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7 September, 17:41; Freddy72, Hungary
Schumi! Mindig is te leszel a Bajnok!! Hajrá! Folytasd nyugutan.
7 September, 17:41; ZufAx, Russia
Michael, plese stay in f1. You have many Russian fanats, which watch F1 because wait when you win 100 time.
I'm don't watching F1 if you go away. In my dreams i see how you win 8 championship and i see tear on my eyes when you go away.
Please stay, without you f1 is dull.I'm afraid that your last race can will been last race to me and thousands fanats all over the world.
Best regards, your Russia fanats

ps Excuse me, i know english very bad
7 September, 17:41; Mike, Russia
You are the BETS!
Stay with us! Don't brake our hards!
7 September, 17:40; Alexey Panin, Russia
Michael, please, stay in F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We all needs you.
7 September, 17:40; Pauls, Latvia
Please Stay!
7 September, 17:40; konstantin chekhun, ukraine
Михаэль, не уходи!!!
7 September, 17:40; mitku, Bulgaria
Michael, please stay and get your (and our ;-) ) 10-th title in the next few years :-)
7 September, 17:39; Svetlin, Bulgaria
Dear Michael,
You are the best driver in F1!
Please, stay in F1!
7 September, 17:39; Andrea, Italia
ti prego michael rimani in F1
come sarà la tua vita senza? cosa farai durante la tua giornata?
ti prego rifletti, rifletti, rifletti
mitico schumi!
7 September, 17:39; Taxidriver, Russia
Миха,останься!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 17:39; Vlad Aksenov, Russia
Michael. Please stay!

2George:"F1 without you there will be absolutely another"

7 September, 17:39; mince, UK

you gotta stay in F1, at least until Ralf wins his first Driver's Championship!!

