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6 September, 20:15; Tamas Szabadkai, Hungary
Schumacher ur the best pilot in de world pls stay in F1 !!!
and get the 8. VB!!!!
6 September, 20:14; ggajic, Serbia
If you don't feel passion for F1 leave.. If you leave there
is no turning back.. But I think that you still feel desire to win..
6 September, 20:13; Gergely, Hungary
Hi Schumi!Im ur fan!And I would like u to stay in f1 next year!There will be just bridgestone, so I think it willbe the easiest chamipionship os ur carieer!I hope u will stay with us!Bye
6 September, 20:13; Molpepe, Hungary
Schummy! Turn your eyes up to the sky, this is the only one thing, that's bigger than you!
6 September, 20:12; Balázs Csaba, Hungary
6 September, 20:11; stefan, Nederland
Please stay! :))
6 September, 20:11; Molpepe, Ungarn
Schumi! Bitte bleib in Formel-1! Das Rennsport braucht Dich!
6 September, 20:11; Mogyi, Hungary
Please, don't stay :P
6 September, 20:11; P_U_L_A, Bessarabia
Misha PEDORAZ :-)
6 September, 20:10; Vikuca, Hungary
Michael, please stay in Formula 1, you are THE BEST!
We need you!!!!!
6 September, 20:08; wildrain, Hungary
Please stay! :))
6 September, 20:08; Petya, Hungary
"F1 will never be the same without you. Your simply the best. " but you's give place to other f'pilot,. so bye-bye
6 September, 20:04; az, Slovenia
F1 will never be the same without you. Your simply the best.
6 September, 20:03; Janee, Hungary
Michael, we want to see fights in the F1, please stay, and fight with Kimi in the same car!
6 September, 19:27; BINko, Croatia
Youre simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone I've ever met!
Im stuck on your heart, I hang on every word you say
Tear us apart, baby I would rather be dead

In your heart I see the start of every night and every day
In your eyes, I get lost, I gte washed away
Just as long as Im here in your arms I could be in no better place...

Its the time you leave me I start losing control, youre walking away with my Heart and my soul, I can feel you even when Im alone, oh baby dont let go!
6 September, 19:26; Sunny, Hungary
Du bist das Gott!
6 September, 19:25; Maysi, Hungary
Michael! You're the best pilot Formula-1 ever had! Let you win this match! "You're ready for the victory"
6 September, 19:24; Bohóc, Hungary
Please don't go!!!!
Te vagy a legjobb!!!!!!!
6 September, 19:23; Tibi, Hungary
Schumi you are a F1 king forever!!!pleasa stay in F1 and win more champion!!!Go SCHUMI!!
6 September, 19:22; RED " POWER " FORCE, Hungary
6 September, 19:20; Zolaa, Hungary
Michael please stay in F1 because you are the BEST!!!
6 September, 19:20; János Hegyvári, Hungary
Schumi you are the Best pilot in the World. If you will go out from F1, it won't be good. I won't see it, if you go away. So please stay. I know you have enough power to win an another Wold Championship. Feel the Red Power!!!!

Schumi Forever!!!
6 September, 19:20; Fernando, Spain
Schumacher you are not wining this championship in this year! And this year, Fernando will be 2nd time world champion! And the Renault is winning the constructurs championship! Go away from F1 Schumacher! And one more time you or Kimi will overtake Giancarlo, I kick your head and Kimi"s two!
6 September, 19:20; Pieter, The Netherlands
Plz stay!
6 September, 19:19; Imre Pardi, Hungary
Michael. I'd like to see You and Felipe in Ferrari, Numbered 1 and 2. :)
6 September, 19:19; Csaba, Hungary
I like you are stay! The Formula-1 need are you!!!!
6 September, 19:18; PriZraK, Russian federation
Shumi, Russia loves your! Yoar are the Greatest!!
6 September, 19:18; Peter, Hungary
Michael! You are the best! PLEASE DON'T GO! FORZA FERRARI!!!!!
6 September, 19:17; simon, ENGLAND
PLEASE hurry up and leave you talentless crout with no overtaking skills unless in the pits !
6 September, 19:17; anakin, Russia
Michael is the BEST!!!! Forever!!! Pleeeeaaaase don't go!
6 September, 19:17; Emin, Azerbaijan
Michael, please, stay with Formula-1! Stay with Ferrari! Stay with us!
Михаэль, пожалуйста, останься с Формулой-1! Останься с Феррари! Останься с нами!
6 September, 19:15; Dan, Moldova
Alonso luzerrrrr,Michael the best. Scuderia 4-ever!
6 September, 19:14; Dan, Moldova
schumi you are the BEST!!!!!!! my country love you fery mutch.Россия и Шуми 4-ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-================]]]]]]]]]]]
6 September, 19:03; Criss, Romania
Kick Alonso's but!
6 September, 18:56; Palo, Slovakia
Michael, you are hero! pls do not go!
6 September, 18:49; Ralf, Hungary
6 September, 18:49; Steve, UK
You have brought joy to me and so many, so now it's your turn; do whatever is right for you. You are intelligent in and out of the car and a great man.
6 September, 18:46; F1Fan, Belgie
Schumi blijf in de F1 je bent nog steeds de beste die er is.
6 September, 18:39; Patak, Hungary
6 September, 18:38; Jesús, Spain
Please don't give up.

F1 needs you.
6 September, 18:36; Alberto Dietz, Spain
Hi, Michael
Although I wish you would continue, you are your own boss and I respect whatever decision you take.
Best regards and ... Forza !
Alberto Dietz
6 September, 18:33; Nebojsa, Serbia
Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay....
9 is my lucky number
6 September, 18:29; kimi rakkonien, finland
pls micheal leave, i dont want u 2 embarras me next year. there is no way i can beat u in the same car, have pity on me.
6 September, 18:26; Sara, Spain
Michael you're the best driver in the history of F1... please stay in Ferrari....

Michael eres el mejor piloto de la historia de la F1... todos nosotros te echaremos de menos si te vas.... Por Favor, quedate en Ferrari
6 September, 18:22; M@no, Hungary
Micheal, please stay in Formula 1! this will is boring without you!
6 September, 18:22; Lucia, China
Michael please don't go.
I love you and only love you.
So many tracks are still waiting for you to conquer!
I don't know how to live without you.
If you go..please tell me how can i quit you...
6 September, 18:18; MP, Germany
Mighty Michael, please stay, I couldn't stand to have my pajamas stay dry all night
6 September, 18:15; Paulo, Portugal
Stay. It seems that some peoplo are afraid that you keep going and rule out their weekends.
Long live the Red Baron.
6 September, 18:02; Mat, UK
Still the champ win or not! You're still a young guy what's one more year to say your goodbye's.
6 September, 18:00; Parham Pourbayramian, sweden
Plizzzz STAY , i havent seen you on a f1 course and if i miss it i will kill myself !!!
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