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6 September, 13:04; Ashna, Netherlands
Stay Michael.
6 September, 13:03; Alexander, Poland
Миша, Ты должен остаться!
6 September, 13:02; Alexander, Poland
Michael, I always supported you. You should stay if you still feel a great passion towards F1 and should give this world some more chances to see a great driver making some great racing. Decision is yours and we will respect that!
6 September, 13:00; Ashna, Holland
Michael please stay in F1.
You were my hero from the beginning i started watching F1.
People who are saying you're to old don't know what there talking about.
You're still one of the fitest drivers in F1.
If you're gonna retire i wish you all the luck in life.
But I'M certanly gonna miss you.
6 September, 12:58; Tarzaan, Hungary
Schumi! You are the best driver in the Formual 1 history. If you retire, I will thank you this 16 seasons, but I woldn'be happy. If you stay, I think your rivals woldnt'be happy. So please stay in, and fight 10-th title!
6 September, 12:55; Victor Platon, Republica Moldova
stai pe loc bade
unde myi caii
ytzi leshi copii fara myncare
au sa umble flamynzii prin lume
mai fa oleaca de banishori
asha ca

STAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 September, 12:54; Bjorn, Belgium
You are one of the best ever. Stay and break as many records as you can!

Retiring on a high point in your carreer is overrated, the more important question is: are you still having fun?
6 September, 12:54; Kishan, UK, Wales
Pleease stay in formula 1, Dont leave the team we all love, we love you schumacher!<
6 September, 12:51; James, England
Put yourself first, your fans will stand by you whatever!
6 September, 12:51; vlad, romania
come on just one more sezon! OH PLZ OH PLZ OHH PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
6 September, 12:44; mery, Spain
Please Michael don't leave the F1! The F1 without you won't be the same. You give a lot of emotion in GP. You will be ever the best and the number 1.
Good luck and best wishes from a fan.
6 September, 12:44; shiva, india
stay for one more year. hoping to see you next year
6 September, 12:44; Stanislav Markov, Bulgaria
Dear Michael
Since you make F1 what it is and that's fact, please stay for at least one more year. One tyre supplier will make it perfect to better show who's the best.
Hope you stay!
6 September, 12:44; Paul, England
Michael, please go!
While your any good!
6 September, 12:39; Salim, Lebanon
Michael please don't leave F1. I can't see F1 without you, F1 is my favorite sport, I don't know what I'm going to do if you retire because I can't imagine myself watching F1 without you. You are my best driver and the best driver in the world, some people say you are not the same as you were four or five seasons ago, they say this because they don't like you, but I don't see this at all, all I can see is that you still are as you have ever been, and even stronger and more experienced. You said yourself you're not gonna retire unless you don't have the speed anymore and you still have it, so please stick to your word... Good luck...
6 September, 12:25; Carole, England uk
Michael you are so adored, our family have supported you since 1991 and cannot even begin to imagine F1 without you, You are the very best that ever has been and cannot see any sign that you are slowing down. Please don`t step down yet we will miss you so much and F1 will be a lonlier place without you.
Lots of love and best wishes for whatever you decide you will always be number 1 to us.
6 September, 12:24; Ruslan, Azerbaijan
Michael please stay in F1. You are our hero and you are the Best!
6 September, 12:24; Marcel, Belgium
Bbye Schumi, hope you´ll retire soon!
6 September, 12:17; Theofilos, Greece
If Schumi retires, it won't be the end of his career. It will be the end of F1.
6 September, 12:16; Leo, Croatia
Stay Micheal, you have a lots of fans, dont disapoint us!! If you choose that you wont stay in F1, we will be with you becouse you are legend and you are in our hearts...

Your fan Leo!
6 September, 12:10; Jos, Belgium
Even the best has to stop someday!
Too bad its so soon.
I hope he rides one more season, to show the world that he is indeed the greatest.
6 September, 12:09; Bart, Belgium
If you say F1, you say SCHUMACHER
6 September, 12:03; Nikki, Australia

You are the Best! - Please stay on atleast for another year!

6 September, 12:02; Marcel, Germany
Michael Schumacher you are the greatest champion of all times, so please dont leave us. Just stay in F1 for one more year please.
6 September, 12:01; Marga, Spain
Thank you always.
If you decide to go on, thank you.
If you decide to quit, thank you.
No matter what you decide, I wish you luck and, above all, I wish you happiness.
6 September, 11:56; Giancarlo, Naples, Italy
Michael the best!
6 September, 11:54; Gorka Arce, Spain
Michael, you showed me what F1 was. I began watching it, in 1999, in I learnt that there a lots of champions, but few are what I call "A Champion". You're the boss of that few, champions that don't need the crown to demostrate what they are able of, and always push together with their team, without saying a bad word about the car, the team, pit crew... That is what made Ferrari unbeatable all this years, and you, the king of F1. Doesn't matter if Alonso wins this year, you are the real champion, and that will be remembered forever. Thanks for making life much pleasant.
6 September, 11:52; Gareth, Wales, UL
Michael - you still have so much more to give to the sport. Now is not the time to go.

