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7 September, 00:39; Dave Moss, UK
Michael drinks semen.
7 September, 00:38; tits, tits
7 September, 00:35; Jelena, Croatia
Michael....... PLEASE STAY..... JUST ONE MORE YEAR....
You are the heart of Formula One, simply the best driver ever! please stay
7 September, 00:33; Ad0lf Hitler, He11
Come join me and your true father; Beelzebub, in the fiery Underwurlde Michael,
Love always, your spiritual brother, Ad0lf x x x
7 September, 00:29; Chris, UK
Im already in tears at the thought of you leaving...Dont xXxX
7 September, 00:29; Sven, Sweden
You are full of sh1t you cheating kr@ut kvnt.
Fvkk off and die painfully!
7 September, 00:27; TUUUR_HEERDAL, sea
7 September, 00:26; z, earth
D r i n k
y a d /p o i s o n.

7 September, 00:24; zeppelin(ru), earth
G o a w a y!
D i r t y c h e a t e r.
7 September, 00:19; Dirk, Australia
Go swim with the stingrays Michael.
7 September, 00:14; whats this sh1t?, eh?
Remember: together we can win the biggest Grand Prix - watch cu.nt features in F1 for at least one more year!
7 September, 00:13; Charlie Whiting, England
Your 'crash' at Monaco this year was very convincing Michael.
Sure had me fooled there...Bravo! x x x
7 September, 00:10; Stirling Moss, England
Why did you smile on the Imola podium after the great Senna had died Michael?

Perhaps you can explain that to the world before you leave F1.
7 September, 00:08; Tibor, Hungary
Michael , don't leave us in the lurch ! Whom would we make our fingers crossed, when you retire?!
Why shall we wait for the 2007 season-debut, when you were in absence ?!
Please, think about us (about your fans) and let's see that legendary fiery-red Ferrari (With Michael Schumacher at the steering-wheel) at least one more season.
Thank you for all the joy and pleasure, you had given us , during your unique,marvellous career ! Please,Let us experience them further !
7 September, 00:06; Boris, Germany
I remember you from school you took me from behind in the boys showers after a football match - remember?

You would have been banned from the school except you were a hero for your go karting.

Well I have never been able to live a normal life since you violated me, I expect you dont really care though anyway.
7 September, 00:03; Dorgu8, Hungary
Please Michael stay in the F1.
Don't go away. Your are the best F1 driver.
7 September, 00:02; Billy Bob Ecclestone, UK
When you retire people wont be able to stop smiling.
You are the f@eces on the pavement of the F1 road to he11.
6 September, 23:58; Tibor, Hungary
Michael ! Don't leave us in the lurch ! Whom would we keep our fingers crossed for, if you retire ?!
Why shall we wait for the 2007 Formula One season debut , when you were absence ?!
Please, think about us (about your fans) and don't be "selfish" ,when you will make your decision,about the future. Thank you in advance !!!
6 September, 23:57; scynaz, UK
I wanna svck your tanks dry Michael, I am in love with you!
6 September, 23:53; spudster, UK
please dont just retire.
Please crash and turn yourself into a vegetable for the benefit of humankind.
I know your sick fans will be sad, but who cares about them?
6 September, 23:49; Sergio, Canada
All I want you to do is win this years championship!!
6 September, 23:47; Martin, Uruguay
C'mon man!
If you beat Alonso this year, you can do whatever, please, stay...
6 September, 23:47; B&C, none of your business satan fans

I have heard stories that he has c@rnal knowledge of canines and once gave Bernie Ecclestone a bl0w job back in 1991 in order to get a drive in F1.
In Kerpen where he was born in Germany he has been described by children who knew him at school as :-
"A s3xual devi@nt", "A s@tan worshipper". "A bedw3tter", "A serial m@sturb@tionist" and an "Animal worrier".
When he dies he wants "See I told you I was a kvnt" on his gravestone
6 September, 23:46; Berger and Chips true F1 fan, England
Schumacher is the f3stering, g@ngrene riddled @rseh0le of motor racing. Always first in line when the illeg@l components are being dished out, he was quite clearly last in line when good looks and personality were being dished out.

