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22 June, 20:08; Kay, china
yz is hot now~but still miss u ~
19 June, 22:20; kay, china
so many chinese here~micheal we miss u and love u so much ~may u have a beautiful life~
21 March, 16:42; 吴元珏, Shanghai
miss you much.
17 March, 20:23; SL, CHINA
新赛季第一个周末,被刷屏之初怎么样的想念 也不为过。还好近来象牙塔的生活这么忙也这 么心安,即使懈怠到不行抄抄文字翻翻老视频 也能平静下来。亲爱的本命,戒断习惯的日子 永远很开心~
12 March, 23:26; 章殊凡, china
10 March, 11:51; Haidy, UK
Because of you, i love F1,because of you, i come here. Thank you for giving me courage and still stay with me. Life is about passions, thank you for sharing with me!
7 March, 15:35; 周宇博, china
4 March, 08:20; Roy, China
I love this game and F1 is the best.When I first see you in the game,I found I was so exciting in your act.In fact,we don't need so much championship,but just you are happy in the game.Thank you,let me meet you in my best ages.
1 March, 07:47; 小晖, china
28 February, 22:36; yanchaolei, china
come on man!
28 February, 22:36; yanchaolei, china
come on man!
24 February, 16:35; 徐海淳, chn
please stay in f1
24 February, 00:04; 仲斌演, china
thank you michael,you've inspired all my life when I first know.May you have a fantastic life! thank you,goodbye!
22 February, 17:00; 朱卓铭, China
Thank you Michael!Thanks for these three years!
20 February, 23:42; 王晨豪, China
Come back!!!I can't stand the F1 without you!
15 February, 18:25; 侯晨, 济南
14 February, 23:07; 高, CHINA
Please!please!Stay in f1!
14 February, 21:59; F Mingyu, China
Thank you Michael!I hope you coming back
14 February, 21:16; Noah, china
thank u michael. I miss u.
4 January, 01:45; Vladimir, UKRAINE
"Life is about passions, thank you for sharing mine!" - MS
and I Thank you for it!!!

Happy Birthday!!!
3 January, 21:56; Michaelia Kwok, China
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
30 November, 12:50; SL, CHINA
未来的日子要无限精彩,愿快乐与热情常在。 谢谢你麦扣,谢谢你给我的无与伦比这十年。
30 November, 12:49; SL, CHINA
前赛中赛后。这些视频再大再大,也再没有后 续了。我始终记得这个网站存在的初衷,记得 六年前那些绝望和眼泪混杂的九月十月,还是 会常来看看有那么多舒迷同在。可是这一次, 我只想说danke,不想再挽留。Life is about passions,这句话我永远都记得。未来的日子要
30 November, 12:49; SL, CHINA
30 November, 12:48; SL, CHINA
最后一天的图还没有收完,总是期盼能再翻出 一张,整个赛季去掉周边也已经超过了2000张
25 November, 21:47; becky, china
always love u .
25 November, 15:55; dy, china
25 November, 12:21; Wendy, china
Even if you leave,your place in our heart will not be replaced!The memory you left for us is the most beautiful!!
22 November, 20:14; wangsi, china
you are always my hero forever
22 November, 20:11; liangyuxin, china
28 October, 00:31; becky dou, china
i will always love you !!!!
wish you good luck in India :)
18 October, 17:13; Zahid, Bangladesh
Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.Please stay Michael.
15 October, 14:16; 吴元珏, Shanghai
you are always my hero forever.the most romantic thing is give my best wish on my b day.
15 October, 13:32; SL, CHINA
I never wanna say goodbye dear~ No matter how much I've been prepared, this time I still very very very sad. Thank you michael ,thank you for the three years, thank you all the time. you are my love and my sunshine forever and ever.
6 October, 10:42; Wendy, China
Schumi,May you stop,but our love NEVER! In our heart,you are the best!
5 October, 06:51; Zhang Bo, China
Never give up!!!!!
Love you forever!
4 October, 16:39; MichaeliaKwok, China
This is the second time.
And once again, I wanna say,
2 October, 20:02; JIYAO FEI, CHINA
In China M.Sch means the Formula 1
So the F1 can't without M.Sch
2 October, 14:14; SF, China
Stand up for the Champion!
30 September, 16:34; Anna, Russia
Lieber Michael - du bist beste!
I don't want to say BYE!!!!!!!!
Wir lieben Dich!
29 September, 06:05; 王亚杰, China
you are no.1.forever!
29 September, 05:34; lanjieya, china
I hope see you again next year in Shanghai !
28 September, 18:07; be_for_rain, China
“re-tyre” rather than “retire”, please, please……
28 September, 13:36; 吴元珏, Shanghai
dont leave us again,please.
28 September, 12:35; mononoke, China
You are the one!
28 September, 09:58; MichaeliaKwok, China
I don't want to say BYE!!!!!!!!
19 September, 15:49; mononoke, China
17 September, 17:29; SL, China
又读了遍六年前蒙扎的那番告白,心里依然针 扎似的疼,多出的这三年竟也不能缓解。九月 里前途未卜力不从心感极度强烈。可是焦虑又 如何呢,他的未来要到时候再宣布,而自己的 未来啊摆好心态正面应对哪里能逃避。亲爱的 本命,最困难的时候谢谢你一直在这里。
11 September, 21:27; Mathew, Slovakia
F1 without SCHUMI? impossible!
please stay michael!
9 August, 13:25; Maximilian, Hungary
You should stay because you now have the challange.Please show them what can a real talent do.You now have talent and experience too.
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