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8 September, 11:29; Sigitas, Lithuania
Michael please!!!
8 September, 11:29; Mark, Uk
Best Drive Every , Topping Senna years ago
8 September, 11:29; Harald Köhnlein, Germany
Michael Schuhmacher must drive on, he is the best, without him formula 1 is no longer interesting.
8 September, 11:29; Vincy, Italia
you are the best
8 September, 11:29; Actarus, france
Schumi, Better, Faster, Stronger
Schumi, Better, Faster, Stronger
Schumi, Better, Faster, Stronger
8 September, 11:28; Gerhard Mönch, Germany
please stay on F1
8 September, 11:28; valerio, monza italy
come possiamo stare senza il barone rosso?
forza grande SCHUMI
8 September, 11:28; Muneeb, India
You are the greatest driver that i have ever seen, Please don't let it end so soon. Carry on mauling the rest of the drivers, Forza Schumi !
8 September, 11:28; Edgars, Latvia
I am your fan since I started to watch F1 regularly - Belgium 1998.. so I hope I'll see you in Belgium 2007 as well.. as a competitor..
8 September, 11:28; Heiko, Germany
He Michael, was soll das ich finde du must einfach weiter machen.
Ohne Dich ist die F1 Farblos, für mich bist du Ferrari und Ferrari ist Michael.
8 September, 11:28; Francesca, Italy
8 September, 11:28; Foo Soo Yong(Malaysia), Malaysia
个伟大的车手不管做什么方式的选择,都不能 改变它对f1的贡献! 就像篮球界的迈克尔!!!
8 September, 11:28; Ranju Francis, UK
F1 is not complete without you..
8 September, 11:28; Mario Gut., Deutschland
1.o. 2 Jahre gehen noch oder? Schumi Go
8 September, 11:27; Gosha, Russia
Misha, hvatit uzhe, Podumay o semje detjah,
8 September, 11:27; guzfer, bournemouth uk
guys who out there dont like michael..show me one perfect person in this world..michael has done so much in formula 1 none of you never could dream of it..as...holes who write bad things about him you should be shame of yourself..truth is he is the best and greatest that is all matter for me..
8 September, 11:27; Stanislav Ankov, Bulgaria
You are imply the best, please, stay
8 September, 11:27; Jennifer Sutcliffe, England
As a hugh Damon Hill fan of the past i was never a schuey fan but now F1 would not be the same without him. His hunger for victory has never declined even though he has won everything. Now he should partner Kimi and show him and us all the reason we don't want him to leave, by beating his team-mate fair and square with no team orders!
8 September, 11:27; phillip merrell, england
michael please do not retire - you have given many people who follow you like me soooooo much pleasure - keep going and take the title agin next year and show them all !!!
8 September, 11:27; Jonathan, Here again
Cucurrucucu from Spain are you 12 or only 11. Grow up
8 September, 11:27; Dan Turner, Britain
Get the heck OUT of F1, you cheating git. Enough's enough. Step aside. On second thoughts, stay in F1 till you're a has-been laughing stock. Yes, maybe that would be better!!
8 September, 11:26; paolo bazzu, italia
un grandissimo grazie per quello che hai fatto, ma puoi ancora fare tanto per la F1. -- STAI ANCORA CON NOI --
8 September, 11:26; Actarus, france
Schumi, Better, Faster, Stronger
Schumi, Better, Faster, Stronger
Schumi, Better, Faster, Stronger
8 September, 11:26; Alessandro, Italy
Michael..I NEED YOU..and all your funs!! I began to watch this sport thanks to you and your force! I pray you..my life without you in F1 would be sad and boring! You are the King of this sport..and F1 without Schumy is like a State without its King..I pray you!! Schumy - Ferrari is a couple too much strong...we love it! Go Michael..go to Monza e win your 8th Championship..!! See you soon,,in Monza!! We love You..please stay with us and in our hearts!!
8 September, 11:26; Oliver, Germany
8 September, 11:26; gogof1, china
8 September, 11:26; kathleenschumacher, china
Love you forever ................................................
