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7 September, 14:29; Tony, Bulgaria
Michael, please stay! With or without another world title, your presence in Formula 1 is priceless
7 September, 14:29; John, UK
Michael I think you should stay, you do have such talent and are always enthralling to watch. Alonso is no champion just a lucky man(With no neck), hopefully his luck runs out soon(and he grows a neck?)!
Besides David Coulthard should retire before you, he's the has been everyone should be saying should retire!

I think Ferrari going into the next three years with the engine freeze should be led by you then when you retire from driving we want you on the pit wall running Ferrari!
7 September, 14:29; Karina, Deutschland
Schumi bleib!
Du bist der beste Rennfahrer aller Zeiten !!!
Ohne Dich ist die Formel 1 nichts wert !
7 September, 14:29; wolle, germany
C´mon Michael, we want to see you kick some more ass in F1. Just do it.
7 September, 14:29; Daut, Kosova
Please stay in F1 Michael!
7 September, 14:29; Mark, Germany/Deutschland
Na ich hoffe, dass DU lieber Michael noch ein wenig weiter fährst! Ohne dich wäre die Formel 1 stinklangweilig. Ich würde es dann wahrscheinlich nicht mehr anschauen!
7 September, 14:29; Dren, Austria
michaell, bleib...ohnnee dich wird die formel 1 echht langweilig werden.... und viele deutsche fans würden sich freuen wenn du bleibst....
mfg Kosova Racing League aka Brakosat
7 September, 14:29; Balázs Csaba, Hungary

7 September, 14:29; Andy Brotherton, UK
Go on Michael - stay
7 September, 14:29; Michael, Deutschland
Michael, Du kannst es denen allen nochmal zeigen. Mit 37 bist Du immer noch besser als alle anderen ! Mach bitte weiter !!
7 September, 14:28; Heiko, Deutschland
Wenn du auf hörst schaue ich keine Formel 1 mehr ! :-)
Du zeigst deine Klasse bitte auch im nächsten Jahr !
mach die 10 Titel voll !!!
7 September, 14:28; Christine, deutschland
Schumi bitte bleib! Formel 1 ohne Dich ist unvorstellbar!!!
Seit 15 Jahren verfolge ich Deine Karriere diese kann doch noch nicht vorbei sein!
Du bist und bleibst für mich der beste Rennfahrer aller Zeiten!!!!
7 September, 14:28; Daniel, Germany
Schumi, bleib da!!!! Auch wenn ich kein Fan von dir bin, ohne dich ist es in der Formel 1 langweilig!!!!
7 September, 14:28; my name, germany
7 September, 14:28; Alex Syr, Russia
Please stay! Your're the BEST!!
7 September, 14:27; Dirk Hey, Germany
Schumi muss bleiben, der Beste der Formel 1!!
7 September, 14:27; Rachel, China
Please stay!!! I will go to Shanghai to watch your game in 2007.Please let my hope be true!
7 September, 14:27; ADEMOLA ADEDAYO, NIGERIA
I live in a country where F1 is not followed and i started to watch F1 because of Micheal. I know you will retire some day but i think its fair you give me a year to prepare for your retirement.
7 September, 14:27; my name, germany
7 September, 14:26; Laks Nadarajah, Australia
I want to watch the F1 for few more years, so i want you to continue racing. take-up the challenge from the boys of F1 and show them that you are still the master of F1 racing. you are the best driver in the world. enjoy yourself michael for few more years! and you can run a F1 team after your retirement.
7 September, 14:26; Enrico, Deutschland
Micha du musst einfach weiter machen ;)
7 September, 14:26; stolte, switzerland
try it 2 years aigain to be the 10fold!
7 September, 14:25; Andrew Hall, Scotland
Look at it this way... We were in the same position last year and what would this season have been like without Michael! I could watch Michael fighting it out with the young pretenders for years, never mind one more! And if Kimi is indeed heading for Ferrari... A chance to prove the final (unjust) doubters wrong! Michael is the best and still the one that EVERYBODY wants to beat!
7 September, 14:25; Emma, England
Dear Michael,
I think you're staying in, but just in case you're still trying to make a decision I think you should know that you really should stay. You have to retire some time, I know, but c'mon why stop at 8 championships (I have faith and the benefit of occasional psychic powers!) when you could have 10?! Now that would really annoy those idiots who say you should get out!
You're too good to leave now, don't deprive us of watchin your magic driving any sooner than you have to.

PS - Jacques & co don't know what they're talking about - you're going down as a racing and sporting legend, Like it or not!
7 September, 14:24; Klaus, Deutschland
37 na und, nächstes Jahr kommt der 9. Titel, zeigs den jungen Hüpfern!!!
7 September, 14:24; Antony Honarmand, ngland

All the press you receive awaiting your decision is a reminder of just how popular you are. They say the bst way is to leave the sport at the top but that is rubbish. People dont stop thinking senna was great even though he lost in 92 and 93 or even zinedine zidane, after his incident. The sport knows your the greatest even though you may lose the title and have performed what people call a mistake in monaco.
Basically ignore the press who make things up on behalf of people which are just not true to the public and if you want to drive fast still then do it. Your already in the history books as the best no matter what the next two years have in store. You have redefined a racing driver and for the better.
7 September, 14:24; MilesP, UK
I think its cardigan and slippers time matey!
7 September, 14:24; Berndt, Austria
Herst, bitte bleib no a wengal und brenn den Kimi gscheid her!
7 September, 14:23; Joachim, Germany
Michael, please stax
7 September, 14:23; Karsten, Deutschland
Mach weiter, Schumi! Ohne Dich geht es nicht! Strafe alle selbsternannten Experten Lügen, die sagen, Du wärst zu alt...
7 September, 14:23; KAKI, CHINA
8years ago,when I first meet F1,I became a fan of Michael.
Now,Michael stiil my favourate.The only reason that i watch F1is for Michael...
Ilove F1,I love Michael!!!
Please stay,you always the best!!
7 September, 14:23; Eugene, F1 Land
be a man, and fight for this title and for the next one,

