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7 September, 15:15; Michael, UK
Will be sad to see you go but two regrets - Austria 2002 (will NEVER understand that) and Monaco 2006(a new low in motor racing ethics).
7 September, 15:15; P202, Schweiz
Hallo Michael
Solange Dir die Formel 1 Spass macht, fahre weiter!!! Habe Dich am letzten Sonntag live an den Ferrari Racingdays am Nürburgring gesehen. Die Freude, den Enthusiasmus die Du ausstrahlst als Du in Deinem F248 unterwegs warst kam bis zu uns Zuschauer 100% rüber. Hoffe, noch viele spannende Rennen mit Michael Schumacher zu sehen.
7 September, 15:15; Jovi, Singapore
MICHAEL- You are F1-superstar.Make it too 100WIN
7 September, 15:14; Stephen, UK
I Never used to be a fan, but over the years have realised that you are in a class of your own. You still have what it takes and then some.
One more year with Raikkenen on your rear wing will prove to everyone that its never just been the car.
Let us, the fans see the first ever century of F1 victories.
7 September, 15:14; Jean Toth, Maranello
Kimi is my new Number One - please leave and make no troubles!

7 September, 15:13; ChenYang, China
Don't leave us, shumi. Just go and you will be the champion. Don't leave, please.
7 September, 15:13; Kimifan, Germany
Schummel-schumis zeit ist aus,jetzt kommt kimi dran.Dieses jahr soll er noch weltmeister werden,weil alonso kann ich noch weniger abhaben
7 September, 15:13; Sideways, The Netherlands
Oh Michael, Thank god, finally you're retiring.
Good for you, good for the sport, good for all of us.

I'm so happy, this could be a great day.

Finally we get rid of all your tricks, and unsportmanship actions. Finally no more controversy

In German now:
Danke Michael, dass du endlich aufhort.
Formel Eins, ich und vielen mit mir sind sehr froh dass du geht.

Und nog etwas, wann geht deine bruder?
7 September, 15:13; scott martin, frome-UK
Michael please stay you are the best, much better than my mate from my home town
7 September, 15:12; Amol Rotithor, India
look what mika hakkinen did.... left before his time, regretted it, no one wanted him in F1 anymore and so now he pounds DTM circuits . and he is no good at that because the sting is now gone. he will forever regret his decision to quit early.
also when mika quit he was also a beaten champion, twice at that.
but everyone remembers him for his great drives and not some one who quit as a loser.
michael, u will be forever remembered as the best.
come on , we deserve a swansong year from u.
as far as kimi is concerned... he will take 5-6 GPs to get setteled minimum.... then he will have to assist u in ur championship, which he will do knowing that he is ferraris future..
7 September, 15:12; Jan G., Germany
Schumi, ohne dich wird die F1 langweilig!! Du bist der Grund, warum Millionen Deutsche jedes Wochenende Formel 1 gucken und mitfiebern, dass du gewinnst!
7 September, 15:12; sarah, china
Schumi you do love the game in your soul
you are the only one I follow
Please stay in F1!
你是神话 你是骄傲
7 September, 15:12; Daniel, Austria
Bleib noch 1, 2 Jahre, die ganzen weichgewaschenen Lulus, die nirgend anecken sind voll fad!
7 September, 15:12; TR, Germany
F1 won't be the same without Michael.
7 September, 15:11; Aleksander Hristov, Bulgaria
Мichael, please stay in F1.
Михаел, моля те остани във ФОРМУЛА 1.
7 September, 15:11; Pritesh, USA
PLEASE DONT LEAVE US !! F1 would never be same if you leave the sport. You are the KING !!
7 September, 15:11; amjad khan, england
michel iam a big fan of your and iwatch evry granprix and iwant say its your chios whter you want to stay or no and good luck for your worlld chiompion and come on michel yur the best driver i have hevr seen in formula one
7 September, 15:11; john boyland, england
F1 will be a much less exciting place without you. My family have watched you break almost all records with consummate ease and panache and agonised with your near misses. Thank you for that, whatever your decision.
7 September, 15:11; Rob, UK
Michael, you are smply the best driver out there. You are the most exciting to watch and I have followed you and supported you ever since you started in F1. Keep going and show Alonso you are the real king!!!!!
7 September, 15:11; Dillon Sho, UK
The first theing i would say his this is one of the greatest drivers ever regardless of what people might say (Mr J Villeneuve) and others like him who are not that talented and run there mouth more than they should, Michael is to F1 what Jordan was to Basketball and i am not saying anyone is bigger than any sport but some people do make sports more watchable and if you look at when Jordan left Basketball it is not that great to watch as there is not that what will he do next effect which i think Schumacher brings to our sport and i for one would love him to stay even if it is for one more year as he would do battle with any of the new drivers coming through. People are always quick to say he is past it or not a great driver but remember people are always quick to say the next best thing is in town/Remember Mr Montoya? well he did not win and now he is gone but he talked alot and i am glad he he out of our sport another example when Ervin went to ferrari he talked about what he would do and when he left he told the world Mic is a very good driver and he could not beat him and the list goes on. Alonso is a good driver but i do not belive he is as good as Michael and i wish we could have a one off race were Michael,Kimi,Alonso and the rest have the same car and i bet Michael would win Kimi would be second and then you would have Alonso. Michael please stay at least one more year as you are a great driver and one of the legends of the sport and we want to see you race as we are sick of everyone saying you should car about others on the track but i do not agree this is a mans sport and all the Babys can go home and drink milk you are from the old school we men raced and were out there for number one yourself and your team so carry on doing what you are doing and we will continue to support you. May you win many more races. Dillon Sho,UK
7 September, 15:11; Steffi, Germany
Hi michael,
although I am from germany, I am not really a big fan of you,i prefer Kimi. But I have to say,that it would be very sad to see you going.Without you,formula 1 is not the same like before.But it´s your decision,and I think you will decide right. Good luck.
7 September, 15:10; Dave Milliken, Scotland
I've watched your entire career and you've amazed me time and time again both with your tactics and supreme driving.

