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7 September, 17:09; Стас, Russia
Михаэль!!! Тебе еще есть что и кому доказывать!!! Покажи всему миру кто КОРОЛЬ Формулы-1!!! Вперед!!!!
7 September, 17:09; Vincenzo, Italy
Schumacher rimani
7 September, 17:09; Paola, Italia
Senza di te spariranno dal mio cuore passione, emozioni e brividi per le corse. Puoi ancora regalarmi momenti di gioia incredibile... rimani, ti prego!!! E comunque grazie grazie grazie!!!
7 September, 17:09; becky jackson, england
don,t do it Michael, still too many years left in you yet. Who else is going to keep the fight alive with Alonso
7 September, 17:09; jelemy, china
you are the F1's GOD,so you can't leave!
7 September, 17:09; Reshma, UK
Formula 1 will not be the same without you...
7 September, 17:08; Aleksandr, Ukraine
Michael? you are the best driver in history F1! Please? stay with us. Eigth title - our dream. You in F1-our DREAM!
7 September, 17:08; Lana, Russia
Schumi You are best, please stay in F-1!!!!!!!
7 September, 17:08; Sreevishnu, India
Schumi,,,,,,,plz plz plz plz plz stay in F1............plz i dont think u enjoy anything other than F1..........and I dont Like to see an F1 Grid without Schumi!........ Plz we LOVE u sooooooooooooooo much.....as there is no one else in this world who can beat......... Stupid Alonso and Kimi is not at a Match for ur brilliance PLz stay for 2 more years ,, plz I m ONE of your greatest FANS
7 September, 17:08; ЗЛОЙ АЛОНЗО, Norway
7 September, 17:08; Kostya, Belarus
Your driving is as bright as dancing and as vivid as firefly. Please stay with us. Yours, Kostya from Gomel
7 September, 17:07; Judith, England
Michael - please stay - we need the excitement of a real driver in F1 - it will be boring without you
7 September, 17:07; Danny, Italy
C'mon Michael ! Don't give up now ! It's true that, if Todt & Ross leave, Ferrari will need some time to adapt to the new management, It's also true that, to be quicker than Kimi, you'll have to do your very best... However, you have absolutely nothing to lose, because if Kimi will be quicker, you will say that he's younger (nice excuse, haha) and if Ferrari won't be the best car, you will can help them a lot, as you always did during all these years... I know that people says that you're 37, that you won everything, that you're getting quite old to drive... But HEY, those are just "psychologic bulls*it" which you shouldn't pay attention on, because what matters is your motivation, your will to challenge which has absolutely nothing to do with money, it's called PASSION ;) Keep going, Schumi ! :) Danny
7 September, 17:07; Rublix, Russia
7 September, 17:07; Timmo, Estonia
Don't leave us yet! Stay for at least one more year!
7 September, 17:07; marco, germany
Keep going!!!
7 September, 17:07; Maxim, Ukraine
Dont leave us. We are believe in you!
7 September, 17:07; Anton, Russia
Michael, I Think You can more. Formula one will lost very much if such great draver leave it. Stay on two year yet!
7 September, 17:07; lau, italy
michael don't leave F1,you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are F1!!Ich hab' dich lieb!!thank you for all the emotions you've given me!
7 September, 17:07; Robert, England
Michael, I wish you all the best, whatever you decide to do. Personally, I'd love to see you continue to drive and win more world titles, and be the only driver to win in excess of 100 Grand Prix. But the decision is yours. Good luck for the future, whatever you decide to do.
7 September, 17:07; ratnaditya, india
schumi...pls dont leave
7 September, 17:07; Simon, Austria
The worlds greatest champion should resign? Come on, only one year longer!!! Please!!!!
7 September, 17:06; Philip, Deutschland
Schumi, egal wie du dich entscheidest, du bist und bleibst der beste Rennfahrer aller Zeiten!! Niemand hat die Formel 1 so geprägt wie du. Egal was alle Neider und Vollidioten sagen, die Formel 1 wird ohne dich nicht die selbe sein! Häng noch ein Jährchen dran und zeig allen wo der Hammer hängt. Mit Kimis "Unterstützung" holst du bzw. Ferrari nächstes Jahr wieder zwei Titel! Egal wie du dich entscheidest: Danke für alles!!! You are the greatest!!!
7 September, 17:06; Adam, Italy
Please Stay Michael!!!You Are The Best Driver Of Formula 1!!! Thanks for all the beautiful moments that you have given to us!!!I hope that you will still give to us of the beautiful moments remaining in Formula 1!!!Thanks from the deep of my heart, CHAMPION!!!
7 September, 17:06; bonza, Russia
А теперь на родном отпишусь - не слушай разных мудаков - просто не уходи. Формула потеряет блеск.
