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7 September, 17:34; Wer, Estonia
Ye Stay, show if u got some juice left against new hot-shots that are stealing titles
7 September, 17:34; Muorali, England
Schumi you have proven time and again you are simply better then everyone, still, after all these years. You are still beating Alonso and Kimi. KEEP IT UP. YOU ARE THE GREATEST.
7 September, 17:34; Igor, Russia
Dear Michael, please stay!!! Dont go away!!!
You are necessary to us.
7 September, 17:34; Solaiman, The Netherlands
Go Schumi!!! Show them for the last time this season who's the best driver ever. Win the championship 2006 for us, you are the best!!
7 September, 17:34; Сергей, Россия
Schumi dont leave f1!
7 September, 17:33; friendly, china
Impossible is nothing; Schumi is everything.
7 September, 17:33; Doug, England
Stay for No8, show the young upstarts who the real governor is
7 September, 17:33; Alexey, Russia
Show must go on!
You give a tenfold champion's title!
7 September, 17:33; styr, Gonduras
7 September, 17:33; Anna, Deutschland
Seit ich lebe kenne ich Formel 1 nur mit Schumacher und nun nicht mehr? Nein das darf nicht sein!!!! Schumi ist der beste Fahrer aller Zeiten. Wer hat denn schon 7 Titel? Nur er weil Michael was Besonderes ist!!! Mach weiter Schumi ohne dich wird alles anders werden!!!! Dein treuer Fan Anna
7 September, 17:33; Uwe, Deutschland
Fahr weiter und hol DIr den 9. Titel ;-)
7 September, 17:33; Florian Lübke, Germany
Please, be alive ;-/
7 September, 17:33; Axonn Echysttas, Romania
Shut their pork traps!!!!!! Shut Niki Lauda up! Shut them all up! Win another title and make them stuff their stupid words back up their asses!!!
7 September, 17:33; AVID MICHAEL FAN, ENGLAND
BEAT ALONSO !!!!,,,,I think its how a 7 times world championship should bow out, as the best when he started and the best when he ended. Be it this year or next year, end it on the highest possible note!!! next year is a definite championship title, this year it would be in style.
7 September, 17:32; CEBA, Russia
Michal, we really need you to stay! Being the witness of your racing throughout your career- you just can't leave like that! We believe in your power! You can still do much more for us!
7 September, 17:32; Serge, Russia
Michael, you are the best driver!
Michael, stay with us!
7 September, 17:32; Mariann Jabronka, Hungary
Schumi please stay in formula 1!GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schumi the KING!!!!!!!!
I live in Budapest!You are my favourite star!
I don't like Alonso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 17:32; Muhumar Gadaffi, Libya
7 September, 17:32; Seidel Stephan, Deutschland
Schumi bleib!!! Wenn du Sonntag zurücktrittst, nehm ich mir einen Strick!!!!
7 September, 17:32; Alessio Fabbri, Italia
Please don't withdraw to F1! You are the best of the world! Your heart is Red Ferrari!
7 September, 17:32; Geert Laveren, Belgium
Hi Michael, i've been a great fan of you since i was a kid. It started with liking the colours of your '94 Benetton and over time it has grown into an enormous love for F1 and cars in general. i even talked my parents into buying satellite TV to catch all your German Interviews. There's nothing like the M Schumacher sign with a big 1 next to it after qualifying. All those magical rain races, fights from the back, The Schumi-Jump. People always talk about Senna's Charisma, but you radiate an absolute love of driving which infected me early on and has resulted in a Kart Championship Victory. I Don't know you personally, but i feel that i have so much to thank you for. From simply livening up my sunday afternoons to teaching me to keep fighting during hard times. You ARE my idol, and you always will be, no matter what you will decide...I'll hear about your decision while i'm on a plane that's going for Kreta...I sincerely hope i'll have something to celebrate after the landing...If not, no hard feelings, if you're happy, me too...I can only say