6 September, 23:45; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 23:41; Janika, Hungary
In the F1, or not, he is one of the greatests!
6 September, 23:39; Palánki Zoltán, Hungary
Please stay !!!!!!
6 September, 23:37; CT, UK
Oh Michael, I love you. Will the skin on my face ever be as smooth as yours? Or will it always be pot marked and smelly?
6 September, 23:35; Alap, Hungary
Go to your family!
You are too old for this game
6 September, 23:31; A fan, Romania
Schumi just think again before taking... THE DECISION.
As a fan of yours, I can only say: don't give the green light to our agony, stay in F1!!!!!!
6 September, 23:31; Attila Debreczeni, Hungary
Your are a legend! You are a 7 times world champion! I wish You see in Formula-1 in the next year too!!!
6 September, 23:29; Krisz, Hungary
S T A Y IN F1!!!!!
6 September, 23:23; Antal Wolfárd, Hungary
Du bist immer noch der absolut BESTE!
Wir alle drücken den Dauimen für Deinen Sieg dieses Jahr, und möchten es auch in 2007 tun!
6 September, 23:21; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 23:20; János, Hungary
6 September, 23:17; drive, MD
i dont understand u, but not problem! :-) GOOOO GOOOO MICHAEL! ooo i wish u stay in Formula one.
6 September, 23:20; Michael Schumacher, Germany
Ja you make sense SamWhile
6 September, 23:20; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 23:19; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 23:17; SamWhile, Uk
oooh Michael.... the wet weather master... before button....please dont leave... who will we laugh at .. who will jump so elegantly like you on the podium.... you ar ethe master of pitlane passes... how will Formula One cope without you.. i know having Raikkonen as a teammate puts the fear of god into you but thats no reason to leave...we want to laugh at you for at least another year yet :) Who can be more contraversal than you?

We will miss you like a hole in the head...

Go Kimi 2007 wdc
6 September, 23:17; drive, MD
János, позови Angéle, она обещала сделать мне массаж перед сном. :)
6 September, 23:16; Gokusan1, Hungary
We're gonna win
Don't wanna be a loser - gonna DIE STUPID HA HA THIS IS WRONG

Cuz winnin' really is the only thing
Get out of the way we're comin' in
If ya wanna fight just step inside the ring
Does anybody wanna take a swing?
It's gotta be all or nothing
Oh we're gonna be the champions
Ya we're goin' all the way - we're gonna win win

We're gonna win
Forget about a draw - we're gonna score
And then we're gonna get a few more
another one just to be sure
We'll make ya look just like an amateur
Until the final whistle it's a war
And then we're gonna pick ya off the floor
We wanna hear the crowd really roar
Ya - we're comin' in we're gonna win win

We're gonna win - we wanna win
Cuz number one is everything
We're gonna win - we wanna win
We're gonna be the champions
We're gonna win

6 September, 23:15; János, Hungary
Come on, come on, don't leave us! STAY! Michael!
6 September, 23:14; ZUZANA, SCOTLAND
PLEASE S T A Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 September, 23:13; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 23:12; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 23:12; Jarik, Russia
Thank U for everything, for every GP, for all records, for all titles, for all worrings, for all tears and smiles...Let us have all this for the next couple of seasons:) Stay and beat 'em all!!!
6 September, 23:09; Kirill Maysenia, Belarus
Михаэль, спасибо тебе за все, что ты сделал и делаешь для Формулы 1. Я уверен, что ты выступаешь уже не столько для себя, сколько для всех своих поклонников, которые все эти годы были и остаются с тобой. И даже после того, как ты завершишь свою карьеру, ты всегда будешь для нас лучшим и символом королевских гонок на все времена. Я горд, что когда-нибудь смогу рассказать своим детям, что я видел, как гонялся МИХАЭЛЬ ШУМАХЕР!
Danke Michael! Du ist bester!
6 September, 23:09; yy12334, MOON
6 September, 23:08; TrueSport, Trinidad and Tobago
Angele, welcome:
6 September, 23:08; Peter, Hungary
Michael please stay. Or else you're gonna be the rabbit - escaping when a real competiton comes to the house. RAIKÖNNEN!
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