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7 September, 16:46; Blacky, Deutschland
Danke Michael. Und Alonso ist bestimmt kein würdiger Nachfolger.
7 September, 16:46; MPV, Germany
BItte Bitte mach noch länger!!! Du bist der Beste...
7 September, 16:46; Marco, Italy
Dai Schumy resta la Formula1 senza te non esiste
7 September, 16:46; Sophia, Russia
Michael, wir lieben dich! Wir brauchen dich! Please stay! Please!!!
7 September, 16:45; Konstantin, Belarus
Michael, please, don't leave me without Formula 1 - I'm watching it since 1991! Please, two more years at least!
7 September, 16:45; Igor, USA
Michael, please stay
7 September, 16:45; Anatoliy, Russia
Who is Michael?
7 September, 16:45; Eugen, Germany
Lieber Michael, bitte fahre noch zumindestens 1 Jahr Formel 1
7 September, 16:45; Domenico, Italy
Michael please stay with us!!! Don't leave F1!
7 September, 16:45; GP, UK
Mickey, you've had no competition up till now, but now that Renault/Alonso is on par with you, you're bowing out the sport. Well done. Stay and prove a point. Either way I don't care. Go Jens ;)
7 September, 16:45; Hurricane, Ukraine
It's Your Life! But millions of people want to see your 100 win!!!
7 September, 16:45; larissa, Kazakhstan
Michael,please stay
7 September, 16:44; roland, nederland
He must end at the top of his carriere. This is the moment to stop with racing. How sad it will be for us
7 September, 16:44; Tatiana, Russia
Please stay! From East to West you are the best! From Coast to Cost you are the Most!
7 September, 16:44; Thunder, Germany
Ohne dich wirds langweilig, bitte bleib....
7 September, 16:44; Rob Hendrixq, Netherlands
Hallo Michael, blijf toch nog in de F1 zijn, met Spyker F1 en Verstappen en Schummie volgend jaar nog 1x in spa!!!!
7 September, 16:44; Ron, CANADA
If you leave F1, I don't even want to watch anymore! I've been a fan for 35 years. I hated Senna but cried when he died. Stay on next year and kick some young butt because you are better than the rest of the field COMBINED!!!
7 September, 16:44; Evrik, Georgia
Don't leave F1!!!!!!!!
7 September, 16:44; Victor, Russia
Michael, You are Godlike Please, do not leave F1
7 September, 16:44; TonyZheng, China
7 September, 16:44; V Frigerio, England
oh big Mike, I am so g@y for you, if you retire please come to england and I will felch you as I love to felch germans, they are my kind of people
7 September, 16:43; Imran Bashir, United KIngdom
Michael is the best driver in the world and could clinch an unprecedented eight world title. He should continue and prove to the world yet again that he is the finest talent ever to grave F1. Bravo Michael, please continue as the F1 community adores you.
7 September, 16:43; Kimi Raikkonen, Finland
You gutless coward Michael why could you not have me as a team mate next year but retire instead ?
7 September, 16:43; FRANCESCO Blog Editor Ferrari World Blog, Italy
Michael , you must stay, you are the legend. In Ferrari world blog you can read more letters to you, to stay in Ferrari for another year.TI VOGLIAMO BENE
7 September, 16:43; vazzy, england
michael, the picture looks like you have pulled one off. no-ne cares what you do. retire and you can eat all the gentlemans relish you wish
7 September, 16:43; Schummel-Schumi, Germany
mach et Schumi
7 September, 16:43; Gregor, Austria
Schumi... du bist und bleibst der Größte Rennfahrer aller Zeiten...! Verlängere deinen Vertrag um zwei weitere Jahre und du wirst dich aber vor allem deine Fans glücklicher machen als je zuvor....! BITTE mach weiter ..... die Formel 1 braucht dich...! Zeig dem Alonsoamateur wer hier der wahre Champ ist und hole den 8 Wm. Titel !!!! Viel Glück und verlängere ja deinen Vertrag.... SCHUMI FOREVER
7 September, 16:43; Sorin, Romania
Michael you are the greatest pilot ever , You achieved a lot but you must retire in glory Dont forget this Sorin A sincer fan of you
7 September, 16:43; PEC, France
micheal doit rester en f1, a 37ans on est pas vieux!il a encore o moin 2titres a rajouter a son palmares.si tu part un sport sera orphelin...Le baron rouge a toujours fait les bons choix.
