa, Spain
Who is Schumacher??? Alonso is the 1.
7 September, 11:27; 秦起风, 中国
7 September, 11:27; Thantalas, spain
No te retires que todavia puedes dar guerra a los jovenzuelos.
7 September, 11:27; Jose, Spain
Schumi, quedate...aunque sólo sea para joder a Alonso.
7 September, 11:26; Fernando Alonso, Spain
Please don't go, I wanna beat you two more years!
7 September, 11:26; Marco, Slovakia
Please stay, and make your fans happier!
7 September, 11:26; micael_zapatero, spain
please stay pero en tu casa topedo!
7 September, 11:25; foroacb, spain
desde el foro que no te marches shumiiiiiiiii

7 September, 11:24; mikael_zapatero, spain
please stay pero en tu casa torpedo!
7 September, 11:24; Sylvia, China
Please stay with us,never say goodbye~~
We all need you~~
7 September, 11:22; Szabolcs, Hungary
Michael, please stay in the F1! we would like to share your happines when you win and see the joy onyour face when you are in a big battle with someone.
7 September, 11:22; peng jiaqing, china
Michael ,Please stay in F1!!!
7 September, 11:22; Marc, Catalunya
Michael Please Stay in f1 we need you.

Michael sisplau no deixis la formula 1 sempre as set i seras el mes gran
7 September, 11:21; Marc, Spain
please stay in f1
7 September, 11:20; Bella, Russia
Michael PLEASE STAY IN F1!!!!
We need you!
7 September, 11:18; Kati, Romania
Mchael,please stay in Formula1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 11:18; Krisztina, Hungary
Lieber Michael, Du bist der beste! Du sollst bleiben und für alles zeigen!!!!!
7 September, 11:18; robi78, Hungary
Please stay in F1!!!
7 September, 11:13; Viki, Hungary
We need you!!!!!
Please, STAY IN FORMULA 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4
7 September, 11:12; Ago, Hungary
Do the best for you!
7 September, 11:09; KateYU, China
Why talk about Alonso,Kimi or other drivers?This is a space of Schumi's fans!!! I think Schumi is the best !!!
7 September, 11:09; Sylvia, Hungary
Please stay in f1!
7 September, 11:07; Roland, Austria
Please Michael, don´t go.
7 September, 11:03; chertenok, Russia
You are the realy champion and we know it! Stay !!!!please,
stay! You need F1 and we need you! You are the best!
7 September, 11:02; Steve, Hungary
Viktor DDDD
7 September, 10:59; Steve, Hungary
Michael, go home! Alonso the best !
7 September, 10:58; TSF, UK
Please stay, chinno, and if you DO go, you can "park" your "car" in my "Rascasse" any time you want to.
7 September, 10:57; Graceyumin, China
Michael, you are the king in this place, in this sport, and in our mind. Whatever you do, as your fan, I will strongly support your choices.

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you
7 September, 10:54; David, Spain
Please, don't go home!!. You are the number one. Michael Schumacher Rules!!.

You are the best F1 driver for ever,

Long live to the kaiser!
7 September, 10:49; haiky, China
michael,please don't leave me,don't leave F1,
beg you,stay in,for us who love you ,ok?
7 September, 10:47; Dmitry, Russia
Michael pls stay..I beleewe in that..
7 September, 10:44; Hejing, China
Dear Michael,do not go please!!!!!!!!PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!
you are my hero,my love!!!FOREVER!!!!!!!!

DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 10:43; girl, Hungary
Please stay in F1!!!!You are the Best!!!!!
7 September, 10:40; Viktor, Hungary
Michael please stay in f1 to be beaten by Kimi Raikkonen. He is the best and you know it.
7 September, 10:40; tibor sorban, Hungary
stay in formula 1 !
7 September, 10:40; api, Slovakia
I'm your fan since 1994. You are still the best. We need YOU, Michael
7 September, 10:32; johnson wang, china
i hope you can stay in F1,we need you ,F1 need you ,舒马赫我们需要你
7 September, 10:26; duplexx, Russia
I'm your fan since 1997, that was not an easy season, so it was for 2 more years, but then it was incredible, you know you able to win more and more, please, stay with us!
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