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7 September, 08:00; Zsolt, Romania
Oh, won't you stay just a little bit longer
Please, please, please, say you will, say you will
Oh, won't you stay just a little bit longer
Oh, please, please stay just a little bit more
7 September, 07:55; Rychy, Hungarya
Sumi vonulj vissza!!!!!!
7 September, 07:49; Sandor, Hungary
Dear Michael,

Formula 1 became a great event because of you, millions are watching F1 from time to time because you take part. There has never been an attempt by the fans such as this one to try to convince a sportsman to stay in the game. I am sure you can feel the weight of this -- there is so much still ahead of you, after each race won we all see the genuine joy on your face just like this was your first GP victory. A man that has so much drive, enthusiasm and GO in him should not think about retiring yet, we all would love to see you race and win in 2007.
7 September, 07:38; Luis, Valencia Spain
My little 9 years old son cry a lot when u break the car, when your tyres can´t finish the race. And his laugh and smile is infinite when he watch u in podium. For people like my kid, dont go Michael. Stay here.
7 September, 07:35; Jury Kaplan, Russia
Schumaher = F1 for me. Pleae, dont left as.
7 September, 07:33; Luis Ungo, Spain
For us, for all we love you watch how you drive. Please stay and win again. We need you. Forza Schumi forever.
7 September, 07:27; Abdul, Australia
Please stay you are my favourite racer of all time.
7 September, 07:20; Nando, Hungary
Michael = Ferrari, Michael Please stay F1!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 07:19; Rosaing, China
Shumi,you are my god!
Please stay!
How can I live without you?
7 September, 07:10; Balint, Hungary
Dear Michael,
The best way for you is to leave F1. You are a master, a legend already, if you leave now, you will be remembered as the best pilot ever. If you stay for another year or more, then you will be mentioned as someone, who is not able to accept the fact, that time goes on, and new names and times comes to F1. A genius like you knows when it's time to race and knows when it's time to leave proudly. I hope you take this hard step now, and then your name will be mentioned on every race in the coming decades!
7 September, 06:48; ILIYA, Russia
Was solches die Formel 1 ohne Sie, der Rote Baron?
7 September, 06:32; Karoly N, Hungary
Please stay !
7 September, 06:25; 吴燕梅, China
Schumi,please stay,don't leave us .
I can't imagin the life without you.
I beg you ! please stay in F1
7 September, 06:15; Kitty, Hungary
Schumi stay in the formula-1 you are the best
7 September, 06:13; Franto, Slowakia
Schumi du musst in thiese Sport sein. Ohne dir wird diese Sport nich so atraktiv sein. Ich wunsche dir, dass du auch in Letzte Jahr in F1 sein wird. Ich kann es nicht, ob ich diese text gut beschriebe. Viele Danke Michael...Du bist mein Favorit, und du hast viele energie, und du wird diese seson mit 8te titul beended...
7 September, 05:31; 萧, CHINA
Such quickly do not leave, you also have the strength which wins thechampionship, I forever support you!
7 September, 05:05; shirley, china
I hope Michael Schumacher wil stay in Formula 1.
We need you!!! You are the best!!!
7 September, 04:21; Fernando Alonso, Spain
Michael Schumacher Please Stay In F1, PLEASE STAY MY TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 04:10; Javi, Catalonian
Schummi, don't go... stay in F1 one more year please... Alonso bad...
7 September, 04:04; Carla, United States
Schumi you are the best in the sport, i hope you don't leaveus, but if you do, me and your millions of fans will miss you tons. Watching races without you will not be the same.
7 September, 03:59; steffi52, China
Whatever you choose,I will always support you.
7 September, 03:49; Susan, China
Schumi, we love you so much, in my mind, NO SCHUMI, NO F1.
so please stay, let us continue the most beautiful legend.

you are the real king!!
7 September, 03:46; DJ_PEPOTE, Pepoland
Que te pires abuelo

