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7 September, 16:26; Steve, Luxemburg
Bitte mach weiter und hole dir vor allem den 1. Platz für diese Saison. Du bist spitze
7 September, 16:26; Eugene, Russia
Stay. And do what you like most of all.
7 September, 16:25; Pluds, Germany
Und Tschüss!
7 September, 16:25; Andrei, Belarus
You are the best, but i think that you should win this championship and live F1.
7 September, 16:25; Black Raven, Russia
Please stay at F-1
7 September, 16:25; Dmitriy, Ukraine
Michael! Please stay in F1! You are the BEST!
7 September, 16:25; Guido Fluri, Cham, Schweiz
Richtig Klaus. Das Niveau lässt eindeutig zu wüschen übrig !!
7 September, 16:25; roger, china
7 September, 16:25; Steve, Luxemburg
Hallo Michael. Meine Kinder und wären traurig wenn du aufhörst. Schöne grüsse aus Luxemburg
7 September, 16:24; slayer, Slovenia
michael please stay in f1
7 September, 16:24; Signor Procione, Russia
Миша, испугался Ктулху? Или боевых человекоподобных роботов?
7 September, 16:24; Culvert, Russia
Don't leave F1 !! and change a command
7 September, 16:24; Marco, NL
Stay a little longer!!
7 September, 16:24; mick, italy
Stay because u are the best, our number 1, and in F1 age doesn't mean u are old but that u are wiser and more skillfull than others. If YOU go away, what should the other drivers do ? Go back to karts ???
7 September, 16:24; Martin, Germany
Danke für 15 Jahre Motorsport auf höchstem Niveau! Deine Rekorde sind für die Ewigkeit! In den nächsten 50 Jahren wird es keinen besseren geben!
7 September, 16:24; Patrick, Germany
Michael, fahr weiter, die F1 braucht dich
7 September, 16:24; Mher, Armenia
Mna, Mixael, mi gna
7 September, 16:24; George, Ukraine
Please stay! You are tne best!!!
7 September, 16:24; Artjom, Estonia
PLEASE stay at F-1
7 September, 16:24; Chris, Germany
You are still the best driver in the world. Stay with us and give us a few more championships!
7 September, 16:24; Jeroen, NL
Please Stay 1 ore 2 years !!!
7 September, 16:24; klaus, germany
die billigste und blödeste argumentation ist wohl der vergleich mit adolf - wer hier rausgeschmissen gehört bist du SENNAFAN
7 September, 16:23; De Jong, Holland
Please stay and give Us 1 ore 2 years off great motorsports And make it at least 8 times championchip!! When you schould stop Than I must say Tankyou fore the great time and wish you alle the best You are a Great drive ( I drive races as a hooby and do undsatnd your Tricks !! I would do the same when I was in your position) You and your family alle the best fore now and the future and give us some fun in F1
7 September, 16:23; Pavel, Latvia
One word - STAY!!!
7 September, 16:23; c, D
[img]http://www.pronof1.com/img/ecuries/ferrari.gif[/img] do what you want Michael ....
7 September, 16:22; Scotty, England
Give up the F1 and stick to curling one out on glass topped coffee tables and other deviant German practices. Or how about another spectator's treat of an event, such as crown green bowls? pointless man, pointless sport
7 September, 16:22; Guido Fluri, Cham, Schweiz
REDAKTION !! Wir müssen hier aktiv werden. Gewisse halten sich nicht an die Regel !!
7 September, 16:22; Alessandro, Switzerland
du solltest wenigstens noch bis zum spa gp fahren und den Patrese Rekord noch mitnehmen...!
7 September, 16:22; gianluigi, Italia
michael ti prego rimani in ferrarisei il mio idolo da quando avevo solo 4 anniguardvo la formula 1 solo grazie a te!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forza rimani e vinci fino a 10 titoli mondiali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 16:22; Gusepo, Italy
Don't leave as, please
7 September, 16:22; Nath, England
Show them you can do it all again, by which i mean go back to karting, work your way through formula ford, formula 3, GP2, Formula 1, then see out your time in GP Masters, only then will you be considered a true great.