7 September, 17:39; michael leslie, canada
I have become a fan of F1 because of the admiration for your unique skill and I believe it remains undiminished. It is not yet time to retire...not yet.
7 September, 17:38; Theo, Germany/KERPEN
Hi Michael.
Championship ohne Champion?
Wie auch immer,das was du geleistet hast wird für die Ewigkeit sein!!
7 September, 17:38; Corrina Schumacher, Geneva, Switzerland
I hope you finally retire this year as i have had enough of you being away from your family. Our kids miss their dad and i am lonely here without you, i miss you so much. You are my hero but now it's time for you to hang up your helmet and be here with us 24/7. So come on Michael - you know what you have to do.
7 September, 17:38; Максим, Россия
Я болею за Вас с 1992 года, боюсь, что после Вашего ухода из формулы 1 я потерю интерес к данному виду спорта.Надеюсь, что Вы останетесь в гонках еще надолго...
7 September, 17:38; Reni, Hungary
7 September, 17:38; Vladimir, Russia
Michael, you are the part of my life,
part of me,
Please, stay with us!
7 September, 17:38; Dimon, Russia
В фомуле нет больше места жульничеству, уходи и не возвращайся...
7 September, 17:38; JV, Quebec
Michael, can I be the father of your babies? I am a better singer than you could ever be!
7 September, 17:37; KD, India
Cmon Michael please spare us the agony of watching kimi and Massa drive
Kimi and you would be a killer combo
7 September, 17:37; sandeep, India
Please stay in F-1
7 September, 17:37; Jack Clifton, England
Schumi dont go. You are by far the most talented driver to race in F1. Your character would be missed a lot and talent dearly missed. Please Stay!!!
7 September, 17:37; Kost, Russia
Dear Michael,
Although I never was your loving fan, I ask you, please to stay. It is a fantastic pleasure to watch you driving! Please, give us one more chance to feel it again!
7 September, 17:37; Oleh Holubovych, Ukraine
You are #1
7 September, 17:36; Francesco, USA
Michael per favore non annullare stai ancora con la Ferrari per 2 anni come pilota nessuno ti supera tu sei un campione e lo sarai per sempre e nessuno ti passera, tu sei nel mio cuore per sempre grazie Francesco
7 September, 17:36; Roland, Germany
Take a break for a year or two, if you feel exhaustet and then come back and show all the youngsters, that you are still the best.
7 September, 17:36; Ivan Muraov aka MIP, Rssia
Schumi please stay in Formula 1.
7 September, 17:35; Vitali Jeverdan, Moldova
Михаэль останься ведь ты не сможешь без гонок и без всеж нас и кстати докажи что возраст не помеха для истинного чемпиона
7 September, 17:35; Evgeniy, Russia
Yuo need us, Michael.
7 September, 17:35; Sash, Ukraine
Есть неплохой гонщик Алонсо, есть хороший гонщик Кими и есть ОЧЕНЬ хороший гонщик ТЫ! Докажи это просто оставшись еще на годик в формуле
7 September, 17:35; Kati, Romania
Don't forget:You're the best, and f#ck the rest!!!!!!!!!!
We support your decizion, whatever it will be!We love you,and I love you!!!!!!!
100000000000 kisses,Kati from Neumarkt!!!!
7 September, 17:35; Lorsan, Russia
Michael i grow up whatching your races. I become to watch F1 since I was 11 y.o. Now im 24 and still supporting you. Stay with us for 2007. We really need you !
7 September, 17:35; Joel C, SEATTLE,USA
Michael, it has been a gift to have been able to watch you race in F1! i Have watched from victory 20 to 89 and been in person to victories 42,59,and 78 and can remember at montreal 2002 when you signed my race worn hat, you went out of your way to do it for me and Gino brought me into the pit garage for pictures!
I have such great memories of your dominant performances and I hope there are more to come beyond 2006 because you are still the king of F1! NO REASON TO LEAVE WHEN YOU STILL RULE!
7 September, 17:35; VM, USA
Michael, F1 wont be the same without you. Dont leave!!
7 September, 17:35; grace, shanghai ,china
michael , you 're the legend of F1 and the great hero in my mind ,please ~~~stay with us ~~~and please win the championship to improve you're always the best in the world !!
7 September, 17:34; Paddel, West Germany
Michael, bleib noch ein Jahr, einmal noch die WM gewinnen macht dich unsterblich...
7 September, 17:34; Александр Замонин, Россия
Михаэль, ещё года два!!! Рано уходить.!!! Рано!!!
7 September, 17:34; Ellie Martin, Scotland
Michael, i have been a fan of yours for years. I have been there through your ups and your downs and i just want to say, there will never be another driver quite like you. I know sooner or later you will have to retire and i dread that day, but you have to do what you feel is right. I hope you stay, at least for another year as i don't want to say goodbye just yet. You have great talent that will probably never be seen again and you truly a star!
7 September, 17:34; OLEG, RUSSIA
Михаэль, ты лучший гоньщик!!! Оставайся в Формуле 1, без тебя она будет уже не той. Ты еще молод и вполне можешь взять пару титулов чемпиона и разменять сотню побед в гран-при.
7 September, 17:34; Reni, Hungary
Maradj SCHUMI!!!! Ne hagyj itt minket!!!!!
7 September, 17:34; sergey, Russia
Michael!!!Please stay in F1!!!stay in FERRARI!!!
7 September, 17:34; Wer, Estonia
Ye Stay, show if u got some juice left against new hot-shots that are stealing titles
7 September, 17:34; Muorali, England
Schumi you have proven time and again you are simply better then everyone, still, after all these years. You are still beating Alonso and Kimi. KEEP IT UP. YOU ARE THE GREATEST.
7 September, 17:34; Igor, Russia
Dear Michael, please stay!!! Dont go away!!!
You are necessary to us.
7 September, 17:34; Solaiman, The Netherlands
Go Schumi!!! Show them for the last time this season who's the best driver ever. Win the championship 2006 for us, you are the best!!
7 September, 17:34; Сергей, Россия
Schumi dont leave f1!
7 September, 17:33; friendly, china
Impossible is nothing; Schumi is everything.
7 September, 17:33; Doug, England
Stay for No8, show the young upstarts who the real governor is
7 September, 17:33; Alexey, Russia
Show must go on!
You give a tenfold champion's title!
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