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6 September, 20:58; Janos, Hungary
Dear Michael! Please show the youngers how to drive. We will see it! Regards, J.
6 September, 20:57; Ronin, Hungary
Michael, you are the BEST !!! STAY :)
6 September, 20:56; Gabriella Kovács, Hungary
I know that I coudn't do anything just hoping: YOU will stay!

I hope that YOU have already got the Ferrari-horse witch I made to YOU, I sent it to Maranello, because I could't finish it time, when YOU were in Hungary in this year!

I'm FOREVER YOUR fan! Gabi
6 September, 20:56; Frans, Germany
Micheal stay please
Germany and the world needs you
Please stay!
6 September, 20:55; Peti, Hungary
You are only 37 years old. So you shouldn't retire. Forexample: Mika Hakkinen few years earlier retire and one year later he is continue his race career.
So you are not to old. You have to drive 1 or 2 year in the F1. Niki Lauda, Briattore and so on Yes they are to old but you I dont' think.
So at Saturday in Monza please tell that: "I will race in 2007 with the Ferrari-team". :))

6 September, 20:50; Rick, Dutch
6 September, 20:50; f1fan, Hungary
My best F1 memories:
-1998: My first GP at Hungaroring - Michael won!
-2000: Japanese GP First Championship with Ferrari
-2001: Hungaroring - Second Champ with Ferrari just in front of me (Thanks forever!)
-2003: US GP. Master of Rain!
Endless story!
I want more!
6 September, 20:49; mohammad, iran
you have a car
becaus a poor by and men dond have a car.
they dont have mony to buy a car for rraly and raec
perhoups thye are beste but tehy dont have mony!
to hops a day that a boy poor (egs a boy felestin)have monny ....
6 September, 20:48; Chris, Dutch
Please stay in the f1.The world need you.
You can take this 8th WC and any more!
Forever SCHUMI!!!!
Michael i can only say...Stay in the f1 you are the best on f1
You have the biggest fans in the world so stay please!!
6 September, 20:47; TVM, Russia
Michael, please stay for them, your numerous fans all over the Earth. Few of them grew in love with u from your very first steps in autosport, they supported your philosophy of winning at all costs, using all dirty tricks all possibilities just to win, and this will be a great sorrow for them if u leave. The majority of your so-called fans knowing little about the sport, buying red caps and shirts will be embarassed. Some of them are just supporting Shumacher not knowing that there are 2 Shumachers in the field. For them, it would be great idea, to wear a helmet with black windscreen, and after they get used to that, secretly retire from the sport, some of young drivers will substitute u. And there always be a Great Schuey in F1. Think about that. It really can work.
6 September, 20:47; A, Hungary
Michael! Please stay! You are the best!
6 September, 20:46; Laci and Ivett, Hungary
We would like you to be in the Formula ' in 2007 as well and win the championship againn!

2 Formula 1 fan from Hungary
6 September, 20:45; Mickie, Hungary
Du bist das beste Michael! Bitte Bleib noch! Berger, Briatore, Lauda, sagen, dass du ein bischen alt bist, daswegen machst du fehler. BLÖDSIN!! Du bist so gut hochmotiviert, siegfahig.
Bitte zeig, was du kannst. Alonso hat groses mund, weil er letztes Jahr die Wm gewonnen hat. Wenn du bleibst, wirdst du 2007 auch Wm werden.
Vertrau mir!!!!Bitte!
Forza Schumi, Ferrari
6 September, 20:44; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 20:44; Hochstein Nikoletta, Hungary
Michael, don't forget that nowadays Formula-1 = Michael Schumacher. You are the best pilot and this is why we don't want you to retire!
Good luck!
6 September, 20:43; Tóth Dávid, Hungary
Micheal please stay in f 1. you are the best f1 pilot.
stay stey stey
6 September, 20:43; Rosso, Debrecen, Hungary
Maradj vazeg és picsázd el a kis seggnyaló majmokat, szard le mit mond a sok vénülő irigy gané, mutasd meg hogy ki a LEGNAGYOBB!!!!! Forza Ferrari!! GO MSC GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
6 September, 20:43; Gaz, Hungary
Michael you are the best, we would like to see you in the next year in the car No.1 :D
6 September, 20:43; d8, Hungary
Michael Stay in Formula1 because you are the best!
6 September, 20:42; Peti, Hungary
I would like if you drive again in 2007
If you stay in the F1 I think you will champion in 2007


