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8 September, 12:00; Thomas, Germany
Schumi du darfst noch nicht aufhören Formel 1 ohne dich ist voll langweilig .Mach bitte weiter
8 September, 12:00; qdenis, Russia
Michiel you are my hero.
8 September, 12:00; david, uk
if senna was around he'd still own you
8 September, 12:00; salvo, italy
I think that Sunday afternoon, all the drivers should leave the F1, but no Michael. You are the number one, Don't leave us. please
8 September, 12:00; tasmia, bangladesh
plzzz schumi dnt leave. f1 wnt be the same without u.
8 September, 12:00; Reviczky, Hungary
Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please......
8 September, 12:00; Filip, Czech Republic
Michael....don't leave us....we are your funs....you have to stay in F1 Championship....please.....it would be boring without you....please stay with us.
8 September, 12:00; Vieden, Germany
Fahr weiter du bist die Formel 1 du kannst
nicht aufhören
8 September, 12:00; Natali, Russia\ KENINGSBERG\
Please stay in F1/ We love you!!
8 September, 12:00; YOYO, china
Michael, please stay
8 September, 11:59; Bruno, China
Why not win a 10th title for us? You love it, please continue for the love of God.
8 September, 11:59; ultimate, UK
I liked MS between 1994-2000 but after that...
Anyway, it is a big lost for the sport if you leave but at least we have new young guns like FA, KR, LH, etc...
GO F1!!!
8 September, 11:59; Libor, Czech Republic
Stay one year and next championchip
8 September, 11:59; bebe, china
How many roads must a man walk down before we call him a man?Speed! Speed! Speed!
8 September, 11:59; Andrew Yakovlev, Russia
Michael, please stay in f1, i'm not your fan, but i know, that you are the best
8 September, 11:58; dAVID, u.k
Why Quit? You are at the top, Ferrari have improved wheras Renault are losing what keeps them at the top (Alonso - You just have to look at where Fisi is every race to see where Renault would be) and McLaren don't have Newey. + with the tyres being Bridgestone next year a ferrari driver is almost certain to win the championship so why quit now?
8 September, 11:58; F.Checo, Italy
Shumacher stay in F1. There isn't a pilot as you. You are simply the best pilot in the world. The italian rider heart is only for you and is painted by ferrari's red !!!
8 September, 11:58; Josef Andrš, Czechia
Michael you are best driver...please stay next season.
8 September, 11:58; Arnas, Lithuania
Schumi PASILIK PRAŠAU BO F1 TAPS NEBEĮDOMUS :))) SuprataI??? Turbūt ne... krc angliškai :)))
8 September, 11:58; wank, uk
f**k off michael
8 September, 11:57; Steffen Streit, Germany
Bitte weiterfahren
8 September, 11:57; Hans, Remscheid, Germany
Schumi mach weiter.F1 ohne Dich ist langeweile pur.
8 September, 11:57; Ferdi, Germany
Egal was auch passiert, Schumi Du bist und bleibst der Beste Fahrer Der Welt. The Great World Champion. Danke für die schöne Zeit auch für die Zukunft.
8 September, 11:57; Jeff Rindt, M.A. LPC, USA
Michael, I'm a psychotherapist from America who is ready to scream about the ridulous drivel people are writing about your retirement. You're the greatest driver that ever lived and you're still the greatest driver on the track. As long as this continues, you don't need to listen to anyone but you about when you should retire.
8 September, 11:57; Maris, LV
I am your fan since 1991... If you will leave it will be very saad day for me.
8 September, 11:57; Ronnie, Russia
Michael, don’t go right now!!! Give us couple seasons more...
Начиная с 99-го года я болел только за Ferrari и за Тебя. Ты и Ferrari, действительно, неразделимы...
8 September, 11:56; Denise O Mahony, Ireland

Please don't go it won't be the same without you - stay for at least another season so I can book tickets for all the european gran prix and get to see you one last time racing !!!!
8 September, 11:56; 哮天宝, china
8 September, 11:56; Tim Rhodes, New Zealand
C'mon Michael, without you F1 will NEVER be the same. I thoroughly enjoy watching you drive. Stick around a while.....notch up another WDC or two.
8 September, 11:55; aaa, aaaa
8 September, 11:54; guntars, latvia
you must stay in f1 because you are the best.
8 September, 11:54; Tracey, UK
I just felt I needed to write something. I have been watching F1 since the age of 14, in 1994. I have loved every moment of watching you race. I can not even comprehend what it will be like next year, if you are not there. I met you in a Vodafone promotion thing at the British F1 and it was the best moment of my life. Totally unforgettable.

Just stay one more year. I wanted to come and see you at Monza but unfortunately couldn't make it. So hopefully next year!

Whatever you decide I wish you all the best!! You are the best and there will never be anyone that achieves as much as you have.
8 September, 11:54; KNIN, CHINA
8 September, 11:54; ruel stoker, usa/texas
i am 56,my first hero in f1 was jim clark,but you are the best i ever saw.stay at least 1 more year.thank you:
8 September, 11:54; Martin Kašpar, Czech Republic
I remember the first time I saw Michael in F1, I think in Jordan monopost. Only a few laps and I became neverending Michael's fan. So stay, if you want, we'll never forget. I wonder I'll watch F1, if you'll leave...
8 September, 11:54; Christin, Norway
Please don't leave now! F1 will not be so exiting without you! You're the BEST!
8 September, 11:54; Igor Telin, Russia
Please, stay!!! Russia wish you see in races
8 September, 11:54; Acid, Russia
michael! please stay in f1
8 September, 11:53; f1, sweden
8 September, 11:53; Kenneth, UK
Well said Nicola
8 September, 11:53; shiqing liu, China
Michael,you still love f1 so,don"t go!
8 September, 11:53; Fahri, TRNC
at last he will leave so dont waste your time here... every people should be ready for any changes in life..
8 September, 11:53; Andrew - globe.nugget, Czech Republic
Michael, please stay in F1... you´re my star..you´re my favourite... your carrier is my life ... we need you in F1.. PLEASE STAY..YOU ARE NO.1 !!!
8 September, 11:53; calvaire, china
please please please,stay here! you are my god,you know??
8 September, 11:53; vicky, china
please stay!!
we love you!!
8 September, 11:52; Nicola, UK
Just go, I can't even believe I'm even bothering writing anything. You've had your day - step aside & let drivers with genuine passion for the sport take over, rather than you robotic like enthusiam for driving...........................I certainly won't miss you, neither will my sister - she thinks you're a complete knobhead!!!!
8 September, 11:52; knin, China
You have been in my heart for 11 Yeas,Please stay with us !
If you leave ,my deams will dispear forever.
8 September, 11:52; Kenneth, UK
What is the point of this site? He will go sooner or later.
8 September, 11:52; Ruth Francis, United Kingdom
Michael, why should you go? You are the best by far, you have lost none of your talent, I don't think I will be watching F1 without you in it!!! You and kimi would be the Ferrari dream team, personally I think you can go on for years to come!!! Don't deprive us of watching your amazing races!!! Good luck with the championship this year, you deserve it!!!! Don't go!!!!!!! .....Alonso who?!
8 September, 11:51; Chris, England
Please stay u are an inspiratin to many people with your determination and skill, F1 will be decimated without you.
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