8 September, 11:25; 贾佳, 中国
8 September, 11:25; Jörg, germany
Michael, höre auf niemanden! Nur auf Dich selbst!
8 September, 11:25; Eddie Irvine, Ireland
You were never a great champion, it was all the car!! Come on even I managed to win now that must have been down to the car!!
8 September, 11:25; Mr P, UK
...are you going for a wee in that photo? dattty boy....
8 September, 11:25; Jonathan, Expat n Malaysia
I have never been a Michael fan. The crash with Hill the blatant smash with Viellnurve and his other not so sporting moves when he's not having it his way. However I can say that with no Michael there will be no yard stick. The meaning of the sport will change. Instead of been 21 men dreaming, hoping and trying there best to beat him. It will become 22 men racing to see who’s the quickest. I just think they will all take it easy in his absence as there is no comparison to him. If he is to leave I whish him all the best and hope he has a long and happy retirement with his family. I also hope he keeps up all of his charity as it s for this that I admire him to be on top of your sport and find time for the not so lucky.
8 September, 11:25; Heinz, Germany
Hallo Michael
Seit Du in der F1 bist ist ganz Deutschland dabei und
fiebert mit Dir. Du bist und bleibst die Nr. 1 für mich.
Mach noch ein paar Jahre weiter denn ohne Dich macht es
keinen Spaß.
8 September, 11:25; Zarin Pinetown, South Africa
Michael, your dear mother before her death said, "Racing is in Michael`s blood, he could still racing till he is forty". I agree with your mother, you are still a great racer fighting for the Championship,that means you are still quick enough to be the best. I say, why are they not asking Coultard to retire, he has nothing left to give the sport. Give it one more season Michael, then make your decision.
8 September, 11:25; Steve, Germany
Cucurrucucu - you need a hobby dude, maybe you could take up sniffing dirty pants or something!!
8 September, 11:24; Sanita, Latvia
Michael! Don't leave the F1!!!
8 September, 11:24; Michele, Italy
Michael please stay in F1! You are the F1! Never change a winning team!
8 September, 11:24; Vugar Sadigov, Azerbaijan
Michael, Baku love you. You are the Greatest. Please, stay in F1.
8 September, 11:24; олег, Россия Ё-бург
если шуми уйдёт-я формулу1 смотреть не буду
8 September, 11:24; Dave, Italy
After many years whit Ferrari you dont speak one word in Italian!
Go off Italian people hate you!
8 September, 11:24; Yin Hong, China
但是无论舒米做什么决定,我都永远爱你!支 持你!
8 September, 11:23; george morrison, scotland
please micheal do not retire yet you have so mutch to give to the sport . it would not be the same without you
8 September, 11:23; actarus, france
You are the king, stay with us

(cucuru stupide bastar)
8 September, 11:23; Dirk, Deutschland
Lieber Michael, die Zeit um good bye zu sagen ist noch weit weg. Der Sport braucht Dich. Nimm den Jungen Menschen nicht Ihr Idol und den Ansporn Dir nachzueifern !!!
8 September, 11:23; paul, rookes
....Please stay, apart from raikonnen and alonso... everyone else is utter rubbish
8 September, 11:23; Russian, Russia
Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael. Michael.
Please STAY IN FORMULA ONE! YOU'RE The best FORMULA- 1 DRIVER 4EVER! WE DON'T WANT MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 September, 11:23; Kef Thomas, UK
Michael, it won't be the same and my collection of your replica cars is nowhere near complete!!!!!!

Best of luck and thanks for the last fifteen years

8 September, 11:23; Ayrton Senna, Heaven
You have ever been as good as me.
8 September, 11:22; Plain, Shanghai,China
Don't go,Michael
8 September, 11:22; Nico, Germany
Micha bitte noch nicht aufhören. Ohne dich ist F1 nur halb so schön . mfg
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