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5 September, 18:24; natalia, russia
please stay. Respect from Russia.
5 September, 18:19; Fernando, Spain
Although my contryman is the reigning champion, i wish you to stay

IN FERRARI next year

and to face the tough challenge, when Alonso will be

5 September, 18:17; Kevin, Belguim
If u stay ill promise u an icecream
5 September, 18:16; Bateman, Hungary
What's the problem with DTM? Hm, Michael? see ya there!
5 September, 18:15; Виталий Семенов, Украина
А вы переведете ему, когда он будет читать?
и Михаэль ответит?
5 September, 18:13; Виталий Семенов, Украина
Михаэль, не уходи
5 September, 18:12; VP, USA
Yeah, there will always be jerks (like a few who have posted here) who will want you off or wish u a bad spell, but they are just jealous / have nothing better to do. The majority of us want you to stay, dude, so please do!!
5 September, 18:07; Tristan Cliffe, UK
Stay in F1 Michael, you have been the best for so long, and your are still competative. Ignore those who hate you, they are either jealous or don't understand what makes a racing driver tick. Make the young breed of F1 drivers work for their success!
5 September, 18:02; João, Portugal
You are the best.
If you win this year, stay.
If you loose, stay.
To y eyes and millions of F1 fans in the world you are the best.
There is no F1 without MICHAEL SCHUMACHER. The Red Baron.
We love you.
5 September, 18:02; Damon, UK
Please stay, and let Ferrari hire Raikkonen as your team mate. I'm looking forward to seeing all the excuses your fans come up with next season when Kimi beats you in the same car!
5 September, 18:02; Mihael Djuricic, Montenegro
Za koga ja da navijam nakon skoro 15 godina ljubavi i podrske koju gajim prema tebi? Felipe mi je mio, ali samo si ti onaj pravi! Michael, daj mi jos barem 1 godinu radosti!

Please, stay in F1!
5 September, 18:00; Andrea, Chile
Michael, please stays one more year!!!

I know that you want to leave winning or competing as a fighter for a new WC. From a sporty point of view, this will be the best way to quit, being remembered as the greatest!!

Nevertheless, on the other hand, you and all of your fans deserve a whole year to prepare and say goodbye to you, you need to prepare your farewell, please don´t step down suddenly at the end of this year!!.

I live in Chile (south america) and I´ve followed your career since 1992, experiencing all of your great moments and difficult times as well. I want to have the possibility to save money and travel somewhere to live a grand prix and see your farewell. Please!!!!.I
5 September, 18:00; AD, Hungary
Lieber Micheal, wir danken alles für Dich, und wünschen alles gut in DTM.
5 September, 17:58; robert, poland
Sorry, we leave only good messages, which can SUPPORT Michael.
5 September, 17:56; Dennis, Germany
F1 without Michael Schumacher? No, it´ll be boring, please Michael stay and go for you 8th title!!!
5 September, 17:56; Dmitrii, Moldova
Шумми! Не покидай нас! Ты нам нужен. Если не понимаешь по-русски, могу помочь с переводом!
5 September, 17:55; Antischumanoid, Hungary
Sorry, we leave only good messages, which can SUPPORT Michael.
5 September, 17:52; Dimitris, Greece
Michael, do what's best for yourself and for your family. In my (and many's) book, you are the greatest driver of all times, and this ain't gonna change whatever you decide to do. Deep in my heart I really want to see you racing for at least one more year and catch you live at the 07 silv gp, but I know that all things have an end. Even the greatest things in the history of a sport. Thank you... A BIG thank you for all the memories.

5 September, 17:52; phil jocelyn, UK
Sorry, we leave only good messages, which can SUPPORT Michael.
5 September, 17:51; Prof, Sweden
Sorry, we leave only good messages, which can SUPPORT Michael.
5 September, 17:50; Raymond, Scotland
Please stay Michael, I love seeing you get beat!
5 September, 17:50; Taarzan, Hungary
Na úgy nézz ki magyarul kell ideirni, hogy ne moderálják.
Michael te kis csaló maradj még, mert az F1 nem lenne az igazi nélküled és a kis piszkos trükkjeid nélkül.
Szeretlek, tiszta szivembőőőőőőlllllllll.
5 September, 17:48; finlux, -
Do not quit Michael! you are my God! Please, please allow me to clean your shoes! or to lick your ass! or to drink your pee! I'll commit suicide if you leave.. oh Michael.. my God, my Hero!
I love you!

