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7 September, 09:40; Sergy, Madrid,Spain
Michael, you're the best, you can't leave the F1.
If you stay in F1, you will win the WC in the next year.
Please Michael, stay in F1!
7 September, 09:37; Richi, Hungary
Schumi! You are the BEST! Please stay in F1
You are the favourite driver for lot of people, who want, that
you racing in the next year with Ferrari!
7 September, 09:36; EnZo, Hungary,Fót
Schumi, please stay in F-1!
You are the best!!!!
Forza Schumi!!!Forza Ferrari!!!!
Forza Hungarian Grand prix!!!!
Good luck to the next races.
Hajrá Fót!!!!. Forever Ferrari F430:))
7 September, 09:33; Xen, Switzerland
Michael stay in F1 please you are just the most exiting driver ever to watch, don't listen to the others...
7 September, 09:30; Kari, Romania
Michael, please stay in F1 !!!
7 September, 09:29; Kimi Raikkonen, Finland
Please, Michael, STAY IN F1! I would like to drive next season with you, I do't want to be with Massa! Really!
7 September, 09:28; Laca, Hungary
Schumi, you have to stay. You're the reason why we could see good races, so pls. :)
7 September, 09:28; Joe, CHINA
Michael!We need you.Please stay,just for somebody love you!!
7 September, 09:25; Gabi, Hungary
Michael please!!!!!!!!!!!You are the best!!!Michael the king!!!!
GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 09:21; Marko, Slovenia
Michael, I hope your decision will be to stay in F1 for at least one year. We can all see that you are still the best and the fastest driver ever. Everybody who had seen your Q laps in Hungary and Turkey this year (and all your magnificent races) knows that you are simply the wizard of F1.

I thank you for all these years watching you as the greatest driver of F1 ever. I am your fan and will be forever. You will always be in my heart. My biggest mistake of my life is that I never saw you racing in live. And if you stay I promiced to myself that no metter what I will go to one of the races.


7 September, 09:20; RobRoy, Hungary
Michael, please don't leave the Formula1, don't leave the Ferrari! I don't like Alonso, and I want to ask you: knock out him! Please help Ferrari to win! If you can't win the Championship in this year, please win the Championship in the next year!
7 September, 09:18; Zsolt Kapuvari, Budapest
Schumi, please stay in F-1!

please please please please please please please please



7 September, 09:18; alaga, Hungary
Hast du nicht mehr,Sumi!Du geht zu hause,für deine frau,und liebe mit kinder!!!
7 September, 09:16; mrdave, Hungary
Michael Schumacher & Ferrari 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 09:13; Carlo, Hungary
Michael stay in F-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Schumi gogogogogo.......
7 September, 09:11; Felícia, Hungary
Michael, please stay in F1! You are the best !!
Forza Ferrari!!!! I Love Schumi!!
7 September, 09:11; Saaba, HUNGARY
Schumi, please stay in F-1!
You are the BEST!!!!!
7 September, 09:09; miya, China
Schumi,please stay......
Schumi,turn your eyes to the sky and that's the only one thing bigger than you
7 September, 09:07; Balázs, Hungary
Schumi - the last Heroic King of the race tracks. The world needs heros :)
7 September, 09:07; Sac, Hungary
Michael + Ferrari + Tiffosi = We are the Champions !
/ push, push Michael /
7 September, 09:04; Mikhail, Russia
Michael! You - the best!!! Remain in F1 and continue to please us with the victories!!!
7 September, 09:01; Feri, Hungray
We need for you! Stay, please!
7 September, 08:59; lily, china
I will respect the decison you make,but I have to say I don't want to see you leave.
Schumi,you're the best! Please stay.
7 September, 08:57; TheKiller, Romania
Schumi Rulez!!!!
7 September, 08:54; MadRust, Russia
you are very good driver.
7 September, 08:54; David Kosirati, Georgia
Michael, please stay in F1!
We need you
7 September, 08:53; Gabi, Hungary
Michael please stay in F1!!!
You are the best!!!
7 September, 08:53; Sr.Pininfarina, Madrid,spain
Go michael go!!

