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7 September, 15:24; SMN, Libya
Please stay in F1, whether as the No.1 driver or even as the Test driver, or maybe as the new Ferrari manager! you have raised the standards of Formula 1, and showed people what it takes to be a world Champion. Please dont leave us watching these new soft school-girls drivers
7 September, 15:24; Peter, Germany
Schumi, 1Jahr geht noch, dann geniessen wir jedes Rennen
und können, nachdem Du aufgehört hast, die Formel1
deutlich unemotionaler angehen lassen.
7 September, 15:24; David Newsome, England
Michael needs to stay. I am planning to go to Spa next season and I need to see him driving that circuit with my own eyes. He has to put in another year and get to the 100 victories mark!! We love you Michael. You make f1 what it is!!
7 September, 15:23; Johannes Essink, Germany
F1 ohne MSC ist wie Suppe ohne Salz, Fußball ohne Ball, Strand ohne Meer, etc... Wer die letzten 2 Qualifikationen im 2. Teil mit ohne Sprit an Bord gesehen hat, mit welch galaktischen Vorsprüngen MSC den Rest abserviert hat, der weiß welche unschließbare Lücke ein jetziges Karriereende für uns Alle bedeutet... Das heißt, Premiere abmelden und mit Wehmut zu Eurosport und der MotoGP mit spannenden Zweikämpfen wechseln. Erst Juan-Pablo, dann Jacques und jetzt als SSV noch der letzte Mohikaner? Der Rest des Feldes wird mit dem Schweigetuch beerdigt, glaubt es mir! Ich verfolge die F1 seit Gilles Villeneuve's Zeiten, aber wenn kein Wunder geschieht, wird's wieder ein Abschied mit Tränen für mich. Grüße an alle Racefans.
7 September, 15:23; Andre S., Germany
Schumi ich finde du solltest weiter formel 1 fahren. Wenn es dir doch Spaß macht warum solltest du aufhören. Du hast zwar schon genug Titel geholt aber du bost noch nicht zu alt wie manch andere wie Prost zeigten also mach weiter!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 15:23; next Corinna, China
perhaps yon can not know there are many people love you in China.But you have in everyone'heart forever .We know this time ,you aslo don not want to say Goddbye ,so stay here ,please stay here!!!!!!!!
7 September, 15:23; Chitra, India
Age is never a factor as long as you are winning, which you are. F1 will be boring if you quit. There are a few F1 drivers who are good, but none like Michael.
7 September, 15:23; Michael, Germany
Kimi Raikkonen und Alonso sind die besten Faher in der Formel1. Wie oft mußten andere Fahrer für Schumacher bremsen damit er Punkte bekommt um Weltmeister zu werden. Alonso gewann 2005 aus eigener Kraft die WM.
Schumacher hör endlich auf.
7 September, 15:22; Ron Dennis, Woking, UK
Michael, stay where you are. Don't make room for Kimi to come. We're still hoping that he won't leave us... But you know, your boss is so... annoying.
By the way, Norbert asked me to offer you a contract (with a huge amount of)... But I think, Fernando will be definitely against this.
7 September, 15:22; Stefan, Poland
Michael stay in F1!
7 September, 15:22; Ruud Klarenbeek, Netherlands
F1 one won't be the same without you so please stay for the sport and fan's.
7 September, 15:22; Myself, Somewhere
Hey but what do i know...im a wanker
7 September, 15:22; berend, nedeland
ga door je bent de beste dus ga nog een jaar door
7 September, 15:21; Serj, Rep. of Moldova
You should remain in F1 ! Stay with us!
7 September, 15:21; KingOfRain, Germany
Ohne Dich können Sie die Formel1 auch gleich auflösen, ein Jahr geht !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 15:21; Myself, Somewhere
I've never seen such a sorry bunch of people ever, as I've seen on this website.

You guys are poor loosers, calling him god and king.

How desperate are guys?
7 September, 15:21; David, Spanien
Mach uns zu träumen, Weltmeister!
7 September, 15:21; Dzjov, Netherlands
Why quiting, you are as competitive as ever, and when you are enjoying the sport.
7 September, 15:20; Maria Needs, Cambridgeshire England
Micheal has got to stay there is a load of driver that in the passt and today that ruin the sport. Once Micheal has left all the enjoyment and fun will disappear. Just look at the amount of flags with not just ferrari on but with Micheals face I think the sport will sufffer badly.
I for one wont watch it.
Its a shame that James Allan who commentates can't learn manners if you look back at the race where micheal cut across th corner he was in front before he did that, so wyhy should he yeild the the other driver. prehapes he should have Martin Brundal as his manager and then he would get mentioned every 5 minuits like David Couthard
He has got to stay
7 September, 15:20; Peter, Germany
Hi Michael, todays F1 is what it is partially because you are one of the best drivers F1 ever had. The whole thing will change when you leave. If you still feel the urge to drive races, keep on going. I am sure ou will miss it in April/May next year when you watch it on TV. We all wish that you keep on racing, but of course this is you decision....Should you ever read this: Thanks for many years of interesting/exciting races...make it a few more ;-)
7 September, 15:20; Stefan, Germany
Schumi nerve uns nicht mehr länger und häng den Helm
endlich an den Nagel.
So viele Jahre Schummel Schumi sind einfach genug.
7 September, 15:20; Ryan, Philippines
Michael, you still have it in you. F1 would never be the same without the legend on the tracks.
7 September, 15:19; Andreas Koch, Germany
Hallo Michael,

