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7 September, 16:18; Andrea, Canada
Schumi don't retire yet! You are the greatest...F1 won't be the same without you...!!
7 September, 16:18; Guido Fluri, Cham, Schweiz
Also Juan. Erklär mir doch einmal Deinen Leistungsausweis auf. Wir alle warten......
7 September, 16:18; panmingliang, china
7 September, 16:18; Alex, Rusia
Майкл, без тебя формула1 потеряет для меня смысл. Так как не будет интриги в гонках, вождения на пределе возможностей, интересных дуэлей и лучших кругов с невероятными результатами. И что самое главное - ты даришь людям азарт. Азарт борьбы. Настоящей. До последнего.
7 September, 16:18; Andrea Geron, Italy
Please Schumy stay in f1 anothey years !!!
7 September, 16:17; Max, UK
Stay, would love to see you exposed when your team mate has equal status and is not there to help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 16:17; Luca, italia
please stay here.. f1 can't be the same without you
7 September, 16:17; Juan, D
Was für eine Leistung???? Alle wilden Manöver schon vergessen? Wenn ich sie alle hier aufschreiben würde, würde ich die Site sprengen. Weg mit den arroganten Fuzzi.
7 September, 16:17; Your fan, Uzbekistan
7 September, 16:17; Andrew, Russia, Moscow
7 September, 16:17; stolte, switzerland
7 September, 16:17; Bastian Friedel, Germany
7 September, 16:17; Peter, united states
You have acomplished so much in your F1 career, but you still have the heart of a great lion. As a lion, you are king of the F1 jungle and you must keep the defend your kingdom from the young rising cubs. Kimi versus Shumacher at Ferrari next year will go down in history as great as Senna-Prost at Mclaren in the 1980s. I dont think you should avoid such a challenge. It would be icing on the cake to challenge Kimi next year. Great champions battle great challenges. At this time, you are nowhere close to be washed up. Shumacher can race any young gun on any given Sunday. Schumacher is an icon such as Pele or Jordan. DON"T WALK AWAY!!!!!!!! Fight the fight that you know best... the heart of a LION!!!!!
7 September, 16:17; SZ Schnittchen, Germany
Go on Schumi!!!
7 September, 16:17; motorsport-network.com, UK
please hurry up and leave
7 September, 16:17; Eugenia, Ukraine
Michael, gehe nicht weg, bitte! Es gibt auch in der Ukraine sehr viele deine Fans, fuer die Formel1 ohne dich keinen Sinn hat!
7 September, 16:17; Foletty, ITALY
Michael rimani ancora 1 altro anno! Senza di te la F1 non sarà più la stessa. Sei il più forte di tutti gli altri messi insieme. SEI UN GRANDE CAMPIONE, UN PROFESSIONISTA SERIO, UN UOMO VERO CON LE SUE DEBOLEZZE E IL MAGNIFICO TALENTO. MICHAEL RIMANI!!!
7 September, 16:16; Toni, GB
Go To your N A Z I J U G E N D with the Ratzinger. A dreamteam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 16:16; Andry, Italy
MIchael stay at F1. for win together again...resta con noi. ti prego resta con noi....resta con noiiiii michael stay with we
7 September, 16:16; Wolfm@ster, Deutschland
Halbe Sachen sind doch nix für dich Micha und unter 100 Siegen hat man auch keine 100% erreicht. Also bitte nich schlapp machen. ;-)
7 September, 16:16; Xavier, Russia
Stay and become 10 times Champion! FORZA MICHAEL! FORZA FERRARI!
7 September, 16:16; Anton, Russia
Schumi don't go! There r no reasons to leave!! U r THE BEST!
7 September, 16:15; Андрей, Россия,Москва
Михаэль,оставайся!Ты наш Бог!
7 September, 16:15; mark, england
michael dont leave your still head and shoulders above the rest having kimi as your team mate will once and for all show all your critics that you really are simply the best i know 7 title,s is a lot but your more than capable of winning more so dont go yet michael without you f1 will never be the same
7 September, 16:15; Vladimir, Russia
Michael, we neeed you in formula!!!
7 September, 16:15; stolte, switzerland
7 September, 16:15; Defort, Germany
Why don`t you take so much time to disapear from Formula One ? Without you, this Sport will be cleaner. The only thing that other Drivers could learn from you is cheating. Michael go home.
7 September, 16:15; Frank Giglio, Australia
Michael you keep the sport alive and well. Even when all seems lost you pull amazing performances out of nuthing. Keep on fighting because next year brings a new breed of world championship challengers. Do it for Ferrari and do it for all the people who love Formula 1.
