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7 September, 18:07; Galina, Russian
I respect any your decision - to stay or to leave Formula. But F-1 is nothing without you. Thank you and good luck, Michael.
7 September, 18:07; vera, China
C'mon Shumi..Please stay..when i heard that you may not stay in F1..i cried...F1 is meaningless without u..we need u..F1 need u..the whole world want you to stay..ur so precious to us..so,,we do hope u could stay..we have used to the days spent on watching your games.. i can hardly imagine how can i watch a game without u ..maybe 1 more year is not a long time..it's too short for us to enjoy ur performance..but it's very important..it means we can watch more ur games..because watching ur game is the happiest things for us..my english may not good..but i know how to express my love and the hope that you could stay to u...ur showing that F1 is an exciting and interesting sport..at the same time.. ur showing that ur the best in F1..i know we should understand ur choice..but we do want you to stay foat least 1 more year instead of saying goodbye to F1..in our hearts, ur the whole world.ur also an impoetant part in inspiring more and more people to work hard..in my opinion.ur stand for a spirit.a spirit of never giving up..so...please stay..there're 2 days left before u tell the world what ur decision is...these past fews days means several years to me ...waiting is a hard thing..,u've won much glories..what we fans want to see is that u winthe final championship in 2007.. ur still strong enough to win every game..put all troubles aside..go on in 2007...now is not for u to leave but yo continue..push on Shumi...! your fans will support u forever.! Shumi...we need u...F1 need u...the whole world need u.....!
7 September, 18:07; Dean Leeks, England
ha ha Ross brawn is English
7 September, 18:07; zodiac, england
Schumacher - enough is enough - you have have taken too much out of the sport and put precious little back. Take your cheating ways, your millions and your holier than thou arrogance into retirement and allow the sport to breathe again. You will not be missed by many. Senna still remains the epitome of the sport - you didnt even come close.
7 September, 18:07; roces, Belarus
STAY!!! Though the family on the first place can also but it is not necessary so sharply to upset fans because now in all the world and it is a lot of them, still there is an opportunity To win !!!in Minsk, hope you it will visit with F-1 Ferrari! I never saw it and very much I want see in Minsk one from the most beautiful cities which it is necessary to visit, in shops a lot of blue Alonso, let all will be red with your portrait!!!
7 September, 18:07; Aodhán Maguire, Ireland
Don't leave now you've had a lot of bad luck at the start of the season that possibly can't happen again stay at least one more year so you can thrash everyone again you are the King of F1
7 September, 18:06; Narain Karthikayen, India
Michael plz start ur own team , i want to race for some one
7 September, 18:06; Alexander, Belarus
Michael, go to pension
7 September, 18:06; Karen, Britain
I hope you choose to stay in F1. It has been a privledge to watch your career and your successes. Don't retire until you have 10 World Championships !!
7 September, 18:06; Patrick, England
Retire. It's time to call it a day. You have been the best there ever was and probably ever will be. Plus I support Kimi - and I want him to win.
7 September, 18:06; Rainer, Austria
Please stay in Formula 1 because you are the best racedriver ever seen.
7 September, 18:06; Safin, India
Michael you have been a grt ambassdor to the sport, but like any great man one must quit on a high, do well this year and then quit as a winner. the world will remmber you as a winner :)
7 September, 18:06; 蔡进辉, China
Just ,stay ,in ,F1,Please!Please!Please!Please!Please!
Please ,stay, with ,us
7 September, 18:05; Jean Todt, France
Brawn , when did u change ur nationality .
7 September, 18:05; Nahas, UK
Please Please stay. People heard about Formula 1 after hearing about the great Michael Shumacher. We need you for us to be with F1. Please Please do stay.
7 September, 18:05; Stanislav, Russia
Michael!!!!!Please stay!!Formula 1 without you would be not interesting!!!!You and your style of piloting is fantastic!!!!!Please stay!!!Stay in FERRARI!!!!!!!!Russia loves you!!!!
7 September, 18:05; George Mihailov, Bulgaria
7 September, 18:05; davide_qv, italy
7 September, 18:05; Super Aguri, Japan
Come race for us
7 September, 18:05; mirAge, Belarus
Belarus too like you Michael!!! You Winner stay!
7 September, 18:04; Ross Brawn, Italy
Michael did you clean that banana after our session in the motorhome ?
7 September, 18:04; Gerhard Berger, Austria
Dont retire come to my team ,
7 September, 18:04; Ian Cobb, UK
Stay...don't go yet. You can take on the youngsters and beat them.
