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26 May, 12:12; shiplove, China

25 May, 05:57; savannah, china
i miss you so much. miss you , miss you , hope every thing can be ok
22 May, 07:26; tiantian, china
i don\'t know what i want say to you,with low emotion i am missing you.why always be in such condition ?
18 May, 14:30; shiplove, China
















18 May, 08:27; shiplove, China





17 May, 16:47; shiplove, China

Tomorrow is our [ 6th year]...

Could you remember the Austrian A1 Grand Prix 6 years ago?

Could you remember the champion?

Could you remember the fire?

From that on,I was fall in love with you.


You bring happiness and dreams to me.

You saved my soul.

You help me get over all anguish.

You teach me how to love and be loved.

You restart my life.

How to celebrate it?


I will be happy at least...

I promise you

17 May, 04:53; shiplove, China

16 May, 19:17; Luyefar, China
I am speechless.
Good luck to You and Ferrari.
16 May, 16:25; shiplove, China









14 May, 20:14; Gert Sheqi, Albania
Please , Michael , if you don\'t gone return the Team F1 Ferrari gone lose everything ! You love Ferrari and Ferrari loves you . You are the best , the others are only the rest !
Michael SchumAlbaner !
Ferrari for life !
14 May, 12:50; shiplove, CHINA


13 May, 14:45; Ace, China
Michael Schumacher
Without you
F1 is nothing to me
13 May, 06:06; shiplove, CHINA
your neck...

but I know you have right to do anything as you\'re willing to...

it\'s annoying me you know...

the alternative between make you happy and reassure myself...
11 May, 20:01; Marco, Germany
Hallo Michael
Immer wieder komme ich auf diese Seite. Seitdem du ausgestiegen bist, ist Formel 1 nicht mehr das gleiche!!!
Wir alle wollen dich wieder sehen!!!!!
11 May, 14:42; shiplove, CHINA
I had lost my face many times today...

I know my brain gets rusty now...

I am really feeling guilty...

But I know what should I do...

I know what\'s my mission...

I know...

Please trust me...

10 May, 16:49; 婷, CHINA
这几天一直不舒服,今天回学校了,好想继续 待在家。。。
10 May, 03:20; shiplove, CHINA
I am really so sorry that I has done other things when another picture of you presents.
9 May, 09:20; 若苦ziva, CHINA
8 May, 14:13; march, china
6 May, 16:49; shiplove, CHINA
I think I am numb now.

Except the feeling and emotions caused by you.

I do not treat many people as well as before.

I do not mind they have broken my heart.

I do not mind em\' any more.

do not...

But I still keep with all my strength,passion,expectation and faith that you bring to me as before.

.I hope I can not only address all problems myself better,but improve every presence of me better as well.
4 May, 13:31; Rob Miller, US
4 May, 13:28; Rob Miller, US
Cool site.
4 May, 13:27; Rob Miller, USA
I liked your site.
4 May, 12:58; shiplove, CHINA

I got it

3 May, 16:42; shiplove, CHINA
快进到了领奖...我以为我会很平静呢...可是 我还是激动地涌着眼泪...你印在我脑海里的形 象远比我想象的深刻...然后我真的感到 十分想念2003和2004...I miss your smile I miss your jump I miss your gestures I miss your manners I miss everything in that years...so so so much...



3 May, 16:41; shiplove, CHINA
-我想你 这一次我真实地知道我处在想你的状态 2004的Sepang终于下载好了...我还是看到第3圈就
3 May, 15:21; shiplove, CHINA
I miss you

I miss the 2003 and 2004

I miss you so so so much...

I am really wanna go back to this years...

I still cannot help crying when I saw your champion in Sepang 2004 just now...

I miss the celebration...

I miss the anthem...

I miss your smile...

I miss your gesture...

I miss your jump...

I miss your manners...

I miss your everything...everything in such years...

3 May, 12:53; ferrarilys, CHINA
Michael ! ! I love you forever ! I want to see you and I miss you.... You are my world.
3 May, 05:38; tiantian, china
having decided to stay in the school until the summer holiday,maybe i can not see you here until then ,just wish you happy ,please believe i would forever stand by you~~~
1 May, 12:13; 婷, CHINA
1 May, 11:04; BYE, China
1 May, 09:16; Love7Schumi, China
You are my king!I am fully of joy now!
1 May, 07:24; tiantian, china
i am back!How about you?
Are you fine?
will you go to spain?
wish to see you ~~
30 April, 06:09; 小k, China
U R the only one we truly care about
Nothing in this world can be as precious as u
Do remember we are here by your side whenever and wherever u need us
How wonderful life is to have u in this world
And we will love u until our dying day
29 April, 14:57; shiplove, CHINA
Pay full attention to the Swine Flu please!~~
29 April, 14:03; Love7Schumi, China
You\'re my soul...
29 April, 12:34; snow, China
宝贝 快来北京吧!
28 April, 17:32; Liya, China
These days, I\'m blue.
Shumi , can you give me power to overcome?
28 April, 16:58; shiplove, CHINA

28 April, 16:57; shiplove, CHINA
我 爱 你
28 April, 16:54; 婷, CHINA
舒米,我几天心情超不好的,但是具体又说不 出来,每次想太多的时候就容易烦躁,心情就 低落,放松下来,不要想太多!加油!!。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。。。。。。
28 April, 14:57; luyueming, china
schumi i am very happy you can come to beijing ,i hope i can
see you at that time
miss you
27 April, 15:43; 潇乐, 中国
27 April, 09:16; shiplove, CHINA
for you\'re here,
I will never feel isolate...
27 April, 09:10; 秋, CHINA
I Miss you````
26 April, 10:06; 秋, china
where are you .we need you .
26 April, 08:51; Abdulrahman, Bahrain
you are my best driver schumi, i miss you very much.come back
25 April, 19:53; 婷, CHINA
25 April, 06:10; 秋, china
miss you so much.
24 April, 23:50; baraccuda, Latvia
schumacher is good driver, but not the best. Hamilton and Vettel are better, because they are better than Alonso, who is equal with schumacher.
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