5 September, 17:47; Madman_CZ, UK
Camon, Michael. STAY another season, you know you want to!!!!
5 September, 17:47; Aaron James, United Kingdom
Here we are, we're back. We never give up, we're always there, we always fight, and I think that's one of the great strengths of the Ferrari team.

You said this in 2003 after winning your 6th title in Suzuka.

Don't give up without a fight Michael! Don't give up until you cannot win anymore. You can win 100 races why quit now?!
5 September, 17:46; Raikkon, UK
F1 without Schumacher is like rubarb without custard.. stay for a while longer?! ;D
5 September, 17:46; Big Dave, Scotland
I really do hope you stay. But if you retire, we know its for a good cause :).

Good luck in Italy!
5 September, 17:46; Ricky Bobby, USA
Don't leave F1!!!
5 September, 17:44; Ralph, UK
Please don't go
5 September, 17:42; Stefan, Deutschland
Bitte mach weiter, ich weis dass du es noch kannst!
5 September, 17:42; Edis, Bosnia
Stay dude :-) nothing will be same if you leave :-(
5 September, 17:41; Manuel, Mexico
Michael, please stay in F1, you still have a lot to offer and we don't want to miss it.
5 September, 17:41; Stuart Cripps, UK
Please stay, you are the reason for my interest in F1 one.
When you leave it will be the end of an era.
You are a true master of your trade and I feel you still have so much to offer.
The finest example of a champion.
5 September, 17:40; Rahul, India
pls stay in F1 but not with Ferrari...pls drive for Mclaren Mercedes for 1 year and make the Germans proud...i cant imagine how the atmosphere will be like in Hocknheim...pls pls stay!!
5 September, 17:39; tobi, belgium
Michael I love you so much, please don't go.
You are the sunshine when skies are grey, and you don't know dear, how much I love you, so don't , don't go away! :-(
5 September, 17:37; James, Canada
Retire please. You are a great driver, not such a great sportsman, and you/Ferrari have provided some very entertaining championship races in recent years. Please move on and let someone else (and their team-mate) compete instead.
5 September, 17:37; Colin, Malaysia
MS, keep on racing!!!!

Retiring on a "high" like what others want you to do is a way of chickening out to the challenge.

Do NOT give up!

Face the challenge of tommorow...which is Kimi!!!
5 September, 17:36; Juan Diego, Spain
Fight with Kimi and shows him who's better!!!
5 September, 17:35; JPM, Hungary
Michael, Mika is waiting for you :-)
5 September, 17:35; AntiSchumacher, Ukraine
Михаеэль ты мне не нравишься, но без тебя гонки будут уже не те, оставайся ещё на пару лет, задай жару детскому саду))
5 September, 17:34; Taarzan, Hungary
5 September, 17:34; Copkuler, Hungary
It's not the time to got to DTM:)
5 September, 17:32; Formula 1, World
Michael, we need you!!
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5 September, 17:29; gazza, uk
althouhg it would be funny if you carried on and stayed too long....
5 September, 17:29; Andrei Gorin, Moldova
Michael, please stay in F-1!
Few things can compare to the pleasure of watching you win races and compete for the championship!
5 September, 17:28; Paul Rozzi, USA
Michael, thank you for such wonderful years and I hope you give us a few more. Please keep going, you are still the BEST!!
5 September, 17:27; tarzaan, majomland
húzzál el te büdös köcsög
5 September, 17:25; Octav, Mozambiqe
5 September, 17:24; Gagan, USA
Michael, I wil not be able watch F1 after you leave. It will just not be the same for me. Please Please stay on for a few more years.

You are on top and there is no reason why you should quit at the moment. I want you to win 10 WDC and 100 wins...

Please dont retire right now...Your are the best and will always be the best in my mind..
5 September, 17:24; Octav, Mozambiqe
Michael stay in F1 until 2010, you must be 10 times champion! We fans, need you!
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