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6 September, 17:30; Patrick, UK
Michael, Please stay my friend, who cares if you don't win this years championship,.
You are a Champion and a legend...
Please Stay!
Good luck
6 September, 17:28; SKOH, Singapore
I don't watch MoToGP Anymore because no more Eddie Lawson or Wayne Rainy
6 September, 17:27; sag1966, Ukraine
Присоединяюсь ко всем, кто не мыслит современную Формулу 1 без Михаэля. Не уходи!
6 September, 17:26; SKOH, Singapore
Micheal, pls stay!!! I only watch F1 because of you.
6 September, 17:26; Osiris, Nederland
Take Ferrari to the top again!
6 September, 17:25; Ada, china
Schumi,I Love you!
Do not let me despair!!!You are my all!!!
6 September, 17:19; Keijo, Finland
Keep on going!
You cant quit now!
6 September, 17:19; Christian, Sweden
Schumi, one more year please!!!
6 September, 17:10; John, CHINA
Dear Michael Schumacher!
Please! Do not retire!
6 September, 17:08; inferno2ghjjk, Germany
Михаэль, останься
потому что без тебя гонки становятся неинтересными
6 September, 17:08; TrueSport, Solomon Islands
ой не нада...
6 September, 17:07; DRIVER-IIIypa, Russia
без Михаэля Шумахера не будет смысла в просмотре гонок а достойной замены ему пока нету а может и вообще не будет
6 September, 17:05; Mike, Украина
Михаэль! Останься, пожалуйста!!!! Мы все за тебя переживаем!!!
6 September, 17:05; Julia, Hungary
Hi! i hope you see this site... I respect your decision, whether it is to continue or stop. Good luck in the future, everything you will make!!! You are the best, dont forget!!
6 September, 17:05; Thick, Ukraine
Only stay in F1, I'll glad see yuo in any appointment :)
6 September, 17:03; Szekely Sipos Sandor Zolta, Romania
Please stay in Formula 1 for 1 (+1) year. You are the best and Formula-1 would be less without you.

Michael for 10 times world champion!
6 September, 16:57; Jamie Aydin, Holland
Just stay?
6 September, 16:52; Karthik reddy, India
Shumi pls Say no.......................................
6 September, 16:51; Karthik, India
Shumi were are the Best, You are the Best, You will be the Best
6 September, 16:37; Nitin, India
Shumi pls dont quit....
6 September, 16:34; S.Valen, uk
I have cried for many hours in row now, i cant accept that you might Retire michael, i beleive you are the one meant for me, we should be together
6 September, 16:33; baddog, sheepland
Michael, please never leave f1, except if it is for a trip to NZ to meet me naked in the sauna
6 September, 16:31; S.Valen, uk
Michael you are so good looking, you need to stay in f1, i cant live without you babe, i want to marry you.
6 September, 16:30; shadoo, uk
wish u wouldn't go man, but i guess u got to do watz ryt for u. Don't ever be fooled by people saying u used to be a champion, coz to me u will always be my no.1 no matter if u lose the championship this year or lose for another five years. NO BODY DID IT BETTER THAN U...U WILL ALWAYS BE A 7 TIMES WORLD CHAMPION
6 September, 16:28; Юрий, Yuri, RUSSIA
Первым делом опереди Алонсо и Рено!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! НО ВСЁ РАВНО ОСТАНЬСЯ В F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, основная часть России перестанет интересоваться F1 без тебя!!!

First outstrip Alonso and Renault!!!! But all the same remain please!!! The basic part of Russia will cease to be interested F1 without you!!!

Überhole Alonso und Renault erstens aber bleibe obwohl auf das Jahr bitte !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Der Hauptteil Russlands wird aufhören, sich F1 ohne dich zu interessieren
6 September, 16:27; BOPOH, Russia
Don't be afraid, Kimi is a good teammate :)
& u CAN beat him.
C u in Melbourn...

