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27 April, 15:39; Fernando Alonso, China
27 April, 11:54; Kay, china
4 April, 23:18; lhc, china
God bless you 上帝保佑你,祝你早日康复
25 February, 13:33; 静怡, Shanghai,China
schumi,we miss you so much. I was a little girl when I first watched your game.Your spirit raised me and changed me a lot. You are the NO.1 forever.
25 February, 12:33; 金鑫, SUINING SICHUAN CHINA
Hey, man! the doctor said to give up on you wake up, it is believed that you can use their ability to wake up. Refueling ah, all the world waiting for you!
24 February, 22:53; 金鑫, 中国 四川 遂宁
有谁能说服老头主治医师和科姐接受在病房放 法拉利引擎声唤醒老头啊?
24 February, 22:50; 金鑫, 中国 四川遂宁
老头,医生说放弃对你唤醒,其实是相信你能 够用自己的能力醒过来了。加油啊,全世界在 等你!
10 February, 02:22; Marco, Germany
Du bist in unseren Herzen!
19 January, 20:36; EDDIE, CHINA
CHINA,,SHANGHAI JiaDing AnTing Yu Lan Yi Cun 26 303
19 January, 19:54; Pan hongyu, zhejiang China
Schumacher can try adjuvant therapy of acupuncture and Chinese medicine on the China.(舒马赫可以试试中国的针灸和中医方面 的辅助治疗)I hope his doctors and family can see this advice, you can try(但愿他的主治医生和家人能看到这条建议 ,可以试试).天佑舒米!!!
17 January, 19:47; 静怡, china
God save our schumi!God bless schumi!I hope you can get well soon and be the champion of your life!
14 January, 18:33; Marco, Germany
Komm bald wieder zu uns zurück!
Best wishes!
11 January, 23:36; Angelika, Germany
Hallo Michael. Ich wünsche Dir das Allerbeste. Werde gesund und öffne Deine Augen wieder. Möge Gott seine schützende Hand über Dich halten. Leider erfahren wir nichts mehr, ich hoffe so sehr Dir geht es bald wieder besser. Kraft der Familie Schumacher, Vater,Bruder, Managerin und Freunde. Michael ich vergesse Dich nie, nicht nur als Motorsportler, nein besonders als Mensch. Mit tausend guten Wünschen.
DeinFan vom Niederrhein Angelika
10 January, 06:39; Sunshine295, Italy
Michael, please open your eyes and win the most important race.
6 January, 08:17; shuxi, China
Schumi, turn your eyes to the sky...it's the only thing bigger than you. Get well soon, please...
4 January, 02:26; Sissi茗, China
舒米生日快乐,我们在等你醒过来。Wir warten auf dich. Sei wach bitte!
3 January, 15:31; Marc, France
Happy Birthday Michael.
It's time to get up and back home!
Look at your window today all people who love you!
3 January, 15:28; Ziying Li, China
Please be strong for all the people who love you! Happy birthday!
3 January, 14:20; Andrew, Moldova
С Днём Рождения, Михаэль Шумахер!
Очень грустный праздник, но, мы искренне верим, что есть шанс ещё увидеть его в объятиях семьи и добром здравии!
3 January, 12:10; CK, China
michael,happy birthday and hope you can wake up early
3 January, 05:15; schustrike, mda
best wishes; and much more power to fight against the trauma. get well soon and happy birthday!
3 January, 02:15; Guess Who, Moldova, EU
2 January, 22:06; Marc, France
Come on Michael, get up! You must carry on! I need you!
1 January, 21:23; Kay, China
Dear Schumi,happy new year~waiting for ur back!!God bless!!!!
31 December, 22:05; LJ, 中国
31 December, 20:30; 齐昕, China
Get well soon!
31 December, 19:47; dy, China
31 December, 19:15; Kay, China
Pray for Michael!In Schumacher We Trust!!!!!You can make it!!!!waiting for ur recovery
31 December, 16:44; Micky_Wu, China
Please We need U。
31 December, 16:40; becky, china
please pull through. Get well soon please please please.
this is the battle you must win
31 December, 16:25; 清甜薄荷, China
pray for you ! I believe you can fight for it ~~
31 December, 16:14; DaisyChan7, China
hey man~u r a fighter~so please get well soon. for urself and for ur family~!stay strong and you can do it~!Come on Michael~!
31 December, 14:24; kalolin, china
Michael,you are my hero. You makes me feel so different. You taught me a lot. I dont know how to express how important you are to my life. Anyway, please get well soon. We love you,we need you.Alles gut!My prayer always be with you.
30 December, 23:41; 任志鹏, 中国
舒马赫,我们爱你,快点好起来,你一定能好 起来的,因为你是当之无愧的王者!!王者是 不会倒下的!!
30 December, 21:36; showme hope schumi recover soon, Shanghai
舒马赫快点好起来,我愿意以后一直碰到外四 来交换你的健康。你一定会好起来,婧婧老师 说你命那么好一定不会死。是的,说好的,我 还要送你梅花鹿,送你小松鼠,要去摩纳哥和 你见个面!你若安好岂止是晴天简直就是阳光 灿烂春暖花开。以前着火撞墙都没事,那年Mas sa碰到螺丝你不是还因为骑摩托车摔到脖子也
30 December, 20:53; Sphere Huang, China
30 December, 17:51; 奈奈米豆, 中国
pray for U !waiting for ur back again!
30 December, 16:33; kay, china
30 December, 14:09; Anastasia, Russia
Михаэль, я молю Бога о твоем выздоровлении. Оставайся сильным, борись.
30 December, 09:16; cc, china
30 December, 00:05; 水, China
Dear Michael, hope you recover soon! Bless!
27 December, 07:57; 张博, China
Miss you!!
11 December, 22:00; showme, Shanghai
today is the 30th day anniversary of my boyfriend and me.he is such a nice guy who i want to be with forever.best wish to you and us.
29 November, 01:35; Hubert Brodziak, BRD 42929
Michael bleib dir treu, du bist zweifelsohne der der Beste Formel 1 Fahrer aller Zeiten! wer jetzt noch kommt,hat doch nur bei dir abgeguckt!!!
Gruß Hubi!
29 November, 01:28; Brodziak,Hubert, BRD 42929
Michael bleib dir treu, du bist zweifelsohne der der Beste Formel 1 Fahrer aller Zeiten! wer jetzt noch kommt,hat doch nur bei dir abgeguckt!!!
Gruß Hubi!
24 November, 21:35; Angelika, Germany
Hallo Michael !

Please, please come back. You the Best in the World forever. I miss you. 1000 x please stay in F 1

Angelika /
4 November, 14:54; kay, china
24 October, 09:17; Mrs Gail Gray, England
I miss you Michael you are such a great friend., i would love to chat with you one day and ask you what you throught of the book i wrote for you, i have not got a feedback from you please post not email me one, thank you.I wish you and you family a happy future take care and all the best,here is my details,
Mrs Gail J Gray,17,Gunthorpe Road, MARLOW,Buckinghamshire ,SL7 1UH England phone +4401628478056, thanks again i await your replies
19 September, 21:24; kay, china
16 September, 22:36; kay, china
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