7 September, 16:43; Chaddy, Germany
Michael, bleib wenigstens noch ein Jahr in der Formel 1! Du bist der beste und kannst Alonso, Räikkönen & Co. immer noch schlagen.
7 September, 16:43; MASSIMO Blog Editor Ferrariworld Blog, italy
ti ho gia' scritto una lettera nel mio blog nel sito ufficiale Ferrari,come tutti ti chiedo di rimanere almeno un altro anno ciao Massimo
7 September, 16:42; Volker, Germany
Michael, bleib noch in der F1. Wenigstens ein Jahr. Du gehörst seit 15 Jahren praktisch zu unserer Familie. Ich will dich nochmal in Spa sehen. Deinem Wohnzimmer.
7 September, 16:42; PapatangoCharlie, Athens, Greece
Michael. Together with many other F1 fans, I believe that you have what it takes to stay in F1 for at least a couple more years and battle it out with the young guns! Remember, by 2008, we'll be back in slicks!!
7 September, 16:42; Ganja Grizz, Canada
Why couldn't you have died at Silverstone ?
7 September, 16:42; jaybee, UK
Dear Michael - the decision is ultimately yours but I will be a very sad Tifosa if your marvellous career was to end in the next month. My best wishes to you in whatever you decide.
7 September, 16:42; Ivan K, Russia
Michael, stay please!
7 September, 16:42; Kutchu, Russia
Миша вали уже из формулы заипал уже....
7 September, 16:42; Andrea, Assemini -Italy
Non abbandonare campione... sei il numero 1 di tutti i tempi...Grazie infinite...
7 September, 16:42; SergeyEx, Russia
Stay with us!
7 September, 16:42; Victor Sudakov, Rossia Moscow
Michael don`t go away!!! ;(
7 September, 16:42; James Chitty, England
I didn't know they race at Silverstone
7 September, 16:42; elio, nederland
7 September, 16:42; Angela Merkel, Bundestag, Germany
Schuhmacher Michael, verlass die F1!
7 September, 16:41; lublub1991, uzbekistan
Michael don't leave! You are the Best and you can get more titles...
7 September, 16:41; Wassim Khatib, Lebanon-Canada
A big Fan since Benneton, Please let us enjoye a few more yearrs of the most brilliant , talented and huminatarian sport person ever lived. If you retire , big thanks for all this years.
7 September, 16:41; Chris, United Kingdom
Micheal - your are the best ever. You have succeeded where others have failed. Your drive and determination have made you a living legend and F1 will forever be endebted to you. You bring passion and determination to F1. Whether you stay, and show the others how it is done, or decide to hang up your helmet, we will always be behind you 100%.
7 September, 16:41; Real Motorsport Fan, UK
Just go. And take your useless brother with you.
7 September, 16:41; Donatos Micaelis, Russia
Michael! Please, stay in F-1!!!!!!!!!! Forza Ferrari!!!!!!
7 September, 16:41; damiano, Italy
Without you, Formula 1 will not be the same thing!!! If you don't drive next years, please remain in Ferrari Team!!!! I know that you are a driver first of all, but this world needs you!!!
7 September, 16:41; MSC, Germany
Du bist immer noch der Schnellste! Du darfst noch nicht aufhören! Jetzt erst recht: hol Dir noch die Titel Nr. 8 (für 1997) , Nr. 9 (für 1998) und den Titel Nr. 10 (für 1999) - erst dann ist Dein Werk vollbracht!
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