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7 September, 01:02; el_Capo, Dominican Republic
Michael that you reconsider and you are left a year to you but within the F1 that without you not never will be equal, but at least remembers something always you must do what your heart of indicates
7 September, 01:01; Carlos, Valencia
Please Michael ! 1 year more ! Please ! I´m not ready for this :-(
7 September, 01:00; Sergio Garcia, Tarragona (Spain)
Please Michael ! 1 year more ! Please ! I´m not ready for this :-(
7 September, 01:00; Phantom, Spain
Please Michael ! 1 year more ! Please ! I´m not ready for this :-(
7 September, 00:57; Joaquim, Portugal
Only sick and very stupid individuals (like Clive from UK) write here against Michael Shumacher.
7 September, 00:55; Ronald Dennis, UK
Fangio, Senna, Clark, Prost, Lauda and Brabham true multiple world champions.
Michael isn't fit to felch their bums
7 September, 00:55; black_dog, atlanta
>Kirill Maysenia, Belarus
>Я уверен, что ты выступаешь уже не столько для себя, сколько для всех своих поклонников,

Да уш, бля ть. Когда он парковал свою красную телегу в Монако на квале. Он bля, думал в первую очередь о своих простофанах.

Ахуeть, дайте две.
7 September, 00:53; PÉTER LAKATOS, HUNGARY
GO,GO,GO.....NEXT YEAR!!!!!!
7 September, 00:53; Daniel Alujas Garcia, Barcelona
Please, continue for many years in the F1!!!
7 September, 00:52; Clive, UK
Only sick individuals support Michael Shumacher.
7 September, 00:52; Ross Brawn, Fatland
Michael, come with me during retirement to Fatland and we can drink beer and eat cake.
7 September, 00:50; ZUPAKKA, AFGANISTAN



7 September, 00:49; Alain, Spain (Barque Country)
Michael the f1 dont exist whitout you!! Please stay, The F1 cantb be if you are not here!! The best driver. Thanks for your races ;) i have your fiat stilo limited edition
7 September, 00:39; Dave Moss, UK
Michael drinks semen.
7 September, 00:38; tits, tits
7 September, 00:35; Jelena, Croatia
Michael....... PLEASE STAY..... JUST ONE MORE YEAR....
You are the heart of Formula One, simply the best driver ever! please stay
7 September, 00:33; Ad0lf Hitler, He11
Come join me and your true father; Beelzebub, in the fiery Underwurlde Michael,
Love always, your spiritual brother, Ad0lf x x x
7 September, 00:29; Chris, UK
Im already in tears at the thought of you leaving...Dont xXxX
7 September, 00:29; Sven, Sweden
You are full of sh1t you cheating kr@ut kvnt.
Fvkk off and die painfully!
7 September, 00:27; TUUUR_HEERDAL, sea
7 September, 00:26; z, earth
D r i n k
y a d /p o i s o n.

7 September, 00:24; zeppelin(ru), earth
G o a w a y!
D i r t y c h e a t e r.
7 September, 00:19; Dirk, Australia
Go swim with the stingrays Michael.
7 September, 00:14; whats this sh1t?, eh?
Remember: together we can win the biggest Grand Prix - watch cu.nt features in F1 for at least one more year!
7 September, 00:13; Charlie Whiting, England
Your 'crash' at Monaco this year was very convincing Michael.
Sure had me fooled there...Bravo! x x x
7 September, 00:10; Stirling Moss, England
Why did you smile on the Imola podium after the great Senna had died Michael?

Perhaps you can explain that to the world before you leave F1.
7 September, 00:08; Tibor, Hungary
Michael , don't leave us in the lurch ! Whom would we make our fingers crossed, when you retire?!
Why shall we wait for the 2007 season-debut, when you were in absence ?!
Please, think about us (about your fans) and let's see that legendary fiery-red Ferrari (With Michael Schumacher at the steering-wheel) at least one more season.
Thank you for all the joy and pleasure, you had given us , during your unique,marvellous career ! Please,Let us experience them further !
7 September, 00:06; Boris, Germany
I remember you from school you took me from behind in the boys showers after a football match - remember?

You would have been banned from the school except you were a hero for your go karting.

Well I have never been able to live a normal life since you violated me, I expect you dont really care though anyway.
7 September, 00:03; Dorgu8, Hungary
Please Michael stay in the F1.
Don't go away. Your are the best F1 driver.
7 September, 00:02; Billy Bob Ecclestone, UK
When you retire people wont be able to stop smiling.
You are the f@eces on the pavement of the F1 road to he11.
6 September, 23:58; Tibor, Hungary
Michael ! Don't leave us in the lurch ! Whom would we keep our fingers crossed for, if you retire ?!
Why shall we wait for the 2007 Formula One season debut , when you were absence ?!
Please, think about us (about your fans) and don't be "selfish" ,when you will make your decision,about the future. Thank you in advance !!!
6 September, 23:57; scynaz, UK
I wanna svck your tanks dry Michael, I am in love with you!
6 September, 23:53; spudster, UK
please dont just retire.
Please crash and turn yourself into a vegetable for the benefit of humankind.
I know your sick fans will be sad, but who cares about them?
6 September, 23:49; Sergio, Canada
All I want you to do is win this years championship!!
6 September, 23:47; Martin, Uruguay
C'mon man!
If you beat Alonso this year, you can do whatever, please, stay...
6 September, 23:47; B&C, none of your business satan fans

I have heard stories that he has c@rnal knowledge of canines and once gave Bernie Ecclestone a bl0w job back in 1991 in order to get a drive in F1.
In Kerpen where he was born in Germany he has been described by children who knew him at school as :-
"A s3xual devi@nt", "A s@tan worshipper". "A bedw3tter", "A serial m@sturb@tionist" and an "Animal worrier".
When he dies he wants "See I told you I was a kvnt" on his gravestone
6 September, 23:46; Berger and Chips true F1 fan, England
Schumacher is the f3stering, g@ngrene riddled @rseh0le of motor racing. Always first in line when the illeg@l components are being dished out, he was quite clearly last in line when good looks and personality were being dished out.

6 September, 23:45; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 23:41; Janika, Hungary
In the F1, or not, he is one of the greatests!
6 September, 23:39; Palánki Zoltán, Hungary
Please stay !!!!!!
6 September, 23:37; CT, UK
Oh Michael, I love you. Will the skin on my face ever be as smooth as yours? Or will it always be pot marked and smelly?
6 September, 23:35; Alap, Hungary
Go to your family!
You are too old for this game
6 September, 23:31; A fan, Romania
Schumi just think again before taking... THE DECISION.
As a fan of yours, I can only say: don't give the green light to our agony, stay in F1!!!!!!
6 September, 23:31; Attila Debreczeni, Hungary
Your are a legend! You are a 7 times world champion! I wish You see in Formula-1 in the next year too!!!
6 September, 23:29; Krisz, Hungary
S T A Y IN F1!!!!!
6 September, 23:23; Antal Wolfárd, Hungary
Du bist immer noch der absolut BESTE!
Wir alle drücken den Dauimen für Deinen Sieg dieses Jahr, und möchten es auch in 2007 tun!
6 September, 23:21; Gokusan1, Hungary
6 September, 23:20; János, Hungary
6 September, 23:17; drive, MD
i dont understand u, but not problem! :-) GOOOO GOOOO MICHAEL! ooo i wish u stay in Formula one.
6 September, 23:20; Michael Schumacher, Germany
Ja you make sense SamWhile
6 September, 23:20; Gokusan1, Hungary
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