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20 August, 09:21; Slavik, Ukraine
Michael Ferrari needs you,Ferrari is nothing without you.Please come back.
19 August, 13:24; 婷, CHINA
19 August, 13:17; Angelika, Kleve/Germany
Hallo michael-please-stay-in-f1.
Du bist der Beste, komm doch wieder. Und wie war das doch in den vergangenen Jahren? Viele haben geredet, Du würdest nicht fair auf der Rennstrecke sein, siehe Monte Carlo 2006. Aber was muß ich da sehen und sagen, wie hat sich der Fernando Alonso verhalten seinem TeamKollegen Hamilton gegenüber in der Box? War das fair? Ich liebe Dich Michael Schumacher, Du bist ein wahrer Champion, sehr normal und hast Charisma. Für mich der Beste aller Zeiten. Es wäre schön, Dich doch noch mal in einem Rennwagen zu sehen. Für immer Dein Fan Angelika
19 August, 13:10; CHNmonkey, CHINA
19 August, 06:42; luyueming, china
schumi miss you !
want you come back
19 August, 04:30; Allan Teran (Schumacher ), U.S.A.
19 August, 04:27; Allan Schumacher, U.S.A.
18 August, 20:02; unu1, romania
shumahar ramai in f1
18 August, 10:43; HMS, Finland

they are saying you have lost your good luck and you are no good for Ferrari.. They are wrong!!! Please come back and prove them wrong!!

You are the greatest of them all and Ferrari needs you and Ross Brawn there together.

I miss you so. Hope you're well and happy =)
18 August, 10:38; slavik, ukrain
Michael please come back. You are the greatest driver in the world.
17 August, 17:51; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar,NRW,Deustchland
Michael, komm bitte zurück!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Für jeden deinre Fans erscheint jedes zweite Wochenende wie ein schwarzes Loch: total langweilig und leeeeeeer!
16 August, 19:56; rere, china
hey~ dear shumy~
i wish you are happy everyday~
will you think about backing to F1~i really want to see you again~please~!
16 August, 16:28; Prateeque Ojha, India
IFormula 1 will be incomplete without you
16 August, 14:09; lingyunhao, china
if michael lever f1 ,i won't see f1
16 August, 05:09; evv, CHINA
No SCHUMI,no F1!!!

Michael, I miss you so much,please come back!
15 August, 16:18; Yuan, China
Schumi, u are a man, maken by the hands of god.
I miss u. I hope you can come back...
But...whatever, we respect your choice.
Best wishes.

___By Yuan From China.
15 August, 15:59; 郝瀚, 中国
15 August, 15:23; xiao, China
Lost you while lost my F1.Lost the only perfect thing in my life.Would you come back?Only one year.
15 August, 15:18; Dinara, China
I miss you!
Plaesa come back!
15 August, 12:15; lEMONMASSA, China
If you leave F1,our heart will hurt......
15 August, 11:34; 婷, CHINA
15 August, 11:28; Cheryle, Skypia
Your name is well known here...Michael, God bless you..angels love you.
15 August, 11:15; Galina, Russia
МИХА.... Как же плохо без тебя...
Но, всё равно, дай Бог тебе радостей и счастья!
15 August, 09:14; 康康, China
Michael, when I'm free, I always remind you...I'm free now, so I'm missing you crazily...how are you...what are you doing...what's the weather like in Switzerland ...your family must be very happy...
15 August, 05:58; Cheng Pengwei, China
...A Real Champion—Schumacher...
15 August, 05:57; Cheng Pengwei, China
for 16 glorious years
We are so sad that you are leaving Formula One but we wish you all the best for a happy retirement!
15 August, 05:48; Cheng Pengwei, China
Schumi,I hope you come back,You are NO.one forever, I will love you forever.
Wish your happiness
Schumacer forever
15 August, 04:21; forever, china
15 August, 04:08; 田旷, CHINA
14 August, 22:18; ihab, usa
you were the only one we look to and the person who is pumping action to our life please come back
14 August, 15:34; Ellen, China
Michael please stay with us!One more year ,OK?
I miss you so much!
14 August, 13:20; Fancy, China
Please come back,Schumi.
We miss you!
14 August, 12:49; Aileen, CHINA
Please return ,Schumi. we can not live a life without you
14 August, 12:43; 舒米EMR, CHINA
Oh, I made a mistake…I should say;"We love you and still keep hoping."Please forgive me.Schumi,we'll never forget you! In my mind ,you'll always be the king of Formula!!
14 August, 12:33; 舒米EMR, CHINA
Stay with us,Schumi.We love you and still krrp hoping.Please come back.We need you,every TIFOS needs you!
14 August, 06:41; Carrot, China
Ferrai needs you! We need you, too!!!
14 August, 03:59; 卢嘉伟, 中国
13 August, 23:24; Alex Schoeck, United States
Your achievements will never be surpassed, you are the greatest driver in the world. Formula one needs you back, you are the reason people got up at 2 A.M to watch you race, to watch you win. The car's limits were much less than your own. Thanks for everything.
13 August, 22:14; Jason Khan, Malaysia
13 August, 18:14; chen, China
Schumi,Thank you for FANTATIC 16 YEARS you bring us ! May you stop,but our love NEVER!!!
13 August, 17:46; 薇诺, 中国
13 August, 16:40; Foin Chou, China
schumi,whatever you decide we will support you forever
13 August, 16:29; 龙尧, china
michael schumacher
turn your eyes to the sky,it's the only thing bigger than you
13 August, 16:07; Can Feng, China
Michael,you are the best all the time.The Ferrari really need you.The Formula1 really need you.Please come back,come back to Ferrari,come back to Formula1.
13 August, 13:51; Marco, Germany
Danke für die geile Zeit mit dir!
13 August, 08:19; Julia Zhang, China
Thanks Michael !~
You let me like F1!
13 August, 05:02; 婷, CHINA
12 August, 18:44; Yoki, CHINA
I will love you forever
12 August, 18:15; Death_Wing, Russia
Michael, return - without you boringly !
12 August, 12:40; Karl Patrick, Philippines
Please give us more exciting racing and more overtaking. ITs better we can see the rainmaster and the living legend in F1. W
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