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26 July, 12:54; sony, w
eres el mejor
26 July, 09:01; 婷, CHINA
25 July, 20:51; Vitas, Russia
SHUMI, the best driver for ever!
25 July, 11:18; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar,NRW,Deustchland
@all Michael-Schumacher-fans, who doesn´t know from this website:

You will get tears in your eyes!!!
25 July, 07:23; ÇİLEM, TURKEY
25 July, 05:22; 婷, CHINA
Missing you !
24 July, 14:06; 婷, CHINA
24 July, 07:54; Julia Zhang, China
23 July, 21:14; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar,NRW,Deutschland
Michael, komme bitte zurück!!!!!!!! Am Nürburgring hättest du bei diesem Wetter alle schwindelig gefahren, das war genau deine Stärke. Die dummen Medienleute sprechen jetzt ja schon fast vom "Regengott Alonso". Absoluter Unsinn!!!!!!!!
Komm und zeig es den dummen und ruhmgeilen Journalisten!
Oder tue es für uns Fans!!
Bitte, Michael, komm zurück!
MfG Daniel
23 July, 11:41; 婷, CHINA
23 July, 09:30; Lorand, Romania
You are the world's best driver ever existed!Please come back!
23 July, 07:37; Weinan Chen, China
因为你,我开始关注赛车,因为你,我认识法拉利 ,认识德国,认识意大利.因为你,我开始熬夜看
23 July, 07:31; Cathy Chen, USA
you are the hero. my hero, your country's hero, F1's hero, the world's hero. I will be your fan forever. miss you, I want to see you come back
23 July, 05:41; bon, china
如果下辈子你还是shumi 我们死也要做你的fan
If you still shumi in my next life. We need to do the death your fan
23 July, 05:02; 鑧, China
我永远支持你!!!!!永远支持法拉利!! !
22 July, 21:58; Marco, Germany
ich hoffe die lust hat dich heute am Nürburgring wieder erfasst!!! komm bald wieder Michael!
22 July, 17:08; Sulo, Holland
It was beutiful to see you on podium. Well we waiting for you.
22 July, 17:06; Sulo, Holland
You are the best driver. Nobody can't beat you.
22 July, 16:11; 婷, CHINA
我心头好老 火哦!!!你肯定比我更难过,舒米~~~怎么办,要是
22 July, 15:32; hohoho, Europe
seeing ralf schumacher's behaviour after getting out of the circuit i thought it wouldn't be bad to see a website like ralf-please-leave-f1.com ...
22 July, 14:12; Qianying, China

I miss you!!

22 July, 07:25; 婷, CHINA
21 July, 16:06; MSC 4EVER, CHINA
蒋婷 我糟不住你咯```
21 July, 13:00; Yuki, China
I'm really happy to see you again!
Schumi,loving you......
21 July, 05:35; 婷, CHINA
21 July, 03:44; jiani, china
Having read your interview, I know that you are in a happpy life now. I feel satisfied when I hear thar. ALWAYS GIVE MY BEST WISHES FOR YOU.
20 July, 11:14; yueming, China
miss you !
20 July, 08:12; cyndi, china
20 July, 07:05; Julia Zhang, China
20 July, 06:58; iacon, Australia
I am hung like a dinosaur!!!
20 July, 04:30; 婷, CHINA
19 July, 13:56; 婷, CHINA
昨天去了温江,没跟你留成言,sorry啊,不过[国色 天乡]很好玩的,有机会你来耍吧!!!
19 July, 10:46; 元, China
17 July, 21:04; 牛牛, china
当你挥别了过去,只是在一角默默地看着赛场 ,我安慰自己,至少你回来了
17 July, 19:42; Marco, Germany
Du bist noch immer in unseren Herzen. Wir warten alle auf deine Rückkehr!!!
17 July, 13:46; 爱Schumi的琳, China
放假在家还总是把你以前的比赛翻出来看看, 总是觉得你似乎从来都不曾离开过,虽然很清 楚你不会再回来了,但是miss you forever,and I want you know you happy , we happy
17 July, 12:48; 婷, CHINA
17 July, 12:10; Alice, Lithuania
I miss You, I can't leave without You.
17 July, 11:42; 1900, China
17 July, 00:50; SchuminatOr, France
tu me manques :/
16 July, 19:46; huang, china
i lov e you
16 July, 19:44; Michael, Meier
Michael Schumacher - The geatest ever !!!!
16 July, 14:55; Micheal Schumacher, China
l love you
16 July, 13:10; 1900, China
16 July, 10:31; Louise, China
For all Chinese Schumi fans!
16 July, 07:08; 婷, CHINA
15 July, 16:41; Mark, China
I will put you in my mind forever. Trust me, I love you. I love F1, too.
15 July, 08:08; 蒋婷, CHINA
15 July, 05:13; redwings, china
What are you doing now...?
I just miss you a Little...
14 July, 16:19; 蒋婷, CHINA
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