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8 September, 07:26; Petr Bedan, Czech Republic
Dont go away Michael, stay and win more titles, good luck for another races wish Fans from Brno(CZ)
8 September, 07:26; Vyacheslav, Russia
Michael, please stay. You are the best for the all times. Your bolid is very fast and competitive now. I believe your best wins ahead!!
8 September, 07:26; Gundars, Latvia
You are the best champion . Please, please, please, stay in F1 !!!
8 September, 07:25; Thomas Potter, Canada
Micheal you are my hero. I watched since you started and never missed a race. I been to everyone in canada to cheer you on. I prayed I wouldn't see this day. And I am still praying that i won't for a little while yet. You still have alot to offer and still very competitive. I still and always cheer you on and argue with anyone how great you really are. Don't leave me just yet I need to still cheer you on. You give me something to look forward to every race sunday. But if you go thank you for all the great memories, great moments and thrills of the chase. Take good care and god bless your truly number one fan. Thomas
8 September, 07:25; Pepa, Czech republic
Michael, please stay in F1... Please, please, please...
8 September, 07:25; Mike, china
we all hope you will stay,you are best,we will always support you
8 September, 07:25; Mirec Dobias, Slovakia
Michael, please stay!!! You´re the best, you´re hero!!!
8 September, 07:25; Dan, Czech Republic
All the Czech Republic want to see you in the next years in F1. Please, stay!
8 September, 07:25; Frank, China
stay, you are the king of the F1
8 September, 07:24; Lutz,Kabisch, Deutschland
Hallo Michael !Du bist und bleibst für mich der König der F1und sowohl auch als Mensch.Ich habe mit Dir mich gefreut &geweint,und werde Deine Meinung akzeptieren,sowohl respektieren.Denn nur du kannst selber entscheiden(und Famiele).Ich werde immer an Dich denken,wenn ich mit meinem Auto fahre und würde mich freuen ab und zu mal etwas von Dir zu hören.Ich finde es nur Schade wie man mit einen König umgeht!Ich werde Dich auf jeden Fall ehren wie ein KÖNIG!!!
8 September, 07:24; Влад, f1-king@yandex.ru
8 September, 07:24; Paolo, Philippines
Drive until you`re 80! F1 won`t be the same without the Rain Meister, The Red Baron, the Demi-god of Speed, Schumi!
8 September, 07:24; michele, UK
LET me keep being so proud of seeing my Italia and y FERRARI on top of the world. Lead us to the win and to the joyce like in the last years.
8 September, 07:23; marcis, Latvia
Stay. you are the best !!!
8 September, 07:23; Герцен Георгий, Россия
8 September, 07:23; РОман, Россия
Ты лучший! Без тебя Формула померкнет! Не уходи!
8 September, 07:23; Simanowich Sergey, Russia
Ты обязан остаться!
8 September, 07:22; Keshav, India
Dear Micheal,
Please stay in F1. It is difficult to imagine F1 with out you. Even if you don't win the races... don't get the pole position, you bring lots of charm to the sport. We all request you to continue as long as you enjoy the game. Don't bother about 37 or 38.... you are still compitative, fit and enjoyong. I feel you should take a go for at least one more year.
8 September, 07:22; Rohit, India
You have to Stay!!!
8 September, 07:22; Nitin Dube, India
You are the best and F1 needs you.
8 September, 07:22; Pepa, Czech republik
Michael, please Stay in F1. Please, Please, Please...
8 September, 07:21; Tibor Pintes, Hungary
8 September, 07:21; tom morgan, germany
hi michael,
zeigs diesen Nasen noch ein-zwei mal und mach den Zehner voll!


