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8 September, 00:20; Vivek, United Kingdom
Give us one reason to quit.You are still the best and highly competitive and focussed. You should stay for the sport.
It is great fun wats you drive
8 September, 00:20; Red.Devil.From.Maranello, Czech Rep.
Schumi, pleeeeease stay !!! you are biggest racer of all times !!! RED HEEL IN MONZA !!!
8 September, 00:19; laurence connell, england
8 September, 00:19; Allan Farr, New Zealand
You must stay in F1. You will almost certainly be World Champion next year because for one thing Alonso probably won't be competitive in his first year with a new team.
8 September, 00:19; Markus, Baden-Württemberg - GERMANY
Die Formel1 braucht Michael Schumacher wie keinen anderen! RTL könnte dicht machen ohne ihn und die daraus resultierenden hohen Einschaltquoten!!
8 September, 00:19; marius cotiga, france
hi michael
one more year please, for 9 titles !!
see you next year on the grid
8 September, 00:19; Vittorio, Italia
Regalaci altre emozioni
8 September, 00:19; Tracy, England
Perhaps we should turn it into the Montoya appreciation site, as he is far more gifted than the useless Schumacher, who can only win with the best car and a lapdog team mate.

Go Monty go.....
8 September, 00:19; cuci, Bulgaria
8 September, 00:19; mark briggs, britain
michael you should stay for least one more year .i think you feel better for it. you can win world championship this year
be best again.
8 September, 00:18; Boo, Ireland
Thank You for the last 15 years of viewing pleasure.
8 September, 00:18; Vittorio, Italia
Non puoi mollare, tu e la formula 1 siete una cosa sola
8 September, 00:18; laura, italy
montoya fa ridere ahahahah
michael 4ever!!!!
8 September, 00:18; F1-Fan, Artgentina
Michael, do not embarrass yourself anymore...go home.
8 September, 00:18; cuci, Bulgaria
Dont go...DONT GOOOOOOO/////!!!!
8 September, 00:18; Paul Cox, USA
Stick around and kick those little pup's butts for another year!
8 September, 00:18; Érica Barretto, Brasil
Please Michael, it continues in Formula 1 because we need you!
My mornings of sunday will not have more brightness.
You it obtained to become vital for me, e now of more pra not to be without you.
I love you!
Érica Barretto
8 September, 00:18; kevin wade, UK
F1 needs you
8 September, 00:18; Biggest fan, EU
Please Michael I beg you to move to NASCAR and again beat Jaun Pablo and Jacques.

You have proven yourself in formula 1, karting so show the world you are the best and beat all those NASCAR drivers.
8 September, 00:17; ngs manager, albania
michale du stinkst mann zisch endlich ab aus der formel 1 du lauch. die ngs - crew wird schon dafür sorgen dass deine
hässlichkeit nich mehr zu sehr ausgeweitet wird.

was passiert eigentlich wenn niki lauda stirbt michael?

dann bist du der hässlichste mensch auf der welt !!!!
gruß dein vadder
8 September, 00:17; ??, ??
8 September, 00:17; shinki, cze
Alonso gut, kimi sehr gut, aber du. Du bist ganz gut guter gutes
8 September, 00:17; Vittorio, Italia
Schumi vinci per noi domenica e dacci la bella notizia
8 September, 00:17; Claudio Amorosi, ITALIA!!!!
FORZA SCHUMI!! i dunno if i'm the BIGGEST! FAN! in the whole world Becuase there so many people that supports you but i think i that i'm not just your BIGGEST FAN!! I think your my Idol,your my god. You tought me a lot of things in my life and i want to thank you for that. You made me belive that i can make it into Formula 1 and never give up well i dont want to lie to you but i have givin up a few times but when you race you make me feel good and also you made me belive that if you can do it then so can i i know it sounds stupid but you change my life in a good way and im proud of that your my idol becuase i reckon you still be a 7 times world champion or even a 8th times world champion even if Senna was still alive thats how damm good you are to me! and i still think your THE greatess CHAMPION even what happened in Austria 2002, Jerez 1997,Aderlaide 1994,Monaco 2006 and Hungary 2006 becuase they say the only way a hero is a TRUE HERO is if he falls and gets back up and fights again and you have shown that 2 every 1 in the most difficult situation and the normal situation that your a TRUE CHAMPION and a HERO.The times you proven us that your the best it's not becuase you had a fast car or your team forced your team mate to slow down it because if you never came to our team Ferrari would never be CHAMPIONS 6TIMES you made the Ferrari F310,F310B,F300,F399(even though you broke your leg half way through the season but the last two race you showed your true colours again and was looking like your gonna win the world championship the next year),F12000,F12001,F2002,F2003,F2004,F2005,248F1 WORLD CHAMPIONS becuase of you !!!!!! please stay for another year but even if don't it dosent mean i would forget you no way!! I will always remember you so much much that F1 without you is no more. Hope you would see me in the near future which i would be the 1 to continue the success that you left and made F1s Main colour RED thats a PROMISE FROM YOUR BIGGEST FAN L.C.Amorosi FERRARI
8 September, 00:17; Nar Marijntje, Netherlands
Michael schumacher = F1!
8 September, 00:17; Collado Llorente, Spain
Schumi, please stay in F1. You are so necessary for de F1 Reces...