6 September, 16:27; Evgeniya, Russia
Michael!! Please!!! Stay in F-1!! Love yor, master!!!!
6 September, 16:24; Markku Mikkola, Finland
Please stop driving. Your time is over in F1, Stoping on the top is right choice for you!
6 September, 16:24; Mindaugas Jocius, Lithuania
You're just too good to leave :)) So dont even try to do that!
6 September, 16:24; K0m@n4, Russia
Please stay! We are die without you!
6 September, 16:22; christian, denmark
plzz stay
6 September, 16:16; Ferrari Boy, Spain
You are simply the best, Michael.

Stay in F1!!!!
6 September, 16:04; Nerm, England
Please, please, please stay in F1!

We all need someone to hate and there is no other driver who comes close to filling your cheating size ten's.

Love, Nerm
6 September, 15:54; Michael, Should Retire
Please leave F1 while you can - before you really start to go off the boil!

You are hugely talented but so are the other drivers who have youth on their side. Alonso is in all honesty more sharper and consistant, and Raikkonen has the edge in raw pace. Whilst you are still good, you should leave whilst you can.
6 September, 15:50; PRASANNA MADHAVAN, INDIA
6 September, 15:48; Graeme, South Africa
Ignore the negative crap- 'the things losers say.'
Michael is twice the driver Mansell was, and he won his title at 39. Keep winning Schumi, South Africa supports you! 1 more year at least!!
6 September, 15:46; Kim, Belgium5
Michael, it will be my saddest day if you leave.

I've been a fan of yours for 12 years and I will always consider myself a fan even after you stop ( but don't stop yet )

6 September, 15:45; Tareq Deeb, UAE
F1 officials must understand that this years, views were interested about shumi's fight to retain his number 1 spot, it wasnt about Alonso's wining it again. Last year the story was about you loosing your number 1 spot. Next year it should be you fighting with the newcommers and the young talent for one more round. Leaving now will leave a gap in the heart of your supporters, they think next year on top with a greate fight with kimi and alonso for the number 1 sport will be the best way to leave the sport as a driver
6 September, 15:40; Daniel Sloan, New Zealand
Michael, stay. No one else has a personality. The races will just be Alonso pulling the fingers at backmarkers and Buttons engine blowing up every now and then. Stick with it, you've given us some exciting races this season, I'm sure there would be more to come next year!
6 September, 15:39; Mersad Buza, Bosnia-Herzegowina
Stay in Formula 1, because without you it will never be the same.
6 September, 15:35; Ron Dennis, South Africa
I want to See Alonso Give you a hiding for a 3rd Season in a row in 2007.
6 September, 15:32; AdemMeral, Turkey
What will you do outside? Drink coffee in a happy family situation? Stay where you belong.
6 September, 15:26; Neven, Australia
Michael, please stay for at least another year in Formula 1. It won't be same without YOU. Stay and prove YOU are the best.
6 September, 15:24; UrKo, Slo
Just leave....who cares
6 September, 15:24; mis_phreak, malaysia
Do stay and kick donkeys butt next year....u r d true champ and NO ONE comes close to replace u ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 September, 15:23; PEOPLE OF THE, WORLD
6 September, 15:16; Vyacheslav, Uzbekistan
Michael, I think all of your fans want the two things now:

1) Your 8th Championship Title in 2006
2) Your stay in F1 for at least 1 more year

We know that you are still able to give us the above two things and you deserve them than any one else in F1
6 September, 15:06; Yury Godyna aka PoweredByRenault, Russia
Michael, you gave us beautiful races. You won all you could.
You are one of the ever greatest f1-drivers. Just do what you think is right for you.
But I want you to know - all your fans want you to be on top. If you think you can win - stay in. But if you have doubts... may be it'll be better to leave.
Good luck, Sunnyboy!
6 September, 15:05; DANA, ROMANIA
You are an inspiration for me, the passion you put in everything you do has inspired me to move on and fight for what i want while i was going through some difficults moment in my life. That's why i want to thank you. Please don't retire now! You're still the best and no one could ever take you place!
6 September, 15:05; Maja, Germany
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