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21 February, 10:42; MS, 中国
21 February, 10:41; MS, 中国
21 February, 10:40; MS, 中国
21 February, 10:39; MS, 中国
21 February, 10:37; MS, 中国
21 February, 10:34; MS, 中国
喜欢你在法拉利的那种状态我个人觉得有几点 要改变一下,也许可能有点迷信.
一是,头盔上的黑色一圈,不太好,应该换成白色 的底色,字为黑色的,后面印的龙的颜色最好为
20 February, 16:39; kevin, Denmark
Happy Birthday Gina Maria
19 February, 07:53; MS, 中国
有一些错误是可以避免的,有些细节旁观可能 看的更清,希望你能听到这些声音,和意见, 并做出改变。改变很难,重复很容易。但是真 正的强者,是敢于挑战改变。上帝保佑我们!
19 February, 07:50; MS, 中国
说什么,也看不到,也听不到,但是,来自心 灵深处的祝福,从未停止过,也许有很多不如 意,但我们一起面对。只要尽心,尽力,失败 了,也没什么。祝11年顺利,平安。
16 February, 10:28; kevin, Denmark
8 February, 20:20; msc fan, denmark
you are the best of eternal time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 February, 16:42; 方正, 中国
迈克尔.舒马赫!!!! 我最爱的男人!最崇拜尊敬的人呐!!! 加油啊 无论现在你在那个车队,过去的一切都一直在 啊!~~~
7 February, 16:35; Frankie, China
You are the best!!!
31 January, 13:41; kevin, denmark
i'm Michael's biggest fan
31 January, 13:38; kevin, denmark
I'm really looking forward to that I need for the German Formula 1 racing
with my dad it will be mega fun
30 January, 15:05; kevin, denmark
I am happy that I got to be a fan of you
p.s believe in yourself
30 January, 15:00; kevin, denmark
I believe you can win michel?
for you have made many times
30 January, 14:55; kevin, danmark
I've finally figured out where Michael lives
3 January, 20:21; Vova, Ukraine
Happy Birthday, dear Michael!!!
3 January, 20:11; Robert, Sweden
Happy Birthday! Schumi!! Make it a great year! I know you can do it!!
3 January, 10:21; Michaelia Guo, China
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Schumi, ich liebe dich für immer.
3 January, 05:58; Eve Yao, Shanghai,China
Happy New Year and Happy Birthday,Michael!
3 January, 02:54; Schip, China
Honig,viel Glück zum Geburtstag!
3 January, 01:01; Che, China
Happy Birthday Michael !!!
2 January, 17:04; SL, CHINA
Happy Birthday,dear.
2 January, 04:56; Schip, China
我只想你 一个人。
1 January, 21:34; Vova, Ukraine
Happy New Year Michael!!!
31 December, 18:11; SL, CHINA
走到如此之远,我何求呢。每个冬天最难熬时 总是动力所在。Happy New Year~
31 December, 18:09; SL, CHINA
28 December, 15:52; Fjane, China
Dear Schumi,enjoying your holiday and taking care!!
25 December, 06:44; Michaelia Guo, China
Merry Christmas, Michael ~
24 December, 11:16; Schip, China
Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr!~
21 December, 05:20; Schiplove, China
heavy snow and ice in Europe.take care honey.
19 December, 04:20; Fjane, China
2011 will br better, Schumi!
13 December, 13:51; 周露怡, China
expect your best in 2011
12 December, 08:03; MSC 4EVER, china
8 December, 04:18; GaoFeng, China
2011 will be yours,you are the best. watching your driving is only enjoyment in F1
6 December, 07:27; AK-PAGE, China
Eres mí diós. antes ahora y siempre .
por eso ... aunqué comó eres tú , soló eres Michael Schumacher .
Te amo tanto.
4 December, 07:57; WXY, china
herzlicher gewunschen zu dir
1 December, 12:39; Schip, China
Honig Glücklichen Dezember!~
28 November, 13:26; Schip, China
哈哈舒米我看到你在休息区睡觉的镜头了。看 来中午你真的需要小nap~
28 November, 13:24; Schip, China
28 November, 05:12; Schip, China
It's a tough job which cost me a whole yesterday and this morning to find a live stream of Race of Champions because they are actually nur Deutschland or UK ,kein Livestream and premium.But finally I got the live stream hahaaaaa.Honey see you later!~God bless.
26 November, 04:28; Schip, China
Michael...I like being tragic...but I have the best quality heart...happy race of champions in Düsseldorf.
24 November, 14:29; Dawn, China
21 November, 15:35; Schip, China
21 November, 15:33; Schip, China
周现在觉得好累,sehr müde……亲爱的你昨天的试车好棒,现在回欧
21 November, 15:33; Schip, China
周三还有比赛,我居然耗费了一晚上做只有一 个credit的BT口语PPT。而且明天不一定轮到我。
20 November, 06:16; Sun Yue, China
S.Vettle got this chapion,I just wanna cry when heard the Liedes der Deutschen again. Maybe I'll watch the formula because of him in the future, BUT he isn't you.
20 November, 03:01; Schip, China
honey happy test today!~Alles Gute!
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