Long life for Schumi in F1
7 September, 14:23; Bauer Thomas, Zürich
Lieber Schumi
Du bist und bleibst der einzigartigste und BESTE Formel 1 fahrer der Welt. Ich wünsche dir alles beste dieser Welt und geniesse deine Freiheit ab mit deiner kleinen jungen Familie. Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz Tom
7 September, 14:22; Michael`s Dad, Kerpen - Germany
Michael.. this is your father.. Your mother is waiting to see you, so dont stay away too long.. Come back home soon.

Your father
7 September, 14:22; Glenn, Ireland
From those of us who have grown up with you, from F3 upwards, whatever you decide to do we'll have nothing but the greatest respect for you as a F1 driver and a role model for the sport?
Long may you continue to drive but the final decision will be yours.
You will be missed not just by the petrol heads but also by a younger generation, my son is two Years ten Months old and any time you appear on the television he shouts MICHAEL SCHUMACHER, and if the camera focuses on another driver or group of cars I get bombarded with questions asking where you are.

All I can finish off with is, whatever your decision, the pleasure has been ours.

7 September, 14:22; Antonio O., Venezuela
Why Not ????
7 September, 14:22; Juergen, Australia
Dear Michael, You need to do what you love the most. Age is not the issue, even at 45. You have motivated so many people with by never giving up, What you should do is aim for ten championships and 100 wins and then call it quits. You are gifted, use that gift until in your heart you know the time has come. Just dont be influenced by the jealous hype.
7 September, 14:22; Mike, UK
It will be refreshing to see Michael race for at least one more year along side a very strong team-mate; Alonso or Raikkonen. He's had it all his own way for more than a decade. Most other champs had strong team mates: Villeneuve to Hill, Senna to Prost etc. Show us how good you really are Michael and fight equally with the best, then maybe, you'll get the respect of more than your adoring fan base.
7 September, 14:21; Kevin Duffy, Scotland
Michael, I went to Silverstone in 2005 and was so looking forward to seeing you win the race, unfortunately a slow Ferrari stopped this but your determination and commitment was evedent trhoughout the race. I would really lke you to race in 2007 so I can come to a GP and see you win.

If you do retire what other driver will have your skill, speed and will to win. GP racing needs you and I think you need GP racing... So please carry on into 2007 and beyond.

Cheers, Kev
7 September, 14:21; Christian Radeloff, UK
Well Schumi, seems decision time is upon you ! I do hope you carry on for at least another year but nobody can force you too. I hope though you finish and retire being a world champion for an 8.th time ! Good luck !
7 September, 14:21; Christian, spain
stay one year more and you will have all options with Ferrari and Bridgestone to win the championship in 2007, this year (2006) you can win the title also!!! ..next year Alonso only have a Mc Laren - good chance - and you are 100% better than Raikkonen ....don't fear him. Good Luck and thank you for the 15 fantastic years in F1. thanks.....
7 September, 14:21; Paul, UK
Stay in F1 Micheal because I want to see you race against an equal number 1 driver, Prost had to, Senna had to, Clarke, Hill, Stewart, Fangio all had to beat their own teamate to achieve their world titles. You have always had the hallowed number 1 status, the best of everything and your teamates have at best been average, you've never had an equal in the same car as you! If you are the best driver of all time (which to me is debatable) prove it against Kimi who will have the ability to race you and will be allowed to. Have you really got what it takes to do that?
7 September, 14:21; emily, china
michae don't leave!
we need you ,f1 need you and many people need you !
because of you ,I like f1 .you are the king in f1,and you are the deity in our heart!
i love you!
7 September, 14:21; 舒米最强者, F1
舒米 永远的舒米 雷诺WHO???
7 September, 14:19; george brammah, orkney,scotland
dont leave!! and show that ass in that reno wot a true racer u are!! and u are possibly the best the world will ever see!!
7 September, 14:19; Balin Toth, Hungary
Please stay in F1!
I would like to see you finish behind 3rd place in the championship :)
7 September, 14:18; Tim Reed, uk
you are still the best driver in the world and have plenty of fitness to win many more championships you are the master
7 September, 14:17; James, UK
Michael, Please stay in F1 for one more season. I want to see the man i grew up watching win once more and show the people that you are undoubtedly the best Driver ever to grace F1. The world needs you, F1 needs you. Good luck for the rest of the season.
7 September, 14:17; Aniruddha Phatak, UK

Show them what you are still capable of doing by winning the drivers championship with a huge margin again. We know you are capable of doing it.

If Ferrari will not support you, consider driving for the Mclaren-Mercedez team alongside Fernando. Dream pair of F1 drivers for a Mclaren-Mercedez fan (me).
7 September, 14:17; Nanette, UK
Carry on Michael and show them what we already know, that you are the best F1 ever has seen, the grid will be a poorer place without you next year
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