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7 September, 16:55; Anton, A
Verpiss Dich endlich!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 16:55; santosh shet, india
michel plz stay for atleast 1 more year oplz, ui want u to cross 100 gp wins, and 9 world championship , plz, i watch formula1 jus bcz u r there, u r bigger than formula1 infact for u , dont take wat others say..... u r da living legend, and king of formula1...., plz dont leave i want to watch u on race track next yr plz stay king micheal.. i love you micheal................., i am ur big time fan.. i started watching formula1 only for u, if u r out of the race then i jus switch off my tv.. thats it
7 September, 16:55; Zimin, Russia
Please stay in F1!!!!
7 September, 16:55; andy S, UK
stay in til all the cars get their driver aids removed, then show the world what a true driver can do. You started winning before all the cars became idiot proof, so do it again once the cars become cars again and not mobile computers.
7 September, 16:55; drive, MD
7 September, 16:54; Вова, Москва Ты дурак, Вова.
7 September, 16:55; Mr. Laden, Iraq
Please leave F1 or will be punished
7 September, 16:55; Dasha, Russia
Please, stay!!!!! Please-Please-Please!!! You can't leave now!!! Formula 1 will never be the same it was before you!!! We hope, you won't leave us...
7 September, 16:54; emre, Istanbul,Turkey
Schumi stay in F1 on Ferrari,Raikkonen stay in F1 on McLŞaren-Mercedes:)
7 September, 16:54; Maria, England
Michael you are the best. F1 wont be the same without you. Please, please stay.
7 September, 16:54; sjoerd, Netherlands
Please stay in F1, we don't want to mis our biggest F1 driver.
7 September, 16:54; Michael Schumacher, now in Italy
7 September, 16:54; jeffrey, netherlands
if you want to stay stay ! if you want to go go !
7 September, 16:54; Carsten Luettig, Belgium
Ohne Schumi, wird die Formel1 nicht mehr dasselbe sein!
7 September, 16:54; Daniel Maysak, Russia
Michael, you are the best!!! Please, stay in and make me happy!!!
7 September, 16:54; z.c, china
don't go
7 September, 16:54; Domenico, Italy
Michael in these years you gave us the most important emotions of our lives. If you have decided to retire I understand you. But give us the last emotion: win for us at Moza and become world champion for the eighth time!
7 September, 16:54; javier, spain
please schumi don't go, you are the best on the history, you are better than fernando alonso, you have 7 tittles, and i hope that you win this year your 8th F1 world tittle to that crybaby of fernando alonso. we want mike, we want to kaiser
7 September, 16:54; sweet_jane, germany
MIcha mach kein scheiss!!!du bist immernoch der bester und wirst es auch immer bleiben also geb dir nen ruck und kämpf auch 2008 wieder um die Weltmeisterschaft der Formel1!!!
7 September, 16:54; Fuchs Markus, Österreich
NIcht aufhören!!!! Bin zwar erst 22, aber ich hab seit genau 9 Jahren keine GP verpasst und keiner dieser GPs bzw. keine Weltmeisterschaft wäre ohne dich so spannend gewesen! Ausserdem wären Raikkonen und du so eine Traumkonstellation dass wir uns das nicht engehen lassen können bzw. du uns das nicht vorenthalten kannst! Mach weiter!
7 September, 16:54; Mine, Turkey
Michael please stay!! You are still the best!!
7 September, 16:54; medved, russia
мишо скажи с тумбачки нам превед!
7 September, 16:54; KISA, RUSSLAND
Kisa ku-ku
7 September, 16:53; Polle, Germany
Michael.. Hömma, bleib ma schön im dabei. Ohne dich ist die Formel 1 Langweilig..
7 September, 16:53; Anti-AntiSchumacher, Italy
Please Schumi, stay! If not, how will spent their time, in the next years, all that morons that hate you and that are writing in this site just now? :-D
7 September, 16:53; Denise McAuley, Northern Ireland
Please don't give up. There is still plenty more in the tank!!
7 September, 16:53; Jan, Germany
Please stay, you are simpli the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 16:53; HUNGARORING, 3362
Michael PLEASE continue!!!!
7 September, 16:53; Bernd, Deutschland
Wir brauchen Dich !
7 September, 16:53; Alexander, Russia
Michael! My mother (she is 73 years old!), my sister and I are fan of you more years!! Please, present us and your other fans next F-1 season with you!!
7 September, 16:52; Schumi, French
Michael, you are the best. Please don't stop because F1 without you is not F1. You will remain for me the F1 driver. I love you.
7 September, 16:52; Sven Eisenberg, Germany
Bitte lieber Schumi mach bitte weiter ohne dich ist die Formel 1 nicht mehr dasselbe. Es hat immer Spaß gemacht dir beim Fahren zuzusehen. Bitte bleib!!!
7 September, 16:52; JuraZ, Latvia
Plizzzzzz., we all hope that you didn"t leave F1 next year !
7 September, 16:52; Nejc, Slovenia
who is this guy :/ ?! i only know alonso and kimmi ;)
7 September, 16:52; gabriele, italy
schumy stayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... f1 without you it's more more noise
7 September, 16:52; Вячеслав., Украина,Киев.
Шуми! Ты должен вести свой болид до десятой короны!!!
7 September, 16:52; Steve, GB
go home B A S T A R D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 16:52; Emma, England
Don't go. Your the best in the sport. It wouldn't be the same without you. Alonso needs bringing down a peg or two and your the man to do it. Win both championships this year and wipe the smug smile of the faces at Renault! GO SCHUMI!!!!
7 September, 16:51; Raghuveer Narasimhan, United States
Pleez stay Michael. There is no Formula One without the number One. You are as good as ever.
7 September, 16:51; Mr.Abakoom, Moscow Probe Club
ВиУ, останься. Все поклонники Ф1 болеют либо за тебя. либо против... Уйдешь и те и те расстроются... Сначала 10 титулов. а потом можно и подумать..
7 September, 16:51; Sergey, Russia
Michael, stay and win ninth and tenth championships!
7 September, 16:51; Боря, Москва
Майкл, не останавливайся, малыш!
7 September, 16:50; A Hitler, Das Motherland
Good work son, make me proud
7 September, 16:50; Igor, Russia
Michael, F1 fans want you to stay, please don't leave F1.
7 September, 16:50; V0v4ik, Tokio
Мишка оставайся!
7 September, 16:50; Stephan, Germany
Mache weiter so lange Du noch Feuer verspürst und Freude am Rennfahren hast. Dieses dähmliche Geschwätz der Anderen die Dich mental zum Rücktritt drängen ist von Neid gekennzeichnet und sollte Dich nicht berühren. Ich bin ein echter Fan !!!!
7 September, 16:50; kosha, russia
жжош сцуко
7 September, 16:50; Gnum, Belarus
7 September, 16:50; Andy, USA
Michael Jackson, WE LOVE YOU!!! You're the great king of pop!
7 September, 16:50; Erik, Deutschland
Mich würde es sehr sehr sehr freuen wenn du weitermachen würdest, kann dich aber auch gtu verstehen wenn du wirklich aufhören willst! Aber für mich persönlich wäre die Formel 1 ohne dich nicht mehr das gleiche! ALSO: Bitte mach weiter!
7 September, 16:50; Nagapati Bhat, India
Please stay
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