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7 September, 13:56; Jordan Dude, England
Iv never liked you since you took Damon out in 94, however i could respect you untill Austria 2002. Personally i think you should end your impressive carrear at the end of the season and hope you win the championship so you can go out on a high. Sadly i think you will be more remembered for all the controversy and dirty tricks and team mates that you wouldnt race than for your unquestionable talent.

One thing before i go, Monaco - Your car was massivly faster in the race as you awesomely demonstrated. So there was no need whatsoever for the fake spin! Things like that will be what people remember you for, not the brilliance, and that is a shame!
7 September, 13:56; Agina, China
though i do want you to stay 2007, but only you have the right to choose your life. though i may be in the deepest depression i've never had in my life,but you shall have your own desicion at last----whatever it 'll be,just do as todt said:do what makes you happy.love you forever.
7 September, 13:55; Yvette, south africa
i said to my father once why does ferrari pay schumi so much money and he answered because my son under michael schumachers right foot theres about 35% more horse power

Pressure is nothing Winning is everything
Stay in F1 schumi
7 September, 13:54; feiyang, china
Michael,you don`t give up!!!!
come on go go go !!!!!
7 September, 13:54; Gabor, Hungary
You the KING..PLEASE Stay
7 September, 13:54; Robertas Petniunas, Lithuania
P.S. Today is my 21st. And i'm watching F-1 for 11 years. 11!! It's more that half of my age. And all the time you were the best! That's true. Please don't go. Not now.
7 September, 13:54; Mihály Holecskó, Hungary
Lejárt az időd! Jöjjenek a fiatalok!:))))
7 September, 13:54; Grace, China
Please stay one more year,you're the best!
7 September, 13:53; feiyang, feiyang
Michael,you don`t give up!!!!
come on go go go !!!!!
7 September, 13:52; Gennady, Russia
Michael, please stay in f1
You BESTt! You CAN! You MUST!
7 September, 13:51; A.Bakharev, RUSSIA
7 September, 13:49; Craig van Rensburg, south africa
after your victory in 2000 i named my then unborn son michael he is five now and he has celebrated 5 such titles with you. why not move to another f1 team or take a year off
Just come back and give these recruits another demonstration on michael schumachers guide winning f1 titles

Michael Schumacher my inspiration for Success
Forza Ferrari forza Schumi
7 September, 13:49; Robertas Petniunas, Lithuania
Michael, today is my birthday and i hope that you will do my best ever birthday present! Please atleast one more season. I want to see you racing and winning again! God give us a hope, joy and Michael's stay!
7 September, 13:48; Effie Yang, China
Michael, please keep on fighting!
7 September, 13:47; eljoanelcrack, Manresa
Hay muchos negros por canarias?
7 September, 13:46; kiminka, Slovakia
I wish you title this season,but then you should go.Kimi is best choise for Ferrari.
7 September, 13:43; KiNg_JaMeS_23, Barcelona
A mi con 16 ya me la han chupado :oops:
7 September, 13:42; Hammurabi, España
Como pongo sa mensaje ahi bajo?
7 September, 13:42; Me meo, encima
¿Por donde está el servicio?
7 September, 13:41; Rikardo, Espiritu Santo
A las mujeres hay que respetarlas Michael, eso de besar y chingar a una mujer está muy mal, son todos unos pecadores. Deberías hacer dibujos con el paint como yo, o insultar a los MAMARRACHOS de Rivers Cuomo y Robin. Son lo peor. BANEO YA
7 September, 13:40; ООО "ИНТЭКС" Демидов Евгений Евгеньевич, Россия
Вообщем так,
Думаю, что 10 цифра более удачнее, чем 8...
И тем более не удачнее 7!
Короче надо молодежь-выскочек стаивть на место, а то они возомнили о себе...
Не забывай о своей армии, Михаэль ;)
7 September, 13:40; fts-Schumi, China
Schumi,you are the best!!
i hope you will get more and more champions.i want to see you in the competition!!!Support you forever!!!
7 September, 13:40; Ernest Lucas, En la mitad
Tu también lo dejas por falta de tiempo? Se nota que soy fan tuyo.
7 September, 13:39; Agina, China
Schumi,Ur fans in CHINA will always love U!