einer deiner grössten Fans
8 September, 07:21; rogerchris, china
8 September, 07:21; Markus Lorenz, Germany
Was soll das denn werden, ohne DEN Schumacher?! Halbwarm oder halbkalt?
8 September, 07:21; Janis, Latvia
Please please stay in F1 and win more two champion titles, and then it can begin to think for a 10th champion title! F1 without you already is not F1
8 September, 07:20; oopar, china
8 September, 07:20; Вано, Россия
Оставайся! Не надо уходить. Протирать штаны на пенсии - это не для тебя!
8 September, 07:20; Michael, Melbourne
Michael please don't go. I like to run around naked watching you on TV. Please dont take this simple enjoyment away from my life. Please Please stay
8 September, 07:20; Patrick Brunnert, Deutschland
Michael Schumacher wird am Sonntag seinen Rücktritt bekannt geben.
Da bin ich fest von überzeugt.

Ich bedauere es selbst.

8 September, 07:20; Val, Russia
Michael! If you can't beat Alonso this year, please, stay in F1 for just one season! I'm definitely sure, you can win the championship this or next year!
Of course, you will decide by yourself. Anyway, GOOD LUCK!
You're the best!
8 September, 07:20; iAn, malaysia
common michael. ue the best of ur generation and just stay for another 2 seasons at least, and give these young guns a run for their money.
8 September, 07:19; Lolo Le Dieu, FRANCE
Michael, please stay in F1. Otherwise F1 will lose the best racer. PLEASE!
8 September, 07:19; an-yue, china
Don't give up.
我们真的需要你,你是我们观看F1的唯一的 理由.没有你的世界是不完美的.有无数的车 迷真诚的希望你留下.但无论你做什么样的决 定,我们依然会支持你的.
Love you forever.
8 September, 07:19; J, Latvia
8 September, 07:19; Anshul, India
If you can, PLEASE STAY! We love you and you are the reason we follow the spectacle called F1.
8 September, 07:18; Walter, Germany
In vielen Ländern der Welt bin ich Dir hinterher gereist.
Soll es jetzt etwa gewesen sein?

Ich bin viel älter als Du , muß meinen Job auch machen und mich gegen jüngere durchsetzen.
Schumi alter(junge) Junge, bleib dabei und zeig es allen.
8 September, 07:18; 军无忌, 中华人民共和国
8 September, 07:18; Guru, india
well, i dont think i have to tell michael not to quit, i have a strong feeling he wont. after all this is what he is best at (F-1) and i know he himself cannot imagine just driving his X5 instead of an F-1 car.....
8 September, 07:18; dory, lebanon
hi all, Shumacher ur the best, i now u well take the write decision, but don't leave F1, till u get ur 8th championchip.

8 September, 07:18; Супруги Ребеко, Россия
Когда ты стартуешь, стартуем мы вместе! Все мысли и мускулы рвутся вперед,,,Не уходи!!!
8 September, 07:17; MadMax, ukraine
8 September, 07:17; Alex, Russia
Michael! YOU MUST GET 100 GP wins and 10 Chmpions crowns! You are not finished yet this task! STAY WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 07:17; Petros, Cyprus
Hail to the great Schumi who has given us 15 years of excitement and success. I hope I can find another driver to enjoy so much in order to continue watching F1 after he leaves.
8 September, 07:17; Pumpkin, china
8 September, 07:17; Ingus, Latvia
I wana see how you will beat Fernando in this year!
8 September, 07:16; Stefan, Allert
HI Michael

Why do you want to leave when in a bad season you can still compete with the best of the rest, the bottom line is you should do what is best for you and I wish you all the best in anything you do.

8 September, 07:16; Raul, Venezuela
Schumi is your choice and wathever it is i accept it, (of course that i want you to stay) im from Venezuela and i wanna thank you for all those years of happines, all those victories, those championships. Thank you for being the best. (sorry for my inglish i never take the inglish class)
8 September, 07:16; Michael Everard, Australia
Please don't go. I love you. You are all that I live for
8 September, 07:16; alex, Ukrain
если выйграешь чемпионат 2006, то уходи, иначе продолжай!
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