You have to carry on, F1 will never be the same again!
7 September, 15:10; mr.Later, Innsbruck
Jaaa endlich die Zeit ist nah. Geh in Pension geh ....dahin mit deinem schnuckeligen Doppelkinn. Du kannst dafür auch Sonntags länger schlafen und nach dem Mittagessen Formel 1 im Fernsehn begaffen. Wir Zuschauer freuen uns indess auf die neue FAIRE Formel 1. Keine Sonderbegünstigungen mehr. Nur mehr pures Racing unter Top Fahrern YEEEES ... ich musste auf diese Augenblick lange Warten
7 September, 15:10; ANDREJA, CROATIA

7 September, 15:10; Megan, UK
With Montoya gone (and certain other drivers always at the back of the pack and not particularly good anyway) you are the only one who can keep the drama in Formula 1. Any genuine F1 fan would relish the prospect of you competing for one last year. And surely you would like to race at Spa as part of your swansong?!?!
7 September, 15:10; Florian, Germany
F1 ohne Schumacher?? Für mir unvorstellbar! Wenigstens noch ein Jahr...
7 September, 15:09; Franky Dee, Germany
Hallo Michael,
Nur Du kannst uns alle Begeistern. Sowohl auf, als auch neben der Strecke. Familie und Freunde waren und sind immer noch von Dir begeistert.
Bitte häng noch eins-zwei Jahre dran.

Gruß und alles Gute für die Zukunft
7 September, 15:09; jonathan stewart, england
pls stay ignore these people that dont know what they are talking about when they say you are a cheat without u the sport would be dull. i have been a fan of yours since u started

dont retire show these other drivers how to do it.
7 September, 15:09; Ron Dennis, UK
You massive massive massive CVNT....give us a chance and leave
7 September, 15:08; Schniff, Germany
Das Schumi-Feeling darf nicht aufhören - don't leave formula one, just stay some more years on top of the race-world...
7 September, 15:08; A.Krumpholz, Germany
Michael, sieh zu dass Du wenigstens noch ein Jahr dranhängst! Der Gedamke F1 ohne "Schumi" ist für mich nur schwer realisierbar ;-)
7 September, 15:08; Nuno Maia, Portugal
Michael, please give us the pleasure to admire your ability on driving by staying in F1 at least one more year! We'll all be bored if you leave and F1 wont be the same without you! Cheers!
7 September, 15:08; Tom Ruba, Austria
Dear Mr. Schumacher, after quite some strange errors during this season (Monaco parking affair, Hungary staying out with raini tyres, Istanbul going off the track and othsr) you are in your fans debt and have to show perfection again: win the 2006 championship and stay at least 2 more years in F1!! Your fans are not keen watching Kimi and Alonso taking future titles which belong to you!
Your biggest fan, Tomruba
7 September, 15:08; Dani, hungary
Please do not finish in this year!!! you need to stay in the F1. I want to see more great overtaking.
7 September, 15:08; partyboy, spain
7 September, 15:08; Claire, UK
Nothing left to prove .............
Nothing new to win ..................
No records left unbeaten .................
Why stay? .................. Because you never needed a reason and you still don't!
7 September, 15:07; Christian, Deutschland
Michael tu es nicht und mach weiter! Egal was die anderen sagen!!! Die anderen wissen wieso immer alles besser!!!
7 September, 15:07; Raldughin Vladimir, Moldova
Michael you are my favourite driver! You must stay! Please! In the name of your fans all over the world!

schu_strike f1 fan club moldova
7 September, 15:07; Richard Roberts, Great Britain
Go on you know you want to!!!!!! don't pay any attention to Jacques I know you don't anyway
7 September, 15:06; Tobi, Deutschland
Michael bau dir doch ein Eigenes Tem auf und werde Weltmeister im eigenen Team die Motoren wirst du ja von Ferrari bekommen. Als Team Kollegen könntest du ja Villeneuve holen dann köntet ihr euch versöhnen.
7 September, 15:06; kyle cao, usa
go for 10 titles schuey !!!
7 September, 15:06; Ross Brawn, UK
Please Micheal....lets go round again!
7 September, 15:06; Thomas, Germany
Ich kann dem post eines anderern hier nur beipflichten.

Es gibt nicht wirklich den besten Zeitpunkt aufzuhören!

Hättest Du nach Deinem 6. Titel aufgehört, hätest Du auch keinen 7. Titel errungen!
7 September, 15:06; sue, china
You are the King of F1
We all love you
Please don't leave us
7 September, 15:06; Michael, Bayern
7 September, 15:06; Jan Ebersbach, Germany
Michael, PLEASE stay in F1!
Without you, its boring!
7 September, 15:05; Vladi, Serbia
Lieber Michael

Beende jetzt endlich mal deine hervorragende Karriere
und lass die Jungen Fahrer deine Rekorde brechen!

Greetz from Serbia
7 September, 15:05; David, Deutschland
Du machst die Formel1 erst spannend.
7 September, 15:05; N.o.D., Germany
michael du musst einfach bleiben... allein schon um dem spanier nächstes jahr so richtig schön in den arsch zu treten!
7 September, 15:05; Brenda Smtih, Cape Town, RSA
Michael you are the reason I got hooked on Formula 1. When you mention formula 1, your name is the name that is always mentioned first. We understand that there comes a time when everyone needs to quit but we would love it if you could stay awhile longer - give those other drivers something to gripe about. No one will ever be as good. Please Please Please stay
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