7 September, 16:22; Gregg Barker, South Africa
STAY!! Simple as that..
7 September, 16:22; wy, china
don't leave please,my hero,my champion!!!!
7 September, 16:22; Igor, russia
PLEASE stay at F-1
7 September, 16:22; christian schmid, switzerland
micheal-please-don't-stay, thank you
7 September, 16:21; Nat Lockwood, England
The World loves you Michael. I am one of your very true fans. I know one day you will wish to give up racing and spend more time with you family, but pleas,e don't go yet. Please stay 2 more years, this will give you a point where you know when to expect to stop and give your fans a time for it to sink in. I'm sure you will win the 2007 Championship and if not, you will have been so close, that is not when a driver should give up, you have too much left in you. You are not shying away from a drop in performance, you are at the very peak and I love to see you on top of that podium with a big white smile! Please consider continuing for at least a little longer. I have followed you since I was a child and don't feel I can stop watching you race yet. Love you Schumi. Nat x
7 September, 16:21; Matthias, Germany
Michael, please stay in F1, because you are my idol and you ever will be! Don't leave!!!
7 September, 16:21; Daniel Prescott, China
I think there are much more reasons for you to stay here
7 September, 16:21; Secret, China
舒米,我觉得用英文实在不足以表达我们内心 的情感!从96年第一次看到你的那一刻,我的
7 September, 16:21; Giuseppe, Italia
Te l'ho urlato ai box di Imola alle 19:00 di sera mentre ti faceva la foto con la squadra e te lo ridico qua MICHAEL NON SMETTERE
7 September, 16:21; Tom, Germany
Hi Michael, i can´t believe what the newspapers wrote. I´m optimistic, your decision is not the same as the newspapers puplished. I don´t reckon at last you are going to leave the F1 and looking forward to the GP of Monza, where you hopefully will tell us you will stay for another 2 beautiful years. Yor are a legend, so don´t leave, please. You will always be in my heart, i´ll never forget you and your unique races. Tom
7 September, 16:20; Attila, Hungary
stay its really simple why, you are the best.
7 September, 16:20; Guido Fluri, Cham, Schweiz
juan Wir sind immer noch am warten welche einzigartigen Leistungsausweis Du in Deinem Leben vollbracht hast...
7 September, 16:20; Валдис, Россия, Москва
Миша, останься, без тебя будет оченьскучно!!!!
7 September, 16:20; STEWART, ITALY
Michael, you must stay, you know your life belongs to F1 just like Senna, he would have never retired. Mansell lasted till he was 40! Your still on top, you will have plenty of time for other things, you love F1! THE IDIOTS THAT RIGHT AGAINST YOU ARE THE ONES WHO SUPPORTED HILL OR HAKKINEN, PERFECT HANDICAPS..........THEY SAY THE SPORT WOULD BE CLEANER, BUT F1 IS AGGRESSIVENESS!! KEEP WINNING AND COMPETING!
7 September, 16:20; Sebastian, Germany
Schumi - Thank you for 15 great years - so much joy, so much of excitement, so much passion- I'm your fan since your first day with benetton and I was 19 - now you are the greatest driver of all times - No one can ever beat you!!!! It was a honor to go along with you!!!! You won races no one else had won. Stay and give us further 16 years of joy - you are the king!!!!
7 September, 16:20; Sennafan, D
Geh vott du, dann gibt es auch mal sportlich zu. Du Traumtäzer. Lass dir einen 2cm Schnäuzer wachsen dann siehst wirklich aus wie ein ADOLF, bloss Du hast einen tiefergelegten Kinn. HAU AB!!!!
7 September, 16:20; Oleg, Russia
Please stay in F1! Don't make mistake!!!!
7 September, 16:20; Zlatko, Germany
Bitee Michael du bisr der beste und du darfst nicht aufhören weil ohne dich wird es nicht mehr so spannend......... Du kannst immer noch mit den jungen mithalten und du bist einfach der beste!!!
7 September, 16:20; David, Russia
Michael if you will go i'll be crying!
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