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5 September, 19:36; will, england
can we move f1 to saturdays cos i work sundays!
5 September, 19:36; Funky Freddy, England
Watching Michael Schumacher is better than making love.
I hope he stays forever he is my God.
5 September, 19:35; kyyra, romania
f1 just wouldn't be the same without him.he loves this sport more then any other pilot out there....
ferrari should do anything to keep him as a pilot. he has too many fans who love to see him race and for them he should think of staying and racing for at least one more year.
5 September, 19:31; Anton, Russia
Formula 1 without Shumaher is not Formula 1.
And Ferrari needs another championship!
5 September, 19:30; Flud, Russia
Shummi must win 10 championats!
5 September, 19:29; Gradinaru Florian, Romania
Dear Michael, you must now this: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!! Without you, i think, the Formula 1 will not be intresting, so please stay one more 2 years and fight for as. I will always love you're job and you will be no.1 FOREVER!!!
5 September, 19:29; albert, Estonia
The Geatest Driver should stay with us...win some more championchips please..
5 September, 19:29; V, Netherlands
!!! FORZA SCUDERIA FERRARI & Michale Schumacher !!!
5 September, 19:28; VetOK, Mpldova
Karl is NOT an idiot... he is an ACHTUNG!!!

did ya see in his name is written thayt he is a G.AY
5 September, 19:22; jg, us
plz stay....
5 September, 19:21; tarzaan, index.hu
stay with me touch my heart again
5 September, 19:21; tarzaab, index.hu
i love u honey my life is empty without you
5 September, 19:20; Mascha Sokolova, Russia
Hey Michael!
Please stay in Scuderia Ferrari team and stay in Formula-1 racing.Please stay in Formula 1 , schumi , without you F1 will be a poorer place.
Everyone want to see your wins this year, next year at least.. maybe even few next years..
5 September, 19:19; Stephanie, uk
You are the best. F1 will not be the same without you. Please don't stop yet.
5 September, 19:19; Aldy Skegro, Croatia
Schumi please stay!!!! F1 won't ever be the same without you!!!! Please stay!!!
5 September, 19:19; Bunker, russia
Shummi must win 10 championats!
5 September, 19:19; Bob Williamson, UK
Stay for 2007, please..........
5 September, 19:18; Sulima, mooldova
only one god of speed in F1 hims name Michael Shumacher dont destroy my life,......stay in formula 1
5 September, 19:13; Marko, Croatia
Hey man stay because you are the greatest.
5 September, 19:13; Snas, RUSSIA
Cause you're simply THE BEST
5 September, 19:13; farzad, Iran
hi dear michael , please stay in the competetions and be more brave like the previous seasons you are stay the best ,dont be worry about others like alonso or vilenouve we always love you ... , michael let us know more about your private life , your favorites , your cars ,...
5 September, 19:12; Sebbe Hjelm, Sweden
Please Maestro, stay in F1 even next year. Show Kimi who's the fastest!
5 September, 19:10; Sativa, UK
Schumi!! Stay in f1 please my son. F*ck Alonso and everyone else. We believe in you and as a hardcore tifosi I will stand by you forever. No go kick some arse and win the championship!!
5 September, 19:10; Will Zoeller, USA
Please stay in F1, i have no one to support when you leave. Stay in at Ferrari, you could easily take a title when Alonso moves to Mclaren.

apologies for mean posts.
5 September, 19:09; Mikael Mattsson, Sweden
It´s becuse of you that I watch F1. I´ve seen most of the races the last six years.
If you go away from F1 they will lose the greatest driver of all time.