Du gewinnst dieses Jahr die F1 Weltmeisterschaft, ohne Probleme. Wenn Du noch ein bis zwei Jahre dranhängst wirst Du auch diese Weltmeisterschaften gewinnen!
Triff die richtige Entscheidung für Dich.
7 September, 15:19; rajendra Doshi, india
do'nt move..stay where u are...
7 September, 15:19; Justus, Germany
Mach weiter, forza Ferrari e Schumacher!!!
7 September, 15:19; F248 F1, Italy
Du mußt unbedingt weiterfahren!!!
7 September, 15:19; Tobias Buchelt, GER
Schumi einer geht noch. Also in diesem Sinne, ich zähl auf dich.
7 September, 15:19; Manitu, Poland
Scxhumi bitte geh nicht weg, bleib mindestens für die nächsten 2 Jahre. Du bist doch noch jung :-)
7 September, 15:19; Herby, Germany
Michael bitte bleib doch noch ein Jahr
7 September, 15:19; khan, england
hey michel please dont go its your chois make the right desision please dont go if you i will die
7 September, 15:19; kimi-fan, germany
ich hoffe schumi geht ...
irgendwie nervt er mich....
7 September, 15:18; Brutus, Monza, Italy
I'm so glad to see you're finally leaving.

You're a cheat, and have no guts whatsoever.
If you'd had the balls, you'd be staying at Ferrari next to Kimi.

You're so affraid that someone else might beat you fair and square with the same equipment.
When did you have a formidable oppenent.....NEVER..!

Bye, bye, arriverdeci.
7 September, 15:18; moeffe, Spain
Geh, alter Mann!
7 September, 15:18; MSC Racer, Germany
Michael triff die Entscheidung die für dich am besten ist.

Das Ende setzen wir uns selbst und niemand anders auf der Welt.
Begreift besser jetzt als nie: Es kommt erst, wenn es uns gefällt!
7 September, 15:18; Chris Harvey, UK
Don't quit just yet - I've never got around to seeing you race at Monaco yet!

When you're gone, you're gone.
7 September, 15:18; Paul, England
No doubting your talent or your ruthless ability to generate a team to do exactly what you want, but nows the time to ask yourself if you can still pull the strings against the new real threats that exist today & risk getting exposed & humilated.

You are great, but you are also a cheat. This will forever stand against you. However it is a credit to you that the man you slammed into the Barrier in a moment of selfish panic; Damon Hill, wants you to continue in the sport.

Perhaps you should learn a little something from him about SPORTSMANSHIP.

I want you to continue, so you can race as an F1 Driver, not a God, & really prove your pedigree, resiliance & metal against real competition such as Raikonnen, Button & Alonso, not against a team-mate being paid to bow down & worship you (or let you past 10 metres from the line - remember Austria Michael??!).

As Damon said, maybe your best years are ahead of you, maybe you can be a driver I can really admire & prove your greatness, because at the moment I have loads of question marks against you name.

Stay on Michael, it'll be really funny seeing a 40 year old still competing at the top.
7 September, 15:18; Steffen Bauer, Germany
Please stay. U are the greatest!!!!!!
7 September, 15:18; Wayne Wang, Taiwan
Michael,please stay in Formula1 for all the people who love you to race .
7 September, 15:18; black_devil, slovenia
SchumiI PLEASE STAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! You're my idol!!!!! So please stay at least 1 year more.... NOBODY CAN BEAT YOU!!!!! STAY FOR ALL OF YOUR FANS!!!! WE WILL MISS YOU A LOT!!!!!!!! i'm your fan since you started in f1 so I HOPE THAT YOU WILL STAY.... you're number 1 forever!!!!
7 September, 15:17; Bernie Eccelstone, UK
Bitte hör endlich auf!
schummeln ist vorbei .............
7 September, 15:17; CH3NO2, Switzerland
Hör auf und lass die Jungen ran
7 September, 15:17; 2PAC FR3V3R, INDIA
7 September, 15:17; Ben, Uk
Michael, it would be fantastic for you to see out another year but it is YOUR decision and no one elses! What ever you do you will be the best driver of at least one generation and i and many of your army of fans will hold many special moments that they have given to us forever. But now is time for you and if that is F1 or something else then i am sure that any true fan would respect your decision as the right one.
7 September, 15:17; Juergen, DE
Please, please stay in F1 for the next 2 years! My sunday's will be very sad without you. Nevertheless thank you very much for the last 16years. We loved to watching you! The 8th title is close!
7 September, 15:16; Rohan, India
champions retire but not legends, plzzzzzzz schumi stay onnnnn.
7 September, 15:16; Patrick, Germany
Schumi muss bleiben, Karte für nächstes Jahr ist schon vorbestellt!
7 September, 15:16; Claude Urhausen, Luxembourg
viel zu gut um aufzuhören!!!!
7 September, 15:16; Enrico Schmidt, Deutschland
Hi Michael,
durch Dich wurde die Formel 1 für mich erst interessant (seit 2000) hab jedes mal nen Kloß im Hals wenn die ganzen Berichte lese...Mensch 1 Titel wär doch noch drin! Aber selbstverständlich respektier ich Deine Entscheidung.
Gruß von Rico aus Speyer
7 September, 15:16; mansoor, india
michael,from 1993 after senna died, either ou took the championship or gave real fight to the champion (hill ,villenneuve,hakkinen,now alonso)just one more year. or else we will also quit watching formula 1
7 September, 15:15; Chirs Higgins, Australia
Iam 41 years old and once you retire from a sport you love, you will find out after about 5 years later that you wished you dident remember Michael that you are only 38 not 65 years old and you only live once p.s Ross Brawn only thinking of retireing now he is a lot closer to 65 than you good luck and thank .
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