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31 July, 13:45; ALX, Moldova
Schumacher testing old F1 car at Mugello

Michael Schumacher has began his preparation to return to Formula 1 action at the European Grand Prix next month.

The seven-time world champion will replace Felipe Massa in the Valencia race as the Brazilian continues with his recovery following the accident he suffered at the Hungarian Grand Prix last weekend.

Schumacher travelled to Ferrari's factory in Maranello yesterday, where he worked at the static simulator to check the functionality of the steering wheel.

The German has borrowed an F2007 car and he is reported to be testing at the Mugello circuit today since 11am.

Schumacher admitted that he is trying to get as much mileage as possible before his return, even if it means driving old cars.

"There is this test ban in Formula 1, therefore I contacted some of the guys from F1 Clienti if they could give me a car," Schumacher wrote on his website.

"Although those cars are not current or last year's ones, I simply like to drive as much as possible, so this is a good option. The next weeks will be totally on preparation then."
31 July, 10:48; wang shi chao, china
车王 请留下!
31 July, 09:53; Rinnie, China
We\'ve been waiting for you so long...
Welcome back! Schumi !
Love you !!!
31 July, 07:41; Shirley, China
i haven\'t seen F1 for nearly one year.Because F1 become boring for your leave.I frequently hope the phenomenon could come.Finaly,it really come true.
Whatever the result you make,I am crazy .The moment I had dreamed for three year now come true.
Just enouth.you came back.I\'m now start to watch the F1 competition.
31 July, 07:37; yingjin chen, china
I love you
31 July, 07:37; Julia Zhang, China
now you come back~
31 July, 07:11; even liang, china
my hero,so you are back.now the world only have the right to stay silent for you.
31 July, 06:29; chen, China
31 July, 06:18; 华, 12345
我最喜欢的偶像又回来了 本以为这辈子都在看不到他F1的比赛 哈哈 还有幸能看到 加油! 马萨在休息一年 舒米 就能拿下第8个世界冠军了
31 July, 06:13; 12345, 12345
ewf f
31 July, 05:11; vinson, china
很高兴你的归来 我将永远支持你
31 July, 03:47; 琦, China
真的很高兴你再回来!会珍惜你在的每一个瞬 间!成绩不重要 只要你开心就好!
31 July, 03:43; 1s, China
31 July, 00:57; wanpeng song, Chima
Welcome back to F1.We all happy to see you come back,you are the best forever.And T will see the game repeat.
30 July, 22:55; 波哥, 中国
30 July, 21:06; simonguo, china
you put me into this F1 world, Good to see you back!!! bravo!!!
30 July, 18:59; YA, China
30 July, 18:17; Peng WANG, CHINA
Michael welcome back. I had waited you for three years. No matter you get the champion or not . You are the WINNER forever in our hearts.
30 July, 17:56; 帥, 中国
30 July, 17:21; 245000514, xyk19840721
30 July, 17:20; 李坤, CHINA
30 July, 17:14; letty, china
早上,看到这个消息都流泪了,好开心啊!实 在太惊讶了,这真的是真的吗?
30 July, 17:11; ycjl, china
30 July, 17:10; ycjl, china
30 July, 16:54; Melody, china
30 July, 16:32; joey, china
不是在做梦 真的成真了
回来了 终于回来了
舒米 加油
30 July, 16:14; Dawn, China
30 July, 16:09; 哈哈, 哈哈
YES 车神来了
30 July, 15:51; tina, china
neva 4get u
so if only one lap i wil support u always
30 July, 15:15; kyoakeve, china
30 July, 14:28; lisa, CHINA
Welcome back!Fighting!
30 July, 14:21; MSC 4EVER, China
welcome back . Michael
30 July, 14:14; 秋, CHINA
I‘m so happy
I don\'t what to say
just say
30 July, 14:13; Christine, Deutschland
Willkommen zurück in der F1 :-)))
30 July, 14:05; yoyo, china
welcome back! come on!
30 July, 14:01; Cathy, CHINA
Welcome back! We are waiting for you!
30 July, 13:48; shark819, china
Wlcome back to F1!
30 July, 13:46; kei, CHINA
welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 July, 13:34; IOVE MS, CHINA
30 July, 13:08; love you forever, china
thank you for your returning
30 July, 13:06; love you forwvwe, china
thank you for your returning
30 July, 12:02; Wayne, China
Forever winner in my mind! MIchael Schumacher!
30 July, 11:08; Corinna Fan, china
30 July, 10:47; LoveSchumi,, china
30 July, 09:55; Yuki, China
Willkommen zurück!
Ich liebe dich!
30 July, 09:47; star, china
welcome back
30 July, 09:14; 边, china
30 July, 09:01; Noah, China
Welcome back dear !!
30 July, 08:29; ruoku, CHINA
schumi,I just want to say,thank you ,really really thank you```we are waitting for you all the time```thank you for your retunrning```
30 July, 07:46; 小猪侠, 中国
welcome back! we will always love you support you and never leave you!
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