7 September, 17:32; 迈克尔·舒马赫, 德国
费尔南多阿龙索,你休想从我手中把冠军夺走 !!!
7 September, 17:31; Ann, Russia
Michael, we know you are the legend of F1 and the great pilot. But firs of all you are human. If you leave formula1 now you'l show your weakness as an alive man. I belive that you are strong one!!!So, stand up, rise your head and remain to follow your formula1 dream and you scuderia angel !!!! Please, don't forget that formula1 will lose one important thing. And this thing is your star which gives to us, to your fans, the hope that one day you'l tell again: "Oh, guys, we did it!!!!!"
Please, remain with us . . .
7 September, 17:31; swoosh, romania
Michael Please stay in F1
Axonn needs you
7 September, 17:31; Fred, France
Michael, even you live, you'll be forever the best, the king of this sport. Before we said : you drive like a Fangio, Now we can say : you drive like a Schumacher. You're the best, so simply. In all case, thank you for this 15 years of pure art on the track.
7 September, 17:31; Dmitriy Khazimullin, Russia
Михаэль, рано уходить, ты нужен своим болельщикам, останься и побеждай!
7 September, 17:31; Николай, РОССИЯ
7 September, 17:31; lee, england
do not quit you are a legend and formula one will never see anyone as gud ever and most drivers for the next 200years wont even come close
7 September, 17:31; James Chitty, England
Do you still race at Silverstone ?
7 September, 17:31; Anatoli, Estonia
Dear Michael! Please stay in f1!!!! We waiting 8 title!!!!
7 September, 17:31; Vladimir, Russia, Moscow
Michael! You the best F1 driver ever, a legend of World Autosport! Just stay in F1! You still can win races and titles! Many people still believe in you and want you to stay!

Hope to see you in F1 next season!

7 September, 17:30; Andrea, ITaly
Another year Michael, you are the greatest
7 September, 17:30; michaelia, china
Schumi,turn your eyes to the sky,it's the only thing bigger than you! Don't leave F1!
7 September, 17:30; Adolf Hitler, Germany
How are you son ?
7 September, 17:30; Roman L, Russia
Michael, we really need you to stay in racing!
7 September, 17:29; Maja Bachmann, Schweiz
Ohne dich macht die Formel 1 keinen Spass mehr, ohne dich verliert die F1 denn grössten aller Champions, wenn du jetzt aufhörst, dann steht du irgendwie als Feigling da. Aber es ist deine Entscheidung.
7 September, 17:29; Fernando Alonso, Spain
Please go so i can win the championship, If you don't i will have to put up with losing to you
7 September, 17:28; Аксенов Александр, Россия. Москва
Шуми ты должен остаться и доказать всем, что ты настоящий чемпион.

Schumi you must remain and prove all that you present champion
7 September, 17:28; Dooly Tilly, Australia
Do you have a FOOTLONG ?
7 September, 17:28; Chris, Germany
Highlander Prinzip-->Es kann nur einen geben! Und das bist DU SCHUMI! Stay as long as possible!
7 September, 17:28; Andrei, Russia
Не уходи! Ты лучший!
7 September, 17:27; Besion, Albania
Michael,stay with us!!!
You are the absolut CHAMPION.
Dont go please.
7 September, 17:27; Ian Huntley, UK
Michael we are very alike I like you
7 September, 17:27; Klemen, Slovenia
Do the whole world a favour and stay!!!
7 September, 17:27; Ann, Russia
Michael, we know you are the legend of F1 and the great pilot. But firs of all you are human. If you leave formula1 now you'l show your weakness as an alive man. I belive that you are strong one!!!So, stand up, rise your head and remain to follow your formula1 dream and you scuderia angel !!!! Please, don't forget that formula1 will lose one important thing. And this thing is your star which gives to us, to your fans, the hope that one day you'l tell again: "Oh, guys, we did it!!!!!"
Please, remain with us . . .
7 September, 17:27; Alonso, Fernando, Espanol
I'm going to beat your record now! Hahaha! Seriously, I thought you are going to drive until 50 and wait until everyone go crazy about my own retirement. That way we can both retire together as 8 (you) and 9 (me) times world champions. :-*
7 September, 17:27; Andi, Puffhausen
Schumi fährt nur noch scheisse...
7 September, 17:27; Brigitta, Hungary
Schumi you are the best driver!!!!Stay in F1!!!!!
7 September, 17:27; Xavier, Catalonia
Si us plau, no marxis de Ferrari
7 September, 17:27; ein motorsportverrückter, Germany
denken sie dran, was mit allen anderen passiert is, die mit dem motorsport aufhörten! sie alle konnten nicht ohne den motorsport leben. jeder, ob mika o. jean, kam irgendwann zurück. aber sie bereuten dass sie so früh aus der formel 1 ausgestiegen sind. machen sie net den selben fehler.
allein die gesichter von ihren konkurrenten, allen voran renault, wären es wert noch mindestens ein jahr zu fahren.
außerdem gibt es keinen zweifel daran, dass sie immer noch der beste fahrer der welt sind.
und wenn es wirklich ihre letzte saison sein sollte, dann treten sie wenigstens als weltmeister ab.
es gibt keinen besseren!!!!!!!!!!!!!
seit ich denken kann, und das is jetzt fast sei einem vierteljahrhundert, gabs da immer einen Michael Schumacher. und ich hoffe, dass es auch noch eine weile so bleibt ;-)

auch wenn ich keinen einfluss auf ihre entscheidung habe, hoffe ich, das es noch ein bis zwei jahre weitergeht.

mit den besten wünschen

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