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7 September, 12:15; Norb, Hungary
You were you are and you will the BEST EVER! Forza Schumi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay in Ferrari please!
7 September, 12:15; Jesús, Málaga
Se va por COBARDE sabe que Alonso y Cia le estan dando muchos doleres de cabezas y no tiene valor para afrontarlo.
7 September, 12:14; Amos, Australia
Stick around Schuey... it's been a long and great career, but c'mon, just one more year... flog 'em all!
7 September, 12:11; Jesse, Hungary
Michael please stay!!! We need you! F1 needs a true champion! I want to see your 100th Win!!! ;) You are the best, the king, the master, the champion!!
7 September, 12:08; Armin, Hungary

I hope you see all these comments, I hope you see how much people love you and how much we all want you to stay at least one more year.

It is obvious that you are still the fastest driver on the track, I just do not understand why you think about retiring, just because some of the other drivers are tired of being 2nd or 3rd and they want you out of F1?

Normally what happened is that a good driver got into a fast car and won the title. In your case Ferrari was nowhere when you joined in, remember? You were the one to breathe Life into the team, you worked so hard to reach the top, and you did it! And you brought everyone in the team along. It's amazing how you motivated all those people you gave meaning to their Lives as well, amazing what you have accomplished and what you have done for Formula 1 as well. People will always remember that, I really do not think that anyone will ever come even close to what you have done here.

Please think about it, next year all the hassle with the tyres is gone, Michelin is out of the game, you guys have the edge. Plus there is Alonso, you just can't let him win, just can't let that happen!!! We are all keeping our fingers crossed so that you win the GP in Italy and get your 8th World Title.

All the bests to you Michael, really hoping to see you in F1 next year!
7 September, 12:06; Arturo, Spain
¡¡¡...Schummi quedate, Schummi quedate, Schummi quedaateeeeee!!!
7 September, 12:04; balazs, budapest
Michael !

Please stay in F1 and FERRARI !
7 September, 12:04; Albert, Catalonia
F1 needs you Michael.
7 September, 12:03; Jean Todt, French
Please don't leave alone.
I love you.
7 September, 12:00; pepinero, España
You may stay in your house. You are a very dirty driver. Villeneuve and Hill are witness that.
A tu puta casa coño
7 September, 11:59; zsóka, Hungary
Schumi please stay in F1!!!!You are the Best!!!!!
7 September, 11:58; KYTOS, SPAIN
Ferrari still needs a leader like you to beat Alonso
Please, don´t leave us with all the papers and TV News talking about Alonso is the best. I know you are... and you will be again
7 September, 11:57; Ritarong, China
I don't wanna say goodbye. please stay in~
All of us need you. You're tne hero in my heart~
7 September, 11:56; lucy, slovakia
Schumi you are the best always.go go go
7 September, 11:56; Judy, China
Michael, you are the best. I hope you can stay in F1.
7 September, 11:55; xiaopangmd, China
Michael Please! Please stay in F1!! We need you !You are our king!
7 September, 11:54; Balazs, Szabolcs, Hungary
Kívanjuk a legjobb döntest! Bízunk benned

Wir wünschen dir am besten Entscheidung! Wir treuen in Dir!
7 September, 11:52; BaGS, USA
Schumi stay in F! please !!!
we need a true champion like you!
7 September, 11:52; Aris, China
Schumi,don't leave me aloneT,T

Schumi,turn ur eyes to the sky---it's the only thing bigger than u.
7 September, 11:51; HuYiyuan, China
Schumi,stay in F1 please.....
F1 would nonsense if you leave . You are belong to F1and belong to your fans,stay here ,just stay here...
7 September, 11:46; Jackie, China
shumi,the king
7 September, 11:45; minjo, slovakia
it´s time to say goodbye, michael, kimi´s coming here. ;-)
7 September, 11:45; Marc, Catalunya
Micheal please stay in F1 for all of your live. You are the best!!!
7 September, 11:45; CrimeSindicate, USA
Да вы ничерта не шарите в Ф1, ******!
Хватит ныть!
7 September, 11:43; 南极虾, China
7 September, 11:42; 最爱环法, 中国
7 September, 11:42; shahin 13, iran
tanx for memories & you are the best in all times but its time to leave
7 September, 11:36; Imi Molnar, HUN
Michael ,you have to stay! Plaese,don't leave us alon! You KING ! ! !
7 September, 11:31; tiva, spain
Michael stay in f1 please...to beat alonso this year and next...michael schumacher rules¡¡
7 September, 11:31; Cedric, Switzerland
Thanks for the beautiful time. The decision is right
7 September, 11:27; Henry, China
Michael is the best
7 September, 11:27; Pedro de la Rosa, Spain
Who is Schumacher??? Alonso is the 1.
7 September, 11:27; 秦起风, 中国
7 September, 11:27; Thantalas, spain
No te retires que todavia puedes dar guerra a los jovenzuelos.
7 September, 11:27; Jose, Spain
Schumi, quedate...aunque sólo sea para joder a Alonso.
7 September, 11:26; Fernando Alonso, Spain
Please don't go, I wanna beat you two more years!
7 September, 11:26; Marco, Slovakia
Please stay, and make your fans happier!
7 September, 11:26; micael_zapatero, spain
please stay pero en tu casa topedo!
7 September, 11:25; foroacb, spain
desde el foro que no te marches shumiiiiiiiii

7 September, 11:24; mikael_zapatero, spain
please stay pero en tu casa torpedo!
7 September, 11:24; Sylvia, China
Please stay with us,never say goodbye~~
We all need you~~
7 September, 11:22; Szabolcs, Hungary
Michael, please stay in the F1! we would like to share your happines when you win and see the joy onyour face when you are in a big battle with someone.
7 September, 11:22; peng jiaqing, china
Michael ,Please stay in F1!!!
7 September, 11:22; Marc, Catalunya
Michael Please Stay in f1 we need you.

Michael sisplau no deixis la formula 1 sempre as set i seras el mes gran
7 September, 11:21; Marc, Spain
please stay in f1
7 September, 11:20; Bella, Russia
Michael PLEASE STAY IN F1!!!!
We need you!
7 September, 11:18; Kati, Romania
Mchael,please stay in Formula1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 11:18; Krisztina, Hungary
Lieber Michael, Du bist der beste! Du sollst bleiben und für alles zeigen!!!!!
7 September, 11:18; robi78, Hungary
Please stay in F1!!!
7 September, 11:13; Viki, Hungary
We need you!!!!!
Please, STAY IN FORMULA 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4
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