per sempre in da cuore del ferrarisme, Grazie
7 September, 08:52; norbischumi, Hungary
Everybody can see that you are still the best.You can win in the present also in the past. You are the same Schumacher!!!!
I hope that you will stay with us in the F1.......
Go Schumi Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 08:52; Arnold Svéda, Hungary Nyíregyháza Szalag utca 11, IV/13.
Please stay Michael Master PLEASE
7 September, 08:51; Jocy, Hungary
Ne add fel....Alonso nem nyerhet.
Du bist der König!!!!
7 September, 08:49; Magyi, Budapest
7 September, 08:42; joyce, china,shanghai
Schumi, please stay ,only year !!!!
stay in F1,in Ferrari!
7 September, 08:37; KateYu, China
Schumi,in my heart,you are the hero forever.I hope you can stay,but if you choose to leave,I will still stand you.
Now,please go on fighting to win the 2006 F1 World Champion!
7 September, 08:35; MSC248F1, China
Michael, please stay in F1!!!!!!!!
7 September, 08:35; RÁki, Hungary
You were the best, You are the best, you will be the best!

7 September, 08:32; Redmer, Netherlands
Schumi Please stay...
Your Simply the best!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 08:27; kahn_schumi, China
To be genius, one cannot avoid overcoming obstacles, for obstacles can create geniuses.

Schumi, should you be unable to keep up efforts, you may say to yourself: I am very tired. But never admit defeat in your mind by saying: I can't.

Schumi please stay,please! I Love You!
7 September, 08:26; Gerhát Ferenc, Hungary
Michael, please stay in F1!
7 September, 08:24; Radó Gábor, Hungary
Schumi go go go!
You are the best!!!!
7 September, 08:21; Robert, The Netherlands
Schumacher blijf a.u.b. bij Ferrari. Jij bent de beste coureur ter wereld. Schumacher Simply the Best !
7 September, 08:20; sumy, China
Shumi, You are best continues to win the championship.Nothing can let you stop go forward and nothing can let us stop love you.
You are the best and you are the whole world!
I hope you don't leaveus.We can live without you .
Tell me : you don't leave taking us.
We always support you!
We will love you forever!
I hawe speak to the world-wide the people: Who is Michare Schymacher?
"He is the only king"
7 September, 08:19; Kastely Timea, Slovakia
Raikonnen a legjobb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 08:15; b.tibor, hungary
schumi f1 king! nooooo game over !!!!!!!!!!!!4
7 September, 08:15; Joco, Hungary
7 September, 08:13; Pavel, Russia
Dear Michael,
in any case thanks you a lot for your time in FERRARI.
It was greatest time for this team and you.
I hope to see you here in the next year, but if it impossible I'll understand you and respect your decision.
Thanks again and good luck!
7 September, 08:09; diver, china
Michael Schumacher ,WHO?


King of the world
7 September, 08:06; Dani, GERMANY
Hi Michael,

Du wärst für Deine Formel 1 Fans noch größer,wenn Du jetzt die Größe zeigen würdest, auch unter schwierigen Bedingungen (Kimi R.) bei Ferrari zu bleiben und zu kämpfen. Das ist doch DEIN Motto- nicht aufgeben! Wir wollen Dich kämpfen sein!! Die anderen denken, der Schumi zieht jetzt den Schwanz ein und kneift vor Kimi. Tust Du denen wirklich den Gefallen?

Jeder denkt Du hörst auf-ich hoffe Du fährst weiter!Du bist eine Bereicherung für die Formel 1-Du kannst es dieses Jahr noch schaffen!!

Schumi, please stay!
7 September, 08:03; Big Zee, Hungary
GO SUMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 08:02; 马宇翔, 中国
schumi,真的不希望你这个时候走,我不知道你走了我的F1将怎么样继续,明年,法拉利喝石桥将是强大的一年,明年我们可以稳拿冠军,不能再等一年吗,看现在猩猩嚣张的样子,真希望你给他一记重拳之后带着光环离开F1!schumi,you are the only king!
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