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5 September, 21:11; Orges Dushku, England

Michael you have been the greatest ever F1 driver, I I don't want you to retire, you never struggled, you have tried your best in every race. If you retire Formula 1 will be boring with only alonso winning

I want you to show Alonso whos the boss for another season, I would love to see you beat him this season and next aswell

Regardsa Orges
5 September, 21:09; Peter, Scotland
The only thing you've yet to do is beat a teammate of 'equal' stature. Stay, beat Kimi fair and square. You will then be able to retire knowing that even the haters can't touch you.

Oh, and you may even find that your long standing (but frequently overshadowed) rival DC is a threat next year. (newey design, RB money and the same engine as you!)

It can only make for an exciting season.
5 September, 21:08; Ustas, Moldova
Are you crazy Michael?
If you'll quit i'll find you and kill you (joke)
You are the best pilot ever in the wrold. Your retire wiil be a very very big loss for F1. Please stay in Formula 1 an you won't regret.

YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 September, 21:07; Beckster, UK
Your actions, for better or worse, bring controversy and interest to racing. I long since stopped "supporting" any F1 drivers and instead shout at the telly at the driver I dont want to win. OK so i'm not a fan, but F1 wouldn't be the same without you. Please stay.
5 September, 21:05; Aidan, UK
Michael you have been my hero since i was a child i attend the British GP every year and every year i wait outside the paddock after the GP just to catch a glimpse of you. This year i was lucky as you actually walked out of the paddock amongst your fans including myself. It goes without mention that you are the best driver and i really want you to stay in F1 where you belong. At the end of the day Michael it is your choice whether or not to stay in F1 but i really hope that you do as you deserve another World Championship and i really want to see you win.
5 September, 21:02; Cristian, Moldova
Shumi don't leave us!!! Formula One without you is NOTHING!
5 September, 21:01; Rachel, UK
OMG LOLZ STAY micAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 September, 21:00; Fransisco, USA
Dear Michael.
Loving your orgasm face on the front page here,, hope none of you tifosi's are loving it too much! ;)
5 September, 20:59; Leif Bjorling, Sweden
It would be a shame to see Michael quit when he´s still the best there is! At least on more year Michael! Please!
5 September, 20:57; Andy, XP
pLease stay in f1. you arE the most Awsome driVer, and desErve everyones respect!!
5 September, 20:56; southener, usa
many people love u i dont see the big fuss thers always someone to drive ur car because your not a great driver youve got great team of engineirs
5 September, 20:49; Nanu, Moldova
Please stay in F1. we love you.
You are the best of the best's
5 September, 20:49; Russia, Russia
You are our life! please! 2 seasons!!!! Remain!!! (Committee rooter to Russia)
5 September, 20:48; Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, España
Please do not go, you are the essence of the F1, and I owe you most of the sport-joyceness that I have fell in the last 15 years. Thank you Michael.
5 September, 20:47; MorNazgul, Russia
F1 and Ferrari is yours.
So, don't break 'em, stay and win a three-more championships ;)

PS. And don't forget to make double in Monza!
5 September, 20:45; celic, moldova
Schumi don't go!!!!
we can't imagine F1 without you!!!
5 September, 20:45; Vladimir, Russia
Gooooooooo! Please, go away!
5 September, 20:45; John, USA
BECAUSE YOU ARE INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU CAN BE NO.1 IN FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LISTEN TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 September, 20:40; Andriy, Poland-Russia
Michael?you haven't done enough:you haven't beat Alonso/When you dp this you can live.
5 September, 20:38; Per, Sweden
Michael..whatever you decide i will support your decision. You have given us uncountable great moments to celebrate with your great driving and your love for motorsport.

But i would want you to win an eight title if possible so you could finish your career on the step you always belonged. The Tina Turner song "simply the best" reminds us of you.

5 September, 20:38; Antonio, Uzbekistan
Чёт все на англицком, а я на русском задвину речь =)))
Вобщем... давно я это дело уже не смотрю, но Ф-1 без Михаеля, это всё равно что финал чемпионата мира без Бразилии ;)
Кароч, оставайся нах! И мозг не ипи! Шундым?
Peace! Мы тебя любим! :)
5 September, 20:34; SloMilanista, Slovenia

5 September, 20:33; ASH, Wales
You've done enough, made your mark. It's been good.

Go now, live a long and happy life.

Or join Monty in NASCAR.