Mira que pose tienes en esa foto, que parece que te estan estacando el culo
7 September, 03:33; Diego Suero Vigil, Spain
Un año mas solo porfavor consigue el octavo titulo y retirate a lo grande pero un año mas porfavor aclo x tus fans que te queremos
7 September, 03:30; Diego Suero Vigil, Spain
Schumacher sigue el año que viene en la F1 porfavor eres el mejor piloto de F1 de todos los tiempos y nunca nadie sera como tu por eso no puedes dejar a tus fans tirados queremos que sigas ganando y haciendo disfrutar con tus carreras y que consigas el octavo titulo mundial q es lo que te mereces y no se flipen tanto cn alonso porque nunca conducira como tu ni sera el DIOS de la F1
7 September, 03:27; Stopkidding, United States
Stay Schumi Stay. One more year.....
7 September, 03:11; Agustin, Spain
Schumacher contiuna que sin ti la F1 no es nada
7 September, 03:09; Patrice, Canada
You must stay, Michael ! We enjoyed so much Australia 94, Jerez 97, Silverstone 98, Belgium 98, Malaysia 99, Austria 2001 and especially 2002, USA 2005, Monaco 2006... We loved your crazy race start stunts...
7 September, 03:07; Chester, Kazakhstan
Михаэль, давай оставайся на следующий год и ты станешь девятикратным чемпионом, потому что восмой титул у нас уже почти в кармане. Алонсо ваще польное мясо про него забудут уже в следующем году, когда он будет в мерседесе. Ferrari forever!!
7 September, 02:58; MV, USA
Michael, dont break our heart! We love you, please stay.
7 September, 02:55; Forsci, Australia
Too many F1 noob-fans these days who just want to cut you down Michael. It's great to know that the real enthusiasts support you all the way while the crybaby's call for your head. No matter, when you are gone they will find another driver to whinge about and you can get some peace. People who truly understand F1 and motor racing know you are worth keeping in this sport.
7 September, 02:48; Roland, Hungary
Michael stay!!!!!!
You are the best!!!!!!
7 September, 02:33; Burt, Austria
Scvmmy, please retire.
You are very cr@p always have been, but especially now.
You know you cannot win without che@ting.
7 September, 02:12; pepe, espaÑa
chumin y antipepe, si me lamierasis el ojo del culo os correriais de gusto.
antipepe que te la meta chumi por el culo y sin vaselina
7 September, 02:09; Frank, USA
All of us will respect the decison you make. We hate to see you leave. F1 will not be the same. We all would like to see you win the 10th World Championship!! Thanks for ALL the great Victories. You and Ferrari are the Worlds Best.
7 September, 02:08; STEVE, ENGLAN
7 September, 02:04; antipepe, tambien de espaka
pepe, si te gustara lo mas minimo la F1, querrias que schumi continuara por muchos años dando espectaculo. asi que un respeto, y si no tienes dignidad, te callas.
7 September, 02:00; pepe, espaÑa
vete a la mierda ya, chorizo
7 September, 01:43; Sandor Nyiri, Hungary
10 print "stay in the F1"
20 goto 10

7 September, 01:39; joe, canada
Please Michael stay in the F1.
Don't go away. Your are the best F1 driver.
7 September, 01:36; Balu, Hungary
Go Shumi Go!!!!!!! And pls, stay in F1!!!!
7 September, 01:30; Alberto Curieses, Spain
He is the best pilot of all times. Have a elegance, and style.

Shumi forever
7 September, 01:28; ab, cd
f-u-c-k yes, one less thing that su*ks about F1 :O
7 September, 01:22; ZS, CHINA
Michael,I love you and only love you.
The day you leave, is the day I will never ever watch F1 again.
7 September, 01:21; Tracy, USA
You mean people out to be ashamed! I'm sure your fellow countrymen are so proud... NOT!
7 September, 01:18; Tracy, USA
NOT NICE!! :o( donaldo, Spain

Shumi for the most part you are loved and admired. Please stay and wipe the floor with nando!
7 September, 01:15; donaldo, Spain
MS fans are g@ys
7 September, 01:12; Juan Vicente, Spain
Michael, you are the best driver of the world. Now, you can battle with other drivers. You are in the best team, with the best car and with the best hands, do it!!!!One year more!
7 September, 01:09; Tony Blair, England
Please Michael continue one year more so you might crash and die.
7 September, 01:04; Francisco Perez, Barcelona
please schumi, continue one year more, making spectacle and winning as you know
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