7 September, 18:04; KIRILL, BELORUSIA
МИША !!!!!! ТЫ СЫПЕР КОНЩИК !!!!! ТЫ №1 !!!! SHUMACHER YOU № 1 ALL TIME !!!!!!!! YOU THE CHEMPION the chempions !!!! ДОВАЙ ПОБЕЖДАЙ !!! будЬ ЛУчшИМ !!!! Я ВСегда БОЛЕЮ ЗА ТЕБЯ !!!! УЖЕ С 1998 года !!!!!! БУДЬ ЧЕМПИОНОМ 2007 !!!!! SHUMI YOU CHEMPION 2007 !!!!! GO SHUMI GO GO GO !!!! GO TO chEMPION 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 18:04; mirAge, Belarus
Ты их сделаешь как сосунков... останься Stay... Stay!!!!! You Winner god and good very good driver!!!! Stay!
7 September, 18:04; Mauro, Italy
Ciao Michael, please stay in F1. For all you're the best driver in F1.In Italy you symbolyze the Ferrari. Please stay champion,stay another year.Goodluck Schumacher
7 September, 18:04; jandrillo, D
Man wird dich wirklich nie vergessen. Deine ganzen Fouls werden allen Formel eins fans immer in Errinerung bleiben. Übrigens Fernando holt selbst mit unterlegenen Material mehr raus. Im gegensatz zu Schummel nutzt er auch sein Gehirn und nicht nur seinen rechten Fuß. Kimi im Ferrari neben Schummel. Das wärs. Ich hoffe, du bleibst aber du wirst dir nicht den Kimi antun
7 September, 18:04; HammeR, Russia
Russian love for you, Wins championship and stay F1.
Just do it.
7 September, 18:03; Asma, Pakistan
Michael dont retire, i started watching f1 because of u
7 September, 18:03; Seva, UKRAINE
Your future in your hands!!!!
do right choise....
7 September, 18:03; Andrey, Russia
Michael, please stay in F1
7 September, 18:03; Gilles, Italy
Michael resta !!!!!!
7 September, 18:03; валера, россия
останься и сделай их
7 September, 18:03; Alexander, Russia
Please! Stay in F1. You are the best racer.
7 September, 18:03; A Real Motorsport Fan, UK
Do us all a favour and take Herr Mosley with you. You're both well past your sell-by date.
7 September, 18:02; Kev Duckworth, England
We have enough of your rule pushing and selfish ways, go and dont come back (not even in DTM).
7 September, 18:02; LOOK AT THIS ONE, ???
alot of f1 drivers comment on hear don't they
7 September, 18:02; mirAge, Belarus
Ты БОГ Формулы - 1... !!! You Winner!!!! Winner!!! Winner оставайся!
7 September, 18:02; Juan-Pablo Montoya, Columbia
Michael we must meet for a big mac and fries sometime
7 September, 18:02; mirAge, Belarus
Михаэль ты лучший, самый лучши, оставайся и надери Алонса...
7 September, 18:02; Dhairya, India
Michael u r da god !! F1 is nothing without u ....
please stay @ F1 ...... we all want to c u rockin .....
7 September, 18:02; 小花花, 中国(China)
7 September, 18:01; richard, wachington dc usa
i refuse to believe your passion could ever diminish. i certainly know your skills have not. therefore, i believe our desires to see you stay speak from the heart knowing full well your heart has already spoken so very louding to you. loving this season and already looking forward to your additional F1 conquests in 2007.
7 September, 18:01; the mits, australia
michael please stay in f1. You are our hero and inspiration to acheive things people told us would never happen. Your dedication, determination, ambition as a racer are something to be admired, your charitable nature is something many others could learn from. Please give as one more year as F1 just wouldn't be the same without you! YOU STILL RULE MICHAEL!
7 September, 18:01; Ross Brawn, England
Schumacher leave f1 along me . without me you cant even finish in top 8
7 September, 18:01; fanier, RSA
Please stay and bring Ferrari back - this year and next year.
7 September, 18:01; Шурик, Russia
Michael please stay in Formula-1 !!!!!!!

You won 8 - world champion !!!!!
7 September, 18:01; Bernie Eccelstone, England
Please stay...........................i needmore money
7 September, 18:00; Angel, Russia
Michael you the good racer, but are far not the best, you do not need to be compared to great Senna... You have won much, but time has come to leave. Reno has already defined the structure, Kimi 100 % go on your place!!!
Renault - Fizi & Kavalainen
Mclaren - Alonso & Paffet?
Ferrari - Iceman & Massa!!!
7 September, 18:00; Mauro, Italy
Ciao Michael, please stay in F1. For all you're the best driver's F1.In italy you symbolyze the Ferrari. Please stay champion,stay another year.Goodluck Schumacher
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