Sziasztok :)
6 September, 20:42; Pisti, Hungary
6 September, 20:41; Roland, Slovakia
6 September, 20:41; OLEE, Hungary
Könyörgök Schumi MARADJ!!!! Te vagy a mindenem, Te vagy az Istenem, a példaképem!!! Ha elmész, egy világ fog összeomlani bennem....Te nem vagy öreg, ugyanolyan jó vagy mint a fiatalok, sőt még jobb is!!! Ne hallgass az ilyen irigyekre, mint Briatore, Lauda, Herbert...stb...Csak irigységből beszél mind, mert nem lehettek olyan sikeresek, mint te! Szóval...Please STAY!!!!
6 September, 20:40; Peter, Hungary
6 September, 20:39; Peter, Hungary
6 September, 20:37; Bacsiszta Adrienn, Hungary
ha te elmész akkor nem lesz ember akire felnézzenek..mert ilyen ember még nem volt a Forma-1ben és valószinű h nem is lesz sokáig....és mi lesz a Ferrarival?Schumi,nélküled nem tudják csinálni
6 September, 20:34; Kitty, Romania
You've given to your fans the most beautiful years of F1..It's you're decision not ours(I respect it not matter what)..I'm sure all of us(your fans) would like you to stay and write history again and again every year with every race.But although you'll retire you will always be the greatest pilot F1 ever met..at least in my opinion.YOU ARE THE BEST AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST because there is no pilot that can erase your glory ..absolutely no one
6 September, 20:34; Motion_Blur, Hungary
2005 Imola - I'll always remember...
6 September, 20:32; bravura, Hungary
maradj Misi!!!!!
ha mész,én is megyek:(
6 September, 20:31; Kubik Ferenc, Hungary
Michael nagyon kérlek maradj még NÉLKÜLED üres lessz a Forma1
6 September, 20:30; Tímea Szűcs, Hungary
Dear Michael,
Please stay!!!!!! I love you!!!!! You are the best f1 pilot in the world!!!!! You are my model/pattern!!!! You are a FANTASTIC man!!! My dream is: I going to meet with You...!!! :)
6 September, 20:29; schumil, hungary
Stay in F1! You are the best!
6 September, 20:28; Csaba, Hungary
6 September, 20:27; Honda, Hungary
Maradj Schumi, imádunk!!!!
6 September, 20:25; istvan pulai, usa
You are still better than all the rest combined
6 September, 20:22; Lori, Hungary
Michael Schumacher Please stay!and get the 8. VB!!!!Michael! You're the best pilot Formula-1 ever had! Let you win this match! "You're ready for the victory"-> Michael Schumacher 9 World Champion-<
6 September, 20:22; Csaba, Hungary
Schumi, you are the best! Please stay in Formula 1!
6 September, 20:21; Vigarc, Hungary
Bontani való csirke eladó. Please win again. and go home in the forever honor.
6 September, 20:21; Simonné Hajni, Hungary
Maradj még!!!!!!!!!!!
6 September, 20:20; Valéria, Magyarország
Nem szeretnénk ha visszavonulnál! Szurkolunk neked hogy tudd megszerezni a 8.-ik VB-t!
6 September, 20:19; KOVÁCS DÁNIEL, HUNGARY
6 September, 20:18; KOVÁCS DÁNIEL, HUNGARY
STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEAS!!!!!!

6 September, 20:18; Tkrisz, Hungary
Michael please don't go. You're the best pilot. Please Stay! :))
6 September, 20:18; Frank, The Netherlands
Schumi, made me the Formula1 Lover I am today!
Without Schumi There won't be any really good drivers in F1, if Schumi decides to stop, it will mean the death of F1 as we know the sport today.

Schumi, Please Choose Wisely!!!
Choose For what YOU FEEL!
6 September, 20:18; Balázs Csaba, Hungary
6 September, 20:17; Orsy, Hungary
Michael, please stay! The world need you!!!
6 September, 20:17; Annamaria, maglodi@monornet.hu
Én magyar vagyok, magyarul kérem! :-) Schumi maradj még egy kicsit! Ami
6 September, 20:17; Anne Marie, Romania
Please stay..F1 will never be as fun or as interesting as it was with you..FORZA FERRARI!..GO SCHUMACHER!..msc for ever..:X
6 September, 20:17; Balázs Csaba, Hungary

6 September, 20:16; Gianni, Hungary
Michael for EVER
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