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7 September, 22:02; Jarda, Czech
please stay michael!
7 September, 22:02; Viktor, Hungary
Please don't go!
7 September, 22:02; Pavel, Czech Republic
You are realy good racer in F1. You must stay in F1.And if you end your career, we don't forget for you. A ať si kdo chce co chce říká seš prostě nejlepší! Hi all
7 September, 22:02; Sven Werner, Deutschland
BITTE BITTE GEH NICHT !!!!!!!!!!!!! ES TUT SO WEH !!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 22:02; Zdeněk, Czech Republic
Zustan!!!!!! Nic vic nic min.
7 September, 22:02; Honza, Czech republik
Michael stay in F1, you are the BEST !
7 September, 22:02; Your Biggest Fan, Germany
Although you were always very successful, you remained with your feet on the soil of the facts. Always you stayed serious - away from public scandales!

You were never practice substantial to your fans. If you leave the F1 - the world of sports will lose a real Hero!

Please just give us still another one year - no matter how it goes out! Dear Michael - YOUR fans need you!
7 September, 22:02; Michail, Czech Republic
Stay in the F1 please
7 September, 22:02; Kanty, Czech republic
Forza Schumi...please YOU must continued!!!
7 September, 22:01; Tom, Czech Republic
Please, stay in Formula 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 22:01; Tommy, Czech republic
hej miso klidne na to ser nema to cenu vis to sam ze ja sem ta jednicka a ten playboy kteryho chce svet videt nech to me...kdy to mam prijit podepsat?
7 September, 22:01; rene peconka, England
Stay dear Michael longer please.Dont let win Alonso!!!!!!!
7 September, 22:01; Vijay Nagarajan, India

You are the face of F1 and you will be for some more years whether you retire or not. You are a legend. Bernie and the bunch are still going to market it as Schumi's sport until they get someone as dynamic and consistent as you. The world will still salute you until someone in the present bunch can match you in the years to come. You came in when Senna was around and conquered like none before. Even if you retire now, no one can belittle your achievements, not even you. Though I would personally like you to stay on to see the ferraris battle it out between themselves next season, I would definitely respect your decision. I would also like you to retire at the top and with 8 or may be 9 titles.

Again, I would love for you to continue on. We can never be satiated by the Michael moments that we get to see.
7 September, 22:01; Mick, Belgium
Michael please don't go. Follow your heart and continue doing what you love to do; RACING IN F1!!


In this way, we can't even say goodbye and that really hurts after years!!

You are my hero Michael and you will always be!
7 September, 22:01; Andrew Babchenko, Russia
Please stay in Formula One!!!
7 September, 22:01; Silvermaster, Czech republic
Michael, come on, one more year in formula 1...please!!!
7 September, 22:01; speed.xx, Czech Republic
Michael is best rider on the world
7 September, 22:01; Daniel Milton, Deutschland ( Bayern)
Lieber Michael Schumacher. Ich bin seit 14 Jahren Formel 1 zuschauer. Ich hbae mitgezittert, geweint und mich gefreut. >Eine Formel 1 ohne Michael Schumacher - für mich undenkbar. Aber der Abschied wird eines Tages kommen. Aber bitte erst in ein paar Jahren. Du bist immer noch DER beste. Und jetzt geh und hol dir den Titel.
Dein großer Fan