Also I do know that all careers has an end but you aren´t old yet.
5 September, 19:08; Rob, England
don't let us sway your decision whether to stay or GO! it's you're choice if you want to LEAVE or (NOT) stay
5 September, 19:08; RIN, Russia
Michael! Keep in mind - if you will finish career, Формула-1 will lose tens thousand admirers.
It is a pity it...
5 September, 19:07; Nikita, Russia, Spb
Michael, don't go away! I'm your great fan since '93, and... Michael, stay!!
5 September, 19:07; Prashant, India
Please stay in Formula 1 , schumi , without you F1 will be a poorer place.
5 September, 19:04; Brenda, USA
Michael, you will probably not read any of this, but if you do, first I want to apologize for all the mean/bad posts on here, some people just lack the maturity level to be constructive and understanding. With that said, if I had my way, you would never retire *smile*, but as has been said, all good things must come to an end eventually. I just hope that whatever you choose, to continue or retire, you do not look back with regret. You will be sorely missed by many when you go and F1 will not be the same. Neither will Ferrari, for the two of you are so entwined, it's never been possible to see where one ended and one began. I have not been watching for as long as some have, but I thank you for all the memories and all the times you put me on the edge of my seat watching, whether you won or lost. Thank you for the love of the sport you have shown. Your excitement and enthusiasm, both on and off track. My only regret is that I've never had the priveledge of meeting you in person, but I have had the priveledge in seeing you race live. If you stay at least one more year, I will look for you at Monza next year and stand with the Tifosi *smile*. Best of luck in whatever choice you make and when you do finally retire, you will never be forgotten.
5 September, 19:04; Gonzalo Rodríguez Rey, Spain
We trust Michael! Forza Ferrari
5 September, 19:04; Paul, United States
You are my childhood hero. No one has brought as much energy and excitement to the world of racing as you! I still see 3 more championships in your future including this year's. Please Stay!
5 September, 19:03; Frederik, Belgium
Dear Michael !
Plz stay in F1 !!
We love Shumi>...

5 September, 19:02; Flash, Poland
5 September, 18:50; sadegh, iran
dear michael
your the best driver in the world.
please stay amd fight to win!
5 September, 18:46; Nevena, CG
We want 100GP wins! So, Michael stay in F1 please.
5 September, 18:42; Navid, Iran
Why not?
5 September, 18:41; Pavel, Ukraine
Hey Michael!
Please stay in Scuderia Ferrari team and stay in Formula-1 racing.
Everyone want to see your wins this year, next year at least.. maybe even few next years..
Your fan since 1994
5 September, 18:41; Bob, Angola
F1 drivers need to pull the stick outta their
5 September, 18:40; Dan from F1news, Russia
Stay !!! One more year to teach chickens how to drive !
5 September, 18:38; Cristian, Chile
Eres el mejor piloto que existe, que existió y que existirá en un monoplaza, eres el Kaiser de la F1, no nos dejes!!!!
5 September, 18:37; Melanie, Russia
Michael, stay in Ferrari
If you leave team
Ferrari wiil be destroed
5 September, 18:35; SueG, UK
Please stay Michael you continue to prove you are the best!
5 September, 18:32; Elena, Russia
It'll be a great loss for all your fans all over the world, please don't leave us Michael.
5 September, 18:31; Mika Hakkinen, Finland
You are the third best driver in Formula One.
We will meet again in DTM!
5 September, 18:31; Lana Sladko, Moldova
Schumi! Don’t go away, don’t leave F1!

You are the best driver, you are the fastest! You are the history of F1 and Ferrari! The history should continue! And just with you!
You are a fantastic example not only for young drivers, but for your fans too. The way you broke previous records, the way you win and make success, the way you believe in yourself, make us, your fans, admire You and Your talents.

Just read all these messages, and you’ll understand how much I and F1 will miss you, if you leave. You can’t disappoint us! DO THAT! STAY! RACE AND WIN!!!
5 September, 18:27; Michaelfan, UK
Michael, you will be the champion of champs car! I want to see you, as you win all the races of the season of the CC in 2007!!!!
5 September, 18:26; Carol Guy, UK
You are still clearly enjoying your driving - probably more so than when you were a 'run-away' winner. We all still love watching you - of course mainly when you win, you are so enthusiastic, as if it were your first win - but also when you are under pressure and show such determination. Please stay and make it 10 WDC! However, even if you decide to go, thanks for all the pleasure that you have given over the years!
5 September, 18:24; natalia, russia
please stay. Respect from Russia.
5 September, 18:19; Fernando, Spain
Although my contryman is the reigning champion, i wish you to stay

IN FERRARI next year

and to face the tough challenge, when Alonso will be

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