Best Regards
8 September, 00:17; antonio, latvia
You are like Lenin in CCCP, formula needed hero he made you, MARIONETE
8 September, 00:17; dan, uk
what can i say other than your the best... Words dont describe how good you are...
8 September, 00:16; Dooly Tilly, Australia
give me the sperm of Craig Tomalski
8 September, 00:16; Antonio, Chile
-Michael, you was, you are, and you gonna be the best of alls. You was the champion when never believe in you, when you broke your leg. Please teach to all the F1 the value of the experience over the value of the young.
8 September, 00:16; Your Name, Country
Schumi, please, stay at HOME! and watch TV.
8 September, 00:16; Boo, Ireland
The one true CHAMPION of the last 12 years or more, at least equal to Senna in every way. the world of F1 will be a much poorer and boring place without you. Give me at least one motre chance to see the master at work.
8 September, 00:16; Jirka, Ceska republika
Musis zustat, prece nenechas F1 jen nudnou podivanou...
8 September, 00:16; Fernando Alonso, Spain
My balls are bigger than yours...go lick your wounds ,-)
8 September, 00:16; Václav Veselý, Czech Republic
Please Michael,don't leave F1....stay
8 September, 00:16; Vittorio, Italia
8 September, 00:16; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



8 September, 00:16; simon bailey, uk
sadly if schumy goes i will no longer watch f1 ive had many years of good viewing watching schuey race for me hes better than senna was, pitty it couldnt be proved on track. but a little was in 94 when schumy was leading the championship up until sennas unfortunate death. but as ive always said you have to die to become a legend thats what happened to senna. anyway if its time for schuey to leave then good luck to him in the future and i hope he stays part of f1 sadly i will miss him deeply from the grid..

thankyou schumy for entertainment and great viewing..
8 September, 00:15; de Castro, Portugal
Michael, without you, sunday afternoons are not the same. All you fights with your opponents has been memorable. In the last 15 years you have fight with many rivals and always came up on top: you destroyed Hill, Villeneuve, Mikka, Raikonen, Montoya. Please, only retire when you finish Alonso.
8 September, 00:15; Simon O'Donovan, Great Britain
Goto Mclaren if Ron has asked. You know more than me, so I'll leave it upto you.
8 September, 00:15; Mr Wong, China
I want to eat your dogs
8 September, 00:15; Vittorio, Italia
8 September, 00:15; Gonzalo, Spain
Go Michael
8 September, 00:15; laura, italy
mamma quanti rosicono invidiosi ci sono nel mondo??ma sparatevi!!!forza michaelll!!
8 September, 00:14; F1-Fan, Argentina
go home you cheat...
8 September, 00:14; Massa, somewhere very hot
You talk but all I hear is
"blah blah blah"

8 September, 00:14; Sinna Al-Ani, Enfield, UK
the site says it all MICHAEL PLEASE STAY IN F1......ive been following you since you first joined F1 and i was only 1 at the time but i was still somehow able to see a true star in the making (somehow) and i know for a fact there never was and never will be a better driver than you, you have made ferrari what they are today as well as the sport what it is and F1 would not be the same without you...

i for sure will not be as dedicated as watching the races as i am now and have been for many years and im sure many others will agree with me! Schumi can definitely make it to 10 and i would love to see it happen...there is still so much more to come and even if the drivers title is yours this year...more reason for you to carry on...

And people should know JEALOUSY IS NOT the way....as of course everyone is jealous of Schumacher for his amazing god-like abilities in driving and it should be appreciated not envied....i hope the verdict at italy is that you are staying on and if you dont i will remeber the 10th of september as the worst day of my life and it will change not only my weekends but whole life forever :(....please do stay on as millions of fans will be lost without you me being one of them!!!!! we love you Schumi x i love you x x x
8 September, 00:14; Heinz Harald Frentzen, Germany
I fathered your kids
8 September, 00:14; Vittorio, Italia
Forza incoraggiatelo ragazzi....FORZA SCHUMI NON MOLLARE
8 September, 00:14; Vittorio, Italia
E' un momento decisivo facciamoci valere
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