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7 September, 11:24; Sylvia, China
Please stay with us,never say goodbye~~
We all need you~~
7 September, 11:22; Szabolcs, Hungary
Michael, please stay in the F1! we would like to share your happines when you win and see the joy onyour face when you are in a big battle with someone.
7 September, 11:22; peng jiaqing, china
Michael ,Please stay in F1!!!
7 September, 11:22; Marc, Catalunya
Michael Please Stay in f1 we need you.

Michael sisplau no deixis la formula 1 sempre as set i seras el mes gran
7 September, 11:21; Marc, Spain
please stay in f1
7 September, 11:20; Bella, Russia
Michael PLEASE STAY IN F1!!!!
We need you!
7 September, 11:18; Kati, Romania
Mchael,please stay in Formula1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 11:18; Krisztina, Hungary
Lieber Michael, Du bist der beste! Du sollst bleiben und für alles zeigen!!!!!
7 September, 11:18; robi78, Hungary
Please stay in F1!!!
7 September, 11:13; Viki, Hungary
We need you!!!!!
Please, STAY IN FORMULA 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4
7 September, 11:12; Ago, Hungary
Do the best for you!
7 September, 11:09; KateYU, China
Why talk about Alonso,Kimi or other drivers?This is a space of Schumi's fans!!! I think Schumi is the best !!!
7 September, 11:09; Sylvia, Hungary
Please stay in f1!
7 September, 11:07; Roland, Austria
Please Michael, don´t go.
7 September, 11:03; chertenok, Russia
You are the realy champion and we know it! Stay !!!!please,
stay! You need F1 and we need you! You are the best!
7 September, 11:02; Steve, Hungary
Viktor DDDD
7 September, 10:59; Steve, Hungary
Michael, go home! Alonso the best !
7 September, 10:58; TSF, UK
Please stay, chinno, and if you DO go, you can "park" your "car" in my "Rascasse" any time you want to.
7 September, 10:57; Graceyumin, China
Michael, you are the king in this place, in this sport, and in our mind. Whatever you do, as your fan, I will strongly support your choices.

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you
7 September, 10:54; David, Spain
Please, don't go home!!. You are the number one. Michael Schumacher Rules!!.

You are the best F1 driver for ever,

Long live to the kaiser!
7 September, 10:49; haiky, China
michael,please don't leave me,don't leave F1,
beg you,stay in,for us who love you ,ok?
7 September, 10:47; Dmitry, Russia
Michael pls stay..I beleewe in that..
7 September, 10:44; Hejing, China
Dear Michael,do not go please!!!!!!!!PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!
you are my hero,my love!!!FOREVER!!!!!!!!

DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 September, 10:43; girl, Hungary
Please stay in F1!!!!You are the Best!!!!!
7 September, 10:40; Viktor, Hungary
Michael please stay in f1 to be beaten by Kimi Raikkonen. He is the best and you know it.
7 September, 10:40; tibor sorban, Hungary
stay in formula 1 !
7 September, 10:40; api, Slovakia
I'm your fan since 1994. You are still the best. We need YOU, Michael
7 September, 10:32; johnson wang, china
i hope you can stay in F1,we need you ,F1 need you ,舒马赫我们需要你
7 September, 10:26; duplexx, Russia
I'm your fan since 1997, that was not an easy season, so it was for 2 more years, but then it was incredible, you know you able to win more and more, please, stay with us!
7 September, 10:25; Speedmaster, Hungary
Michael! Please stay in F1! You are the best! I & my son are like you! Only one year, only one year again Michael!
7 September, 10:23; Mad_Boy, Hungary
You are my favorit, You are the F1 for me !!!
You are vary fast, so stay !!!!
7 September, 10:22; Hungary, Szolnok
Stay , Michael! ladled you enjoy leading!
7 September, 10:22; bobo.sj, china
michalel 走了,F1精彩不再!
7 September, 10:18; Heather, CHINA
Please Don't go !!! please stay in F-1 !!!
Schumi,turn your eyes to the sky and that's the only one thing bigger than you !!! We need you !!! You are the best !!!
I Love You !!!! 我爱你~~永远支持你~~请你不要走啊!!!请不要离开F1!!!

7 September, 10:17; margarita, Bulgaria
Michael, You are the best driver ever. Please Stay
7 September, 10:14; Daniel, Spain
7 September, 10:12; jessie, china
please stay at formula one!
we support you !
7 September, 10:11; Mónika Vincze, Hungary
Michael! You are the best car- racer in the world! Please Stay!
Thank you Michael!
7 September, 10:11; Tifosi, Hungary
Michael, you have to stay! Plaese, don't leave us alone!
7 September, 10:06; Doktor Vass, Hungary
Michael go home!!!!!! Please don't stay in F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HOME, GO HOME, GO HOME!!!!
KIMI you are the BEST!!!!!!!!
7 September, 10:02; 王婕, China
Michael please stay in F1!!!
You are the best!!!
7 September, 10:02; Jose, Hungary
Please stay!
You are the best!!!!!!
7 September, 10:00; In2deep, Singapore
stay on for another couple of years n teach that sob alonso a lesson
7 September, 09:59; nanobubble, China
schumi, you are my sun
how can you live without F1
how can i live without you?
7 September, 09:58; Zoltán Kertesi, Hungary
Please don't go yet. You are the BEST, and nobody will achieve what you did. You are the reason of my life week by week.
But if You leave F1, I just want to say thank you for the last 15 year. It was an amazing experience because of You.
I wish the best to You and Your family.
Thank You Michael!
7 September, 09:53; lu jie, China
Don't go! The people of the world all need you!
Only two years,only two years again.we beg you.
7 September, 09:52; Maria, Russia
You're the best of the best.
You 're the reason why more than a half of the F1 Fans worldwide are still see the F1 races . PLEASE STAY !
7 September, 09:51; Shakira, Spain
Please Michael, don´t go.
7 September, 09:43; Viktor, Hungary
Fighting for WIN! Michael, this is your DREAM, this is your LIFE! This is our dream, and our life too. Stay with us!
7 September, 09:41; Attila, Hungary
Go home Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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