7 September, 22:01; anna, england
michael, you must stay! you are the best forever!!! i saw you in silverstone this year and i want to see you again!!
7 September, 22:01; Mario, England
Seuy dont leave, please stay, youve been a great sport and thank you for your time and championships with Ferrari! Go Sheuy Go!!!!
7 September, 22:01; Harald, Deutschland
Du mußt inder Formel 1 bleiben.Denke bitte mal an das
deutsche Tennis als Becker und Graf aufgehört haben. Das selbe wird mit der Formel 1 in Deutschland passieren wenn
Du aufhörst.
7 September, 22:01; Jonas, Germany
Bitte bleib Schumi! Ohne dich macht die F1 nur halb so viel Spaß.....
7 September, 22:01; LukasRWP, Kladno,Czech republic
Schumi, zustan, prosim, jsi nase vsechno, nejlepsi driver jaky kdy jezdil... ..rozdavej nam dal radost! Vzdycky jsem s Tebou! FORZA SCHUMI a FORCA SCDERIA FERRARI!!!!
7 September, 22:00; Sergey, Russia
THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!stay in the F1.......=)
7 September, 22:00; Knezi, Czech Republic
Prosím neodcházej si fakt skvělej pilot.
7 September, 22:00; Matthew Parker, UK
Michael Schumacher should go!!! but I do like michael move to different team that would be great for me!! I think is up to him either what he want to do.,
7 September, 22:00; Davy Russell, Scotland
you are my hero.I have secretly worshipped you for your entire career when all my friends thought i was a bmw fan i would sit in the grandstands willing you on under my breath pretending not to care. i hope you will stay for at least another year so i can finally come out of the closet and say out proud that i am a schumacher fan and love ferrari with all my heart please stay
7 September, 22:00; Abou mounir, Canada
You are simply the best, a class gentelman and we will be missing you champ.
7 September, 22:00; Jirka Mayrich, Czech republic
Best rider in the world!!!!
7 September, 22:00; Marian Kopecky, USA
Hi Michael! Please stay for US and for YOU! You can reach to a hundred victories in F1.
You are the only interesting personality in F1 industry and it is pleasure to watch you racing. Thank you for wonderfull years in F1.
7 September, 22:00; torsten, belgium
stay in the F1. you're the greatest driver ever. you're first GP
was Francorchamps, why do you not end your carriere next year here in belgium? I hope to see you there.
7 September, 22:00; kant, CZ
Alonso is better .... you are too old go to retirement ...
7 September, 21:59; Tommy, Czech republic
NOOOOOOOOO MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!King!!
7 September, 21:59; Don crazzy, Czech Republic
You are super
7 September, 21:59; Martin, Czech Republic
if you want to finish with F1... THANKS A LOT!!!! You are the greatest one! But you should try to win next GP ;) you'll win
7 September, 21:59; Pablo Bonavia, Chile
Querido Schumi, soy Chileno y mi unica motivación para despertan temprano los sabados y domingos es verte correr.

Dear Schumi, I'm from Chile and my only motivation to wake up early on saturday and sunday is to see you drive.
Please stay.
7 September, 21:59; Blue Diamond, Köln
Du weist schon, was Du zu tun hast.

Hör auf deine innere Stimme !

7 September, 21:59; bimbo, czech republic
šumák je největší zmrd i ta jeho banda červená, ať už táhne ke všem čertům
7 September, 21:59; Hovnokabel, Czech
7 September, 21:59; Irina, Sochi
Я люблю тебя... как него еще не любила за свои 21 год
7 September, 21:59; Sheraz Ali, Pakistan
Micheal i start watching F1 in 97 and from that day i havent miss a single F1 race travelled thrice to silverstone in UK just to see you in action and want you to continue for 1 more year atleast. With you there is no charm and figth in F1 for tilte
7 September, 21:59; Pavel, Czech
Ještě jednu sezonu a jsi na věky v našich srdcích bůh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 21:59; Robson, Germany
The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be, YOU must STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 21:59; Dušan Mundok, Chomutov, Czech republic
Michaele it is very good racer...Alonso is very stupid boy...Please stay you are my favoutite racer in F1...MC...Duma
7 September, 21:59; Petr Purma, Czech Republic
I gdyž má mnoho odpůrců, bez něj o nebude ono, čím víc kvalitních jezdců na špici, tím lepší podívaná... zůstaň
7 September, 21:59; Jerom, Belgium
Please Micheal, stay!!! F1 needs you!
7 September, 21:58; David, England
Simply the BEST
7 September, 21:58; Martina, Czech Republic
Michael, stay, you're the best and you should show your power again!! I will miss you very much.
7 September, 21:58; kenny, roumania
stay in the F1........we need you;)
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