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24 December, 05:27; Rinnie, China
just welcom back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 December, 04:08; linkaka, china
wow! so exciting to hear that!!! the best christmas gift~~~
24 December, 01:24; wuziling, China
Let me see.
24 December, 01:18; rico, deutschland
...oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh wie GEIL!!!!
23 December, 23:47; mikey, la la land
he just came in that pic
23 December, 21:51; Vladimir, Ukraine
where countdown to the BAHRAIN GP?
23 December, 21:47; Vladimir, Ukraine
Thank YOU Michael!!!
You WIN, I know this)))
23 December, 18:40; Fox, China
God! I'love you!! Michael Good Luck My king!!;))
23 December, 18:22; Marc STEPHAN, France
Yes!!!!!!!! Our king is back! Thank you Michael! The 8th success is coming!!!!!!!! I am with you forever!
23 December, 17:41; msc gao 高海涛, china 中国
Thank you!!!
Michael Schumacher isback!
23 December, 17:33; mlospeed, Poland
I thank Michael, my dreams came true:)
I was your fan for all 15 years in F 1, I am keeping my fingers crossed in season 2010, Schumi successes!!!
Good Luck ;))
23 December, 16:26; Claudio, Italia
E il più bel regalo che ho ricevuto a Natale... inalmente la formula uno ricomincia ad essere interessante.. non importa con quale scuderia correrai.. importa che tu sia li in pista.. in bocca al lupo.
23 December, 16:00; Frank, China
Welcome to back Michael Love U so so so so so much To win the 8th driver's champion . Support U forever
23 December, 15:51; Francesco, Italy
Un sogno si avvera... e potrò vederti ancora sulle piste di tutto il mondo a lottare per la vittoria e ad emozionarmi come anni fa... grazie michael! e non importa se non è con la ferrari ma il tuo ritorno è la cosa che più speravo per questa formula 1 che aveva perso il suo re! buona fortuna michael!!!!!!
23 December, 15:46; Eve Yao, China,Shanghai
It's the best Christmas present and I'll be proud of you forever!
23 December, 15:45; neo, china
23 December, 15:44; tsai, China
schumi~always love u and support u forever~
our king~ our schumi~
23 December, 14:43; wayne, australia
Schumi, see you next year in Melbourne
23 December, 14:38; Monica, Canada
What a Christmas present! Even for those who are not your fans, your return will make 2010 an incredibly interesting year for Formula 1! And this year I WILL see you drive !
23 December, 14:36; Gary Lau, China
Michael Schumacher,I love you
23 December, 14:16; JUDY, china
Thank you!!!!Thank you very much!!!!1
23 December, 14:10; ryuichisome, china
啊哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!!舒米大人回归~~撒 花~~男神归来~~~~~!!!!!!
23 December, 13:48; Rachel, China
I never feel soooooo amazing before.
ur comeback is like a dream but real.

I cnt imagine how I feel if u said no to Benz,
But I know u will never let us down.

We stay here all the time and told u how much we love u,how much we miss,how much we need u.
We cnt stop that retirement wt happened 3 years ago.
But our waiting insisted today make us c u agian.
One more year.
More excitement,more expectation,more story,more touching,more u.
23 December, 13:29; tiantian, china
i think i am not a member of tifosi
but i still feel some pity
besides i am thanksful for your returning
23 December, 13:20; Andox, China
Thank for your coming back.
Besides this,I don't know what else I can say.

For me,just like a dream.I don't want to wake up forever!
23 December, 12:40; dy, China
23 December, 12:30; Dawn, China
thank you.
23 December, 12:21; qiulina, china
23 December, 12:06; Daniel Zerres, Kalkar, NRW, Deutschland
WAHNSINN!!!!!!!!!!!! ICH WER NARRISCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Das beste Heiligabend findet schon am 23.12. statt =) Der pure Wahnsinn!!!! Ich kann es noch garnicht fassen; ich kann meine Gefühle nicht ausdrücken. Außer:

Gib den Buttons, Hamiltons und Alonsos dieser Welt mächtig Feuer unterm Hintern, Michael!!!!!
23 December, 09:24; An.Dre, Moldova
THANK YOU, MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU..... (now words)...
23 December, 06:22; long, china
haha,you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!you are back!!!!!!!I have waited 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are back!!!!!!!!!!
23 December, 05:36; 缥缈雪, china
thank you thank you
22 December, 13:10; 褚禹, China
Michael,I'll always love you ~
22 December, 07:11; MSC 4EVER, China
this love is unbreakable
21 December, 15:31; Sherry, China
Michael,I always known that the competition bug still bites you hard,I am waiting your comeback!
21 December, 13:26; Sabeer, Osman
Dear Schumi, Without you F1 is dark, Please come back. Love to see u driving again
20 December, 19:08; MSC 4EVER, GERMAN
Don't 4 Mercedes-Benz!!!!!!!

Michael. I want tou , want you back

but I unacceptable a silver's you

I want to see you again in track just like top pic!!!
20 December, 03:58; MSC7, China
I love you more than you can ever konw.
The 2010 F1 World Championship:M.S.
20 December, 03:58; MSC7, China
Ilove you more than you can ever konw.
The 2010 F1 World Championship:M.S.
19 December, 18:16; Luyefar, China
Hope You Can Back To Race
19 December, 15:17; Jomy, India
Im really really looking forward to this super return. Lets hope you are still at the top of ur game.
19 December, 10:49; Johnny, China
2010 will be a essential year for me,for I'll take part in our nation's college entrance exam,which will change my destiny.But Schumi,if you would like to come back,I won't be absent for every race of yours!Go for it,Schumi!Waiting eagerly for your return!
18 December, 20:21; Monica, Canada
You're 41 - I'm 65, a fan from your first year in F1, but thanks to work and finances, I never got a chance to see you race. Looks like 2010 will be my second chance, too - Montreal GP, here I come!!!
18 December, 16:15; 褚禹, China
Schumi,i love you,don't matter which team you join.we love you,not the team. You are the best of me
17 December, 16:34; samira, syria
I'm really happy , you are really the best and F1 without you is nothing ,but why in Mercedes!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you schumi
15 December, 05:32; ryuichi19some, china
14 December, 17:01; vivian, china
please take care. please.
14 December, 15:11; Dawn, China
14 December, 13:46; 飒飒, china
just follow what you really want .my dearest. anything you do will certainly go with our sincere support.
14 December, 09:19; 隆, china
No matter Benz or Ferrari,if you come back,i would be in favour of you forever!!!!I would stand on your side!!!!!!!加油,舒马赫!!!!!
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