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7 September, 17:03; bonza, Russia
Don't stop, Schumi!
7 September, 17:02; Serge, Russia
Мишаня, иди ты домой. У тебя жена, две дочери, восемьдесят побед, 7 титулов и армия фанов. Уйти красиво - это очень тяжело и пусть это будет сейчас, когда ты силен и быстр, чем через два-три года тебя заменят каким-нибудь сопляком и фактически вынесут из Ф1 ногами вперед. Удачи!
7 September, 17:02; Krish, India
Wir kippen Phasen, ohne dich auf Rennen zu sehen… bitte, uns zurückziehen nicht. … Dich bitte fortsetzen sind unser Gott schumiii… F1 stirbt ohne dich.
7 September, 17:02; Stefan, Wales, United Kingdom
Michael stay, I will be gutted if you quit F1. If you decide to move on, my passion for F1 will not be like it is now! There is no reason for you to quit you are the best and the most passionate driver I've ever seen. F1 will not be the same without you... in my opinion. Please Stay.
7 September, 17:02; Stefan, Germany
Schumi, Du muss weiter machen. Zeig es dem Alonso noch mal, wer der Bester Fahrer ist. Das bist Du.
7 September, 17:02; Evgeny, Russia
Schumi You are best, please dont leave F-1!!!!!!!
7 September, 17:02; Sören, Deutschland
Michael trif bitte die RICHTIGE Entscheidung !(2007,08,09)
7 September, 17:02; Евсей, РАША
Майк, иди уже... зае..ал этот флейм.
7 September, 17:02; Gerd, USA
Michael, lass Deine Fans weltweit nicht im Stich. Zeig den anderen Fahrern wo der Bartel den Most holt!
7 September, 17:01; jane roberts, scotland
michael, stay, you are number one in formula one,untouchable, unbeatable, the greatest.
7 September, 17:01; Антон, Russia
you number 1...
7 September, 17:01; Alex, Germany
Michael, please stay in f1. You are the best driver. It`s a pleasure to see you driving in a f1 ferrari.
7 September, 17:01; Balage, Hungary
You are the best, stay, and show it again... Thanks
7 September, 17:01; David Martin, Great Britain
1 more year !!! I want you in for at least another 5 years - you will only be 42 then. Drive for fun - show them what you can do.
7 September, 17:01; Vladimir, Moscow
Michael! Please stay at F1. I looked the cartoon "The Cars". And I want to see "A REAL MICHAEL SCHUMACHER'S FERRARI!!!!!" ;) Thanxxx.
7 September, 17:01; Thomas H, Germany
7 September, 17:01; Sheva, Ukraine
Shumi, Ukraine with you. Please stay with us. Europe, Ukraine, Rivne
7 September, 17:01; Chef, Germany
Michael, geh. Die Sprüche, die sie dir in letzter Zeit an den Kopf werfen, musst du dir nicht antun. Und sowas hast du auch nicht nötig!
7 September, 17:01; jeppe, sweden
schumi= number1
7 September, 17:00; Andrey, Russia. Moscow
Michael! Please stay! Ты - лучший!
7 September, 17:00; Corrado, Italy
Michael please stay in F1!!!
7 September, 17:00; Retro-Virus, USA
MS, do what you think is right. I would love to see you drive for eternity but such is life and you can't go on forever. Whatever you do, just remember, you will always be the greatest champion of any sport. No one can come close and the closest, is aeons away from you. *SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND* Retro-Virus !!
7 September, 17:00; Pavel, 1
Бери титул у Алонсо и уходи по чемпионски как Прост! Это лучшее что может быть! Ты уже стар для спорта и физические кондиции могут в определенный момент подвести!
7 September, 17:00; DR.PRASAD, INDIA
7 September, 17:00; dirckx rudi, belgium
please schumi don't go, you are the best on the history, you are better than fernando alonso, you have 7 tittles, and i hope that you win this year your 8th F1 world tittle to that crybaby of fernando alonso. we want mike, we want to kaiser.y love you micheal,greatings from belgium en from mi rudi
7 September, 17:00; Craig Wolanyk, Montreal, Canada
Micheal, I've been a fan since your earliest days of F1 and as the greatest champion to ever drive, please continue. You've lost nothing and can beat the so called young lions!
7 September, 17:00; Tianna, China
Please! Michael! Stay~~~~~You still can be faster. You can!!!
7 September, 16:59; Ali, Netherlands
Although your not my favorite driver, i really think you must stay! You made formula 1 great! And you still do! Although some actions were not always fair, I like to see you race! Always on the edge! And you will have work to do to pass this on to the next gen. I hope Kimi will be your teammate next year, so you 2 can push each other to a higher level!!! So stay, and make the sport bigger!!! Greetz Alex
7 September, 16:59; Franky, Germany
7 September, 16:59; danila, germany
7 September, 16:59; Anton, Russia
You should try to do it again... and again... and again!!! :) Champion is profession, and you are the best expert! Michael please stay in F1 forever!!!
7 September, 16:59; Zhorzh, Belarus
Мишка на кого ж ты нас? :(
7 September, 16:59; Sascha WIlsing, Deutschland
Es macht absolut Sinn zu bleiben, denn sonst wist du wie Mika die F1 vermissen und zu spät zurück wollen
7 September, 16:58; santosh shet, india
formula1 is nothing without u ... only think left in formula1 is kids race.... so being their dad.. plz kick their ass, please please
7 September, 16:58; Igor, Russia
Давно пора. Все равно катаешься хуже Мики. Вот и плодятся всякого рода Алонсы. Макларен рулит форева!
7 September, 16:58; kult mart, germany
i dont reallx know what to say...i think, is you stay, it will be ok but if not, it will be good, too. i will defently have no problem with your decision!!
7 September, 16:58; Ganesh, India
Ur r still on the top and i can see anyone comming near you only when ur car is stalled. I will stop seeing F1 in case you retire..So PLEASE DONT
7 September, 16:58; 6o6eP, USSR
if you leave, who'll #&^$ Alonso? :)
7 September, 16:58; Ashna, Netherlands
Please stay micheal. youre fit enough and fast enough to keep up with the youngsters.
7 September, 16:57; Jens, Germany
I´m happy that we won´t see you anymore next race season!!! Go home and let the better drivers win!!!
7 September, 16:57; Grundmann, Deutschland
Mach weiter Schumi...
7 September, 16:57; bello, Hong Kong
Micheal, please stay, without you, is it still F1? Please remain for one more year with Kimi and it will surely be the stronest team ever!!
7 September, 16:57; Seter, BELARUS
Michael, GO FORWARD!!! Stay in F1 and get 8th, 9th, 10th....... Мишка, оставайся! =)
7 September, 16:57; Gerd, CH
Kannst ja bleiben, aber nur als Urinal von Alonso*Kimmi
7 September, 16:57; Thomas Man, England
Please stay in formal one ;) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
7 September, 16:57; mohamed amine gharbi, tunisia
MICHEAL ,PLEASE don't leave ...you are the greatest, we still want to see your poduim leap.i am sure you still have it in you......
7 September, 16:57; Claudio Peruggi, Italy
Stay another couple of year, please! F1 will be noy the same without you!
7 September, 16:56; Phil, Deutschland
Hi Michael! Bleib in der Formel 1 denn ich möchte dich noch viele male gnadenlos geschlagen sehen! Bitte, bleib uns erhalten!
7 September, 16:56; fluffi, D
Michael, you are the greatest champion! Please, stay in sport as long as you can! We believe, you’ve got enough strength to become a champion once again in 2008! Please! Stay in F1!
7 September, 16:56; JoJo, China
i love you~~
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