Personally, I don't care. Thanks for the memories.
5 September, 20:33; FINLUX, HUN
I luv ja stay
5 September, 20:32; TARZAAN, HUNGARY
5 September, 20:29; Mascha, Russia
Michael !!!!!
Рlease stay!!!!!!
5 September, 20:25; Hope, Serbia
Please Schu, stay with us.
5 September, 20:22; Moriatti, Munich
you won 7 titles. Its enough, bye bye in neverending Holidays with hundreds of millions Euro

Do something for poor children.

5 September, 20:19; Stay, STAY
5 September, 20:16; Kristoffer Karlsson, Sweden
I would be very empty without you!
5 September, 20:15; dima, Moldova, Republic of
bleaghi.. shini asta?
5 September, 20:15; Ansgar Waldmann, Deutschland
Jeff Jas. Schumiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
5 September, 20:12; Zsolt Valastyán, Hungary
Please stay and beat Alonso!
5 September, 20:12; Burn, Spain
You know you can do it, we know you can do it.
Just win the champioship this and go to another one in 2007 and 2008. 10 chamchioships should be a good number ;)
Just drive as you know, do what you were born to do.
Relax, concentration and get fun and the championships will be yours.
Your the best, now and ever
5 September, 20:11; RAdu Bogdan Giurgiu, Romania
Please stay in F1!!!
Next year U must beat Alonso!!!
You are the best!!!
Without U F1 will be poorer!!!
5 September, 20:10; Pisty, Romania
Michael please stay!!!!!!
5 September, 20:09; Vladimir, Russia
Don't give up. Without you races will be much less interesting.

You fought as a wounded lion in Hungary even when situation became worse.
5 September, 20:09; Jon Warmland, Sweden
Please don´t ruin our Sundays by leaving it to second rank drivers!
It took the world almost 100 years of motor racing to find one MIchael Schumacher and we don´t want to wait another 100 years!
5 September, 20:07; KImmi, Moldova
Ple... Misanea.. nafiga.. nu te du... ramii inca pe un an.. si rupei buka lu ALonso..
5 September, 20:03; Milo, Serbia
I start to watch F1 becouse of you and you now want to leave . Stay becouse if you live not only your fans will be sorry but even your antifans will not have anyone to curse . F1 will be boring till we don't get another driver like you .
Everyone will lose no one gets anything with your leaving f1.
5 September, 20:01; Manx Moseley, Monaco
Dear Michael,

Please stay in F1, you make everyone a lot of money. If, however, you do choose to retire please come and be my chauffeur in Monaco as I understand you can find parking places in the most unusual places.


5 September, 20:01; Alexey, Russia
Michael please stay, since 1994 when I first time seen you in race, nobody imressed me so much. You just the best. Present for us 1 year at least, please!
5 September, 19:57; James, England
I am not a fan of you, I have infact cursed your name serveral times over the years. However I think you are the most entertaining driver in F1, you have the passion, fitness and ability to beat anyone. Why stop now? You can run wheel to wheel with the best of the new drivers. Whatever you decide I am sure it will be the right thing for you and if you read this, i wish you success in whatever you choose to do.
5 September, 19:53; Damien, France
tu ne lira probablement pas ce message mais je souhaite ainsi que tous tes fans que tu reste en F1 encore longtemps !!! Pour l'amour de la F1, de la compétition, de Ferrari et de tes fans, tu te dois de rester en course !!! J'ai découvert la F1 grace à toi et très franchement sans toi la F1 ne sera plus la même, c'est toi le Roi !!! Ce n'est pas simplement pour que tu remporte un autre titre mais simplement pcq la F1 à besoin de toi... Lorsque je regarde un GP je suis tout exité du spectacle que tu vas nous donner, je suis comme un fou devant ma télé...

5 September, 19:52; Nadi Rustamova, Russia
Dear Michael, please stay in Formula 1 and Scuderia Ferrari in few next years and win still 3 championship... Without you the Formula 1 will not be intresting...
5 September, 19:49; gandalf, españa
si aun te diviertes en las carreras continua, cuando no disfrutes en ellas retirate. Recuerda lo que le paso a Raney cuando se queria retirar y le convencieron para seguir una ultima temporada
5 September, 19:47; Sergey, Ukraine
Hi is THE BEST!!!
5 September, 19:45; Roma, Russia, Moscow
Dear Michael, YOU ARE THE BEST DRIVER I'VE EVER SEEN!!! I can't live without you in F1. Please. Stay... One year or more - it doesn't matter. You can't stop at seven cups. You must GO FORWARD! We believe You! And We love You! So GO!!! FORZA FERRARI & MICHAEL SCHUMACHER!!!
5 September, 19:43; Jose Maria Aznar, España
5 September, 19:43; Felipe Massa, Brasil
Por favor Michael retirate, quiero ser campeón del mundo y no un escudero como Sancho Panza.
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