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1 February, 19:56; Alice, Lithuania
1 February, 05:18; rubens206, China

31 January, 18:46; sunyue, China
Thank you, Micheal!
31 January, 18:40; sunyue, China
The Return of the King!!!
31 January, 17:31; Schip, CHINA
Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika Angelika AngelikaAngelikaAngelikaAngelikaAngelika!!!!!!! sorry I just do this in order that you can notice me...- - I just want to make a friend and talk something about MICHAEL with you:-) I'm a girl in CHINA...My e-mail is tu.queen@163.com longing for your mail:-)VIELEN DANKE:-)
31 January, 17:19; Schiplove, China
You are going to take the winter testing tomorrow...
Just imaging the feeling you'll get after such a long-term...
My heart is filled up with warm and sweet ones...
Please just enjoy it,and have fun!
31 January, 15:07; 褚禹, China

30 January, 14:16; 婷, CHN
cheer up !!!
30 January, 08:27; Li, China
29 January, 01:57; Gigio, Romania
All I wanna say is that my heart is really broke in 2 parts now. I`m a really big fan of Scuderia, but I can never ever think about not supporting Michael. I`m extremely happy about his return but in the other hand... I`m quite sad because he`ll not drive a Ferrari ! Anyway... I hope that 2010 will mean the 8th world champion title !! GOOD Luck SCHUMI !
28 January, 16:30; Angelika, Cleve/Germany
Hallo Fans !
Bis vergangenen Montag war ich ja noch etwas unsicher, fährt Michael wieder oder nicht. Da er mit Nico vorgestellt wurde, muß es ja wohl stimmen. Ich glaube aber erst zu 100% daran wenn das erste Rennen im März ist. Es ist etwas eigenartig, ihn nicht mehr in rot zu sehen.
Aber ich bin und bleibe Michael Schumacher Fan, egal in welchem Auto er fährt, das habe ich immer gesagt.

Alles Gute und viel Glück lieber Michael Schumacher für dieses Jahr 2010. Auch Gesundheit und weiter ein harmonisches Familienleben. Dein Fan aus Cleve forever Angelika
27 January, 05:37; tiantian, china
26 January, 16:31; 飒飒, china
schumi,just ignore what those rubbish has said to you !they don't even try to know the real you !dont' stoop to answer their question.they do not have the qualification to have access to you ! take care! we love you !
26 January, 15:56; monica, china
watched your pics in benz~
well i still need sometime to change my mind from red to silver~
26 January, 07:55; Lulu, China
26 January, 04:53; tet, philippines
thank you michael! be safe always!
25 January, 22:14; Che, China
Schumi <3
25 January, 09:48; 飒飒, china
schumi ,thank you for your bless!
i love you !
22 January, 03:00; 捷, CHINA
Schumi 你可以的 O(∩_∩)O
20 January, 13:38; JOSEPH, LEBANON
20 January, 10:42; tiantian, china
so much missing you
18 January, 15:46; MSC7, China
you raise me up...
16 January, 14:33; 婷, CHN
16 January, 08:55; Amber, China
My darling, I hope you will get better~~
Please be careful.
16 January, 04:21; 飒飒, china
michael,i will have an ielts test next week .i am extremely nervous and anxious now.please give me some power !
dear,i'll work hard as you!believe me
16 January, 03:32; Erik Nilsen Aamot, Norway
A dream have happened Michael is BACK
14 January, 12:59; andersoni, germany
ein traum wird wahr..danke michael !!
14 January, 11:27; Jomy, India
Amazing to see so many chinese in here. Would think the world has been invaded by em'. Anyways, Always been and will remain your fan Michael. Looking forward to your drives in HD ... heheheh ;)
13 January, 09:11; Christine, Germany
Lieber Michael,

schön dass du zurück bist, habe die F1 Tickets schon bestellt, freu mich jetzt schon riesig :-)))

Dir alles Gute bis dahin und viel Spaß beim Testen!

Gruß Christine
12 January, 12:49; 飒飒, china
gib gas, michael! i know you tested for a brand today,have a rest and enjoy the beautiful night!
10 January, 12:08; monica, china
michael,hope you are happy these days~
you know~i love a boy,but i don't know his feeling about me~what should i do?
whatever~i love you
10 January, 11:56; tiantian, china
i must do my best to get that done
or you can not forgive me ,right?
haha,see you this year in shanghai !!!
10 January, 02:46; 飒飒, china
Michael you said you stayed in the factory of m-b these day.
i guess you were busy preparing for the coming season and discussing the technical problems with all the workers. all i want to say is that Michael,take care of your health .we are concerned about you .have a rest when necessary!
9 January, 21:49; Jerry, Canada
I hope you can get your 8th Championship!
8 January, 13:54; xiaokang, China
I will love you forever!
8 January, 12:56; 飒飒, china
哈哈 楼上是谁?小V?
schumi ,darling keep fit.your health and happiness is what we are concerned most about
8 January, 02:45; vivian, china
schumi, so u r back. ^^ 我只是很想你很想你啦啦啦~
7 January, 13:57; 飒飒, china
schumi!gib gas toi toi toi!
we believe in you
7 January, 13:41; Judy-xyz, Tai'an Shandong China
Kang,this is me.
7 January, 13:39; Judy-xyz, Tai'an Shandong China
Happy Birthday!And I hope it isn't too late~ Send my best wish to you! : )
7 January, 13:30; Judy-xyz, China
Welcome back,Michael !We love you forever.
6 January, 14:13; Windy lee, China
Welcome back. I never forget you, Please stay with us forever.
6 January, 04:18; 舒米舒迷, CHINA
4 January, 09:39; Azureen, Malaysia
Happy belated birthday, Michael. Sorry I couldnt wish you earlier. I Love You. So much. And I miss you too.
4 January, 05:33; 飒飒, china
my dearest ,long time no see.today is your first 41's day.how's everthing giong ?how was your birthday party .we were extremely happy yesterday,cause it's you that can only influence our emotion.we love you! i know the coming training and testing will be tough ,but we believe in you,you could eventually overcome all the difficulties.now,an old sentence suddenly occur to me:michael turn up your head to the sky ,cause it's the only thing that is bigger than you !
3 January, 15:27; Tracy, China
Dear Michael, Happy Birthday! On this most important day, I just want to say that my best wishes follow you everywhere...Have a good dream^.^
3 January, 15:11; Vova, Ukraine
Happy Birthday Schumi!!!!!
3 January, 15:01; rubens206, China
舒马赫生日快乐!!真高兴每年都能在这个时 候送上一份祝福!
3 January, 14:13; dy, China
宝贝,生日快乐,永远爱你!!!!!!!! !!
3 January, 13:57; dengchenchao, jinan,shandong,China
happy birthday!
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