Please Stay!!!
7 September, 13:39; scarlette, china
please please please don't go.
Everytime i see your smile,i know the life is so beautiful,
7 September, 13:39; Ralf Schumacher, Hermanisimo
Siempre supe que era el mejor.
7 September, 13:37; pilasmvp, Mostoles, España
ola kiero k no t rtrs pq ers un krk

7 September, 13:37; Dejan Bodiroga 10, Catalonia
Barça :campeon:
7 September, 13:37; Fonixbird, Hungary
You are NOT BUNNY!!!!
Please never give up.
2007 formula1 seison waiting you
7 September, 13:37; acho, Spain
Please, you are the best, stay another year in F1!!!
7 September, 13:36; Andrés88, Foro ACB
Que me devuelvan mis 100000000000000000 mensajes!

Pinchin joputa!
7 September, 13:36; Fernando Alonso, Tontolava
I hope you stay in F1 cause you are a really good person, agreeable, friend of yor friends, beauty, long penis, etc...

Please stay here.
7 September, 13:36; Acebes, España(investigando lineas)
warro que haces masturbandote en la foto?
7 September, 13:36; Alexandr, Russia
7 September, 13:35; Michael Schumacher, Germany
Don't worry, I'll stay
7 September, 13:35; Agina, China

7 September, 13:33; Foro ACB.com, CATALONIA IS SPAIN
somos una panda de Catalanes Españoles
7 September, 13:33; Fermín Romero de Torres, Foro
Moderate y quedate
7 September, 13:33; kextr, russia
Schumi go home!
Formula will be better without you!
/Nothing personal/
7 September, 13:32; Ruby Huang, China
Schumi, how can we without you!!!
7 September, 13:32; Agina, China
I cried silently this afternoon at my doom.My doommates couldn't understand why i was so depressed.Throughout the yeas ,only U have the magic to control my emotion.I 'll never forget the crazy joy U bring to me. U're my only precious GOD,FOREVER!!!

Michael,if U are still loving the game,please STAY!

whatever U do , I'll always love U.
7 September, 13:31; Catalan, Foro acb
Retirate Schumacher! (jijijijijijj)
7 September, 13:31; Stevo, Australia
You wont give up. Not yet. Ferrari needs you. One more drivers and one more constructors. Viva Scuderia Ferrari!
7 September, 13:30; Lapuerta, Piso Catalan
ese menphis ese menphis eh! eh!
7 September, 13:29; Menphis Bulls, ESPAÑA
Me da verguenza que en Catalunya se vaya con Schumi porque Alonso no es catalan, pero aun asi eres un gran piloto. Quedate
7 September, 13:29; Gregorio Burguillo, Andasulia
Maestro no te vayas, eres el único capaz de darle en los morros a frenando, además cobras un pastón por ello, seguire tus pasos, es el trabajo de mis sueños. Si desgraciadamente te retiras podrías dedicarte a la producción patata, tiene muchas salidas.

Master don´t go, you´re the chosen one to beat Alonso, also your salary is colossal, i will follow your steps, win on the alonso´s loser face is one of my dreams. If you lamentably retire could employ in the Kartoffel production, is the best job in world.

Kulunguele, kulunguele.
7 September, 13:28; Tamás Pintér, Hungary
I hope you will stay in Formula 1.
I wish you all the best from Hungary.
7 September, 13:28; Radics Zoltán, Hungary
Michael Schumacher ist König!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Légyszives maradj még te vagy a legjobb!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 13:27; Love you,Schumi., China

Schumi,please stay in Formula1.
I wanna see your smiling face…
I wanna see your “Schumi-Jump”…

Love you forever^^
7 September, 13:26; Zuzu, Hungary
Kérlek mardj!!!!Légyszives te vagy a legjobb!!!!Michael Schumacher is König!!!!
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