Regards, Gareth
6 September, 11:49; Glenn J. Ramos, Pangasinan, Philippines
michael you can still compete with the other young drivers out there and some cant even match or equal your talents. 1 or 2 more years will do... no one can ever forget the seven time championship that easily. Agbiag k Michael.
6 September, 11:48; Amel, Slovenia
Michael. I am watching F1 since 1993 season. You are the best, all this time. Please don't leave us!
6 September, 11:42; AG, Philippines
Michael ka chaw...
6 September, 11:42; Zvone, Croatia
still the best!!!!!!!!!!
6 September, 11:35; John Clark, uk
Michael please stay you are such a great example of fair play, honesty and sportsmanship.......
6 September, 11:23; Satan, England
Michael, bleiben bitte in F1. Sie sind noch bei weitem der erfahrenste und professionellste treiber in auffangene. F1 ist an einem verlust ohne sie.

Wenn sie entscheiden sich zurückzuziehen, danke für alle diese jahre der freude und des spannenden F1.
6 September, 11:11; Ben Clark, England, UK
Dear Michael you are still competitive enough to continue in formula one. you still have the measure of your teammate and your winning grand prixs. With a different level of luck you would certainly currently be leading the championship, there is still a small chance of the title so keep pushing.

i was kinda hoping you would retire at the end of 2008 with 10 titles ! so win some more michael
6 September, 11:09; Laszlo Toth, Hungary
still the best needed to stay and continue!
6 September, 11:09; Pavel Stratan, Romania
Michael, si cu viata ta?
Nimeni nu te vor iubi ca noi!

6 September, 11:08; ferrar1f1, uk
schumiiii plssssssss stay. u r the greatest driver in f1 history. f1 will never be the same without u. u can easily dirver till u are 40 and still be the best out there. atleast stay for a few more years so we can have the joy of watching a master at work.
6 September, 11:07; Frunzik, Moldova
6 September, 11:06; Shetab, iran
U R a myth in this sport.

stay as u can
6 September, 11:04; Wyson Chin, Malaysia
Michael please stay in F1 for 1 more season..
6 September, 11:04; Mario F248, Croatia
Please, Michael, don't leave us, you are the best !!!
The world of formula will never be the same without you...
Dont let that son of the b.... Alonso to take your 8. title

6 September, 11:01; tet tiongco, philippines
michael, please stay! can't imagine how f1 will be without the master. you're still the best out there! please? I have yet to go to a grandprix and see you (personally) and watch you race--and i want this dream to come true.

but whatever your decision is, we, your fans, would support you.

6 September, 11:00; far, malaysia
when i first watch f1 the thing that caught my eye was ferrari and you were the driver. i was mesmerised and amazed at your hard work, dedication and passion to win. You became my idol and my hero even though at that time you lost the championship to mika hakkinen. imagining next season without you to be cheered saddens me...please stay for at least another year....let us the fans one last chance to see you drive but most importantly a chance for us to pay tribute to you....for good or bad things you have done..you will always be my idol and my hero!
6 September, 10:59; Slash, Guns N Roses
Micheal I need to write a song about you.

It will be simply called “Rock On”
6 September, 10:54; Elena, UK
Dear Michael,

I can't really put down into words how I feel but I'm gonna try.

F1 will be so boring without you. No race will ever have that same spark, emotion and constant 'butterflies-in-the-stomach' that it does when you are in it.

I firmly believe that this year's and, even more so, next year's championship is within your grasp, so please stay. You deserve more titles and wins and poles than you have already amazingly acheived.

I don't believe that you are ready to end this incredible career just yet, but if you feel you do then enjoy your retirement, but come back and see us every once in a while.

Elena xx
6 September, 10:49; Schumi_Rocks, UK
Please stay Micheal. You are better then any other word that can possibly describe. Plus you know you want to beat Alonso more then one time. Listen to your heart.
Millions & millions of your fans chanting "Schumi ..Schumi"

6 September, 10:45; steveninthematrix, SA
Michael, if you decide to retire, I wish you well for making F1 the pinnacle of motorsport, as you were the ultimate professional, pushing the boundary of what one driver can achieve...

I hope you stay and give us two more years, I believe you can are a fighter, keep fighting!!

as Senna said, 'racing is war'
6 September, 10:42; Fran, Spain
Please, Michael, don't leave us.
6 September, 10:39; Henk, Netherlands
I disagree, stop now, and protect yourself from more stupid faults like Monaco! That way, you protect your own image.
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