7 September, 16:15; Can, P.R.China
Schumi,turn your eyes to the sky,it's only one thing bigger than you,pls,stay!!!
7 September, 16:15; Viva Alonso, D
Richtig!!!! das du gehst. Der Alonso fährt dich in grund und boden. Du DEPP
7 September, 16:15; reginald hamilton, England
formula one will never be the same it will go down hill from the moment you leave f1 you go and beat alonso in the remaining race's to be 8 times world champion you are a true champion.
7 September, 16:14; Domi, D
Hätten Irvine, Barricello und wie sie alle hießen auch vollgas geben dürfen, wäre Schumi auch nicht so weit gekommen. Sollte er jedoch weitermachen und Kimi dazukommen, dann gnade ihm Gott. Er würde nur so vorgeführt werden vom ICEMAN. Schumi hör bitte auf, wir haben genug von deinen faulen Tricks.
7 September, 16:14; Юрий, Сорокин
Все победы еще в переди!!!!!!!!!!! Он должен остаться.
7 September, 16:14; Reini, Italy
Hallo Michael. Soviel ich weiß, fehlt dir noch ein Rekord. In der Anzahl der gefahrenen GP´s liegt noch ein anderer Fahrer vor dir. Wie wäre es, dir auch noch diesen Rekord zu sichern? Also mach noch ein Jahr weiter!!
7 September, 16:14; Guido Fluri, Cham, Schweiz
Also ich muss schon sagen...Solche Schwachsinnigen Leute hier im Netz habe ich selten gesehen. Gewisse haben wirklich kein Hirn im Kopf. Respektiert doch einfach eine solche einzigartige Leistung !!
7 September, 16:14; klaus, germany
One more year. There's no one in F1 to battle against rivals like michael does. Remembering Spa in Rain or the tremendous race in Suzuka in 2000, we all know them. impressive driver, remarkable success, but if all your rivals are schouting for your retirement, take the 8th titel and sattle down. If had a wish: stay
7 September, 16:13; James, Gibbons
Dont go yet - there's one more challenge - to show Alonso and Raikkonen that they will never be as good as you!
7 September, 16:13; Andriy, South Africa and Russia
Mishel, please stay at F1. You can not believe how many people support you. I am your fan since 1992. Please…..
7 September, 16:13; Nina, Iceland
The first time I saw a f1 race, there was heavy rain. The driver who won, showed much skill in the rain and from that day, I desided to support him. Nearly 10 years later I'm still a huge fan. If there wasn't a Michael Schumahcher in F1, it wouldn't be as big as it is today. Schumi, 1 more season would cheer us all.
7 September, 16:13; tear, japan
Schumi!! tell us!the news in the various papers that u will leave is only kidding,is it?
7 September, 16:13; Kimi R., GErmany
Ich glaube es wird Zeit abzudanken, bevor dein Ruhm auf Grund der vielen Fehler in Trümmern liegt....Du warst die Formel 1 und deine Rekorde werden für sehr lange Zeit Bestand haben....Nun ist es Zeit Piloten wie Kimi, Alonso und Nico Platz zu machen....Ist besser für deinen Ruhm.....Kauf dir ein kleines Team und arbeite hinter den Kulissen....oder gib den Geld einfach nur so aus...Wenn du nicht weißt wie....sag bescheid helfe dir dabei....Gruß aus Sprockhövel
7 September, 16:12; stolte, switzerland
7 September, 16:12; Maxx-Ferr, Deutschland
Михаил Рольфович - ДАВАЙ ЕЩЕ 2-3 СЕЗОНА !
7 September, 16:12; Steve Watts, England
Of course he should stay... why on earth should he quit a sport where the governing body bends over backwards to make sure his team wins?
7 September, 16:12; junaid, south africa
ms.......pls stay in. f1 wont be the same without the king
7 September, 16:12; Andrey, Russia
Michael,we love you in Russia! F1 is nothing without you! Please stay and become 10 times Champion (at least). I don't want to watch F1 if you are not there,,, PLEASE STAY!
7 September, 16:12; Craig Tomalski, North View Crescent
Bruni & Villeneuve for Williams!
7 September, 16:12; lc, China
7 September, 16:12; Michael Schumacher, Italy
Hi Everyone Thank you for your support . Its your support that makes my decision to stay in Formula one for another few years all the more easier to make . My life is about racing , I love racing and will carry on racing until I dont enjoy it any more . Again thanks for all the support . M Schumacher
7 September, 16:12; dima, russia
BMW !!!!!!!!!!!!! PATRIOT............
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