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3 April, 17:55; HELEN.CHEN, China
I want to see you in Beijing with my friends
Always support you!
3 April, 17:12; xiaopangmd, China
3 April, 16:47; 褚禹, China
你要来北京啊???太好了!!鸟巢就在我家 楼下,嘿嘿,我太高兴了!!一定要来啊~~~
3 April, 16:43; 褚禹, China
还有六十多天就高考了,希望能考到建工学院 的建筑系。我好羡慕给你设计房子的设计师。 有一天我也要成为其中之一。等着我吧
3 April, 15:57; Love7Schumi, China
3 April, 15:53; tiantian, china
终于回家了,这周末可以好好看比赛了,当然 重要的是找你!
3 April, 15:10; Villr, China
I will go to Beijing to travel for some days...

Sorry for I can not watch the Sepang GP....

Wish you happy this weekend...
3 April, 12:53; 婷, China
今天我去爬山了哦!好高兴!!希望你也是! !!
1 April, 08:38; LOVE7Schumi, China
I want to ask you:Do you still love Ferrari?Follow your heart,why don\'t you take it over ,just as you did in 1996?
30 March, 16:54; 婷, CHINA
看到这么多中国同胞留言,那个感慨啊!呵呵 。。。
30 March, 16:41; Villr, China
you\'re the best man of my whole life forever

I know.
30 March, 07:40; Rabbit, China
Schumacher........F O R E V E R
29 March, 14:38; amber, China
good luck!
29 March, 12:07; 潮吹者红音之怒, 中国
29 March, 12:01; Love7Schumi, China
I still remenber your last Australia GP... But that wasn\'t your last accident...tears slip over...If I knew, if I knew the year of 2006 was the end ...I would treasure them much more...
the new game starts,but you\'re the only man, the only special race,the only color,the only name for me in such F1...the only feelings you gave me——once more? When? Where? Who? May in dream,may in next life...
29 March, 11:02; Villr, China
When I saw uncle Brawn and Rubens embraced this afternoon,

how eagerly I hoped,

you would also be there,

no matter what the color you are in, red,white or even black.
29 March, 10:40; tiantian, china
今天你在现场吗?很颠覆的比赛,维特尔最后 的事故很心痛,你会祝贺布朗吗?四月来中国 吧,你说会再来中国的,一直等着啊!
28 March, 20:08; Angelika, Germany
Hallo Formel 1 Fans and Michael Schumacher Fans.

Michael i miss you. You the best Driver for ever F1. You come back?! I believe no. I hope you happy in your famaly.
Du bist beim ersten Rennen in Australien am Ferraristand. Da kann man Dich wenigstens wieder einmal sehen. Alles Liebe und Gute Dein für immer und ewig bleibender Fan Angelika vom Niederrhein/Cleve
28 March, 15:28; Danni, China
Good lack !
28 March, 13:35; leopard, CHINA 中国
In fact,I can‘t say anything.
You appeared again!
Why not to be a soccer player in USA?
28 March, 09:35; Villr, China
I\'m so happy to see you again.

Albert park is shining.
Brown GP is shining.
F1 is shining.
All shining in my life again.

Though I can not find the feelings you brought to me again.
27 March, 16:15; Villr, China
My dearest,
Such a nice surprise to seeing you\'re in Melbourne now.
With the end of the miserable experince of senior high school ,I have a lot of time to do all things I fond of.
I\'ll never sacrifice the GP time for my school assignments anymore.
I can watch all GPs now.
But you\'ve gone.
I can record all the programmes about you on videotape now.
But you\'ve gone.
I can have a entire experience eventually.
But you\'ve gone.

I desperately hope that one day when I could interview them in Albert Park track really,you\'ll also be there.

I\'m looking forward to the day\'s coming.
27 March, 08:18; 曾妮, 中国
27 March, 04:32; jack, China
我们仍记得那72站的笑容,记得那5年的辉煌, 你是为赛车而生,身体里流淌着汽油,在今后 的岁月里,你仍在F-1的最高点闪光,红色烈马 也仍以你为傲。We still remember that 72 points a smile, remember that 5 years of glory for the car you are born, flowing body of petrol, in the years ahead, you are still F-1 the highest point flash, red-horse also still proud of you.
26 March, 15:26; Villr, China
I found a beautiful song called Dreams On fire which from the Oscar best film Slumdog Millionaire today...

It seems to you

you are my waking dream
you are all that\'s real to me
you are the magic in the world I see
you are in the prayer I saying
you are in my two my names
you are the faith that make me believe
25 March, 13:07; Villr, China
nowadays the pineapples are so delicious that I always eat a whole one everyday...O(∩_∩)O~Would you like to have one this afternoon?
24 March, 06:39; Villr, China
Guten Morgen

Mein Michael
24 March, 06:33; Villr, China
I should push myself

I know...
23 March, 14:13; Villr, China
Do you sleep at noon?

Have a good dream

23 March, 05:28; 郑冰, China
do you miss us ? we miss you so much ~
22 March, 16:33; 婷, CHINA
22 March, 08:34; Villr, China
my heart is broken

my Michael

miss you
21 March, 17:23; tiantian, china
今天回家了,因为要兼职,很辛苦,分不清是 赚是亏,只是有点小成就感~~~呵呵~~你要开心
21 March, 16:30; crossrainbowjun, China
i miss you……
21 March, 06:08; Villr, China
A boy I cherishde for almost 5yrs may be in love with another girl.
Sould I grasp him?
You know,I loved him because of you and hecannot be replaced by anyone as you...
tell me ,teach me...
20 March, 22:14; Kat, India
Michael you have left F1.But my wish to see you in F1 all over again never goes away. love you miss you......
19 March, 15:26; Julia Zhang, China
Schumi I miss u so much~
19 March, 07:18; wangwei, china
18 March, 16:57; Villr, China
I saw much of U from a programme of CCTV5 in my country tonight.

I was so happy that I had saw you as a driver again from TV

of which I always dream these years,

loving you


have a good dinner``
18 March, 14:40; Dawn, China
16 March, 16:11; 婷, CHINA
15 March, 09:52; Villr Zhao, China
back, I wanna you back and never gone.
14 March, 21:50; Kersen, Rhode Island
Excuse me. Above all things, never be afraid. The enemy who forces you to retreat is himself afraid of you at that very moment.
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Thank you so much for your future answers :(. Kersen.
13 March, 09:24; Villr Zhao, China
I come here again and again

But may you never

and never again

I love you just for once

Once for my whole life
12 March, 15:41; Villr, China
I have promised you,I know.
11 March, 13:45; 郑冰, China
hope you can be happy , and bless me please .
give me the peace ,help me face that !!
thank you ,really thank you
10 March, 15:17; fox, China
10 March, 15:16; Anne, China
10 March, 15:15; Anne, China
10 March, 15:13; Anne, China
I Will waite for you
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