7 September, 17:06; James, England
Michael keep going your my hero and you can beat anyone in the world!
7 September, 17:06; hans, ommen
Stop now!!
7 September, 17:05; Kozhakhmetov Timur, Kazakhstan
Michael, you are the best. Thank you!
7 September, 17:05; Francesca, Italy
a Venezia hai detto che siamo la tua famiglia...ora non lasciarci... Michael don't leave F1...Michael don't leave FERRARI!!!!
7 September, 17:05; fensches, Germany
Michael, lass Deine Fans weltweit nicht im Stich.
7 September, 17:05; Squall, Germany
@Cecotto mach das erst Mal nach bevor Du Kritik übst !
7 September, 17:05; Peter Van Diemen, Belgium
Michael, you just have to carry on ! If you don't, I will kill myself and it will be your fault !
7 September, 17:05; Alexander, Russian Federation
сука и суда забрались падонки Shumi, i`m not your fan dut i like Ferrari but it will be better for yuo and team work togather for one more year to deafet everyone totaly good luck
7 September, 17:05; Sergey, Podolsk, Russia
Michael please stay in Ferrari F1!!!
7 September, 17:05; Hans R. Wisler, Costa Rica
Ich würde noch ein, zwei Jahre bei der F1 mitfahren. Sie sind der Beste seit Jahren - ohne Sie wird die F1 "saulangweilig" und uninteressant.
7 September, 17:05; richard jacobsson, iceland
there is no apparent reason that i can see for you to leave f1 just take the title this year and be with us next year dont let the biased/british press have affect on your decission i dont think there is a f1 driver out there that comes close to you both mental and fischical fitness
7 September, 17:05; Lexa66rus, Russia
Shumi, you love speed, you stay in f1.
7 September, 17:04; Dobrinka Mileva, Bulgaria
7 September, 17:04; Guido Glück, Deutschland
Weitermachen! Was denn sonst?
7 September, 17:04; Dr.Zoidberg, Germany
Lieber Michael, du bist derjenige weshalb ich begonnen habe Formel 1 zu schauen und seit dem habe ich kaum ein Rennen verpasst. Vielen Dank für die spannenden Rennen die du abgeliefert hast. Du bist einer der wenigen Sportler die immer unermüdlich für ihren Sport gearbeitet haben. Du hast die Formel 1 gelebt und wenn du jetzt aufhörst ist das einzig und alleine deine Entscheidung, auch wenn ich diesen Schritt bedauern würde, aber irgendwann ist alles einmal zu Ende. Es wird vielleicht nie wieder solch einen erfolgreichen Formel 1 Fahrer geben und ich bin froh deine gesamte Karierre live miterlebt zu haben. Welchen genialen Sportler die Formel 1 mit dir verliert werden viele Leute erst begreifen wenn du nicht mehr fährst!
7 September, 17:04; Ralf Schneider, GERMANY
Mit dir ist die Formel1 spannend, ohne dich gewinnt einfach irgend jemand...
7 September, 17:04; Cecotto, Germany
Es wird eine Freude sein, andere gewinnen zu sehen, wenn du mit den unfairen Methoden,unfairen Verträgen deiner Fahrerkollegen und den ganzen fragwürdigen Gestalten um dich herum, der Vergangenheit angehörst. Noch nie konnte jemans so wenig stolz auf Titel und Siege sein, wie du. Nimm dein Geld und schäm dich den Rest deines Lebens.
7 September, 17:03; Claas Harnack, Germany
Michael, bitte bleib in der Formel 1 !!! Was wäre die Formel 1 ohne dich!
7 September, 17:03; Markus, Germany
Bitte bleib in der F1 und zeig es allen nochmal!
7 September, 17:03; Zanderrr, Balarus
Even in our Gonduras we ask you to stay in F1!
7 September, 17:03; Arturo, Italy
Una stella non può scoppiare e frantumarsi c'è ancora bisogno di te alla ferrari, nel 2005 hanno cambiato il regolamento perchè eri troppo forte non è giusto meriti almeno altri due titoli e fisicamente sei alla grande, non è ancora il momento! Campione!!
7 September, 17:03; Evita Zhou, China
michael, I know you may not read these messages.But I still wanna to say please don't go you are always the hero.We love you so much!! We are also born to love you! We can't live happily without you.
7 September, 17:03; Alex, Greece
You are the best!Forza Schumi!
7 September, 17:03; Molnár Péter, Hungary
7 September, 17:03; paola, china
从95年到现在11年了,真的不希望shumi你离开 我们已经失去juve了,不希望再失去你! 为了juve,为了